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Subordinates to leave at this time wang shao suddenly smiled and said chong yi uncle is really loyal suddenly his face changed Normal Rate For Blood Sugar and he Normal Rate For Blood Sugar Does the pancreas regulate blood sugar said solemnly zhong jianzhong.

Just listen honestly but on the other hand they have their own lives the vulgar joys angers sorrows and joys must be calculated .

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and managed so as to balance the.

Only be the gunpowder they were carrying quick chong jianzhong gave an order and led his men disregarding the danger to put out the source of the black smoke.

Which is not good take your family to relax and relax wazi in the city tonight happens to be all my people dai pengxing stayed in wazili Acanthosis nigricans diabetes in the city of hangzhou.

That if there were no ming consultant there would not be many firearms placed in front of the officials today zhao xu suddenly remembered mingyuan he hurriedly.

Someone behind him sneer and sneer What is the range of normal blood sugar what is a middle class scholar in literature in .

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the future there will be Normal Rate For Blood Sugar no escape from those literary classics that is a poor.

Not come out if you rashly let the emperor try to use it it is equivalent to holding his head in his hand and ready to kick it at any time tong guan s face was.

Time with such anxiety mingyuan he walked lightly walked into his bedroom and Normal Rate For Blood Sugar raised the glass lampshade and oil lamp that was lit indoors to get closer .

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but he was.

Said I ll try it this person was wearing a gray robe similar to the fuxue united team s jersey on the feet are a pair of brightly colored white leather boots he.

The people under the rule xiao langjun please let me go at this time a sailor held a package neatly wrapped in oil What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level Low Blood Sugar Symptoms paper passed by xiao yang went down the Normal Rate For Blood Sugar trestle.

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Cheaper dai pengxing has been in charge of the maritime teahouse for almost half a year when it comes to the group of maritime merchants he is still we and us and.

Important guarantee and Blood sugar measurement device without needles the government is willing to come forward to confirm that jiaozi can be exchanged for copper coins in full except for gao shaoxiang in.

Of 900 to Normal Rate For Blood Sugar 1 000 soon the deal was also ticked off with a red pen gao shaoping he looked strange for fear that he would experience the excitement of being in the.

The past pouring the bitter waters once you start it will be hard to stop zhong jianzhong listened and listened and his heart suddenly filled with endless pity at.

Strive for the best interests for the country thinking of this he put down the letterhead propped his chin and looked at the deep Low Blood Sugar Symptoms beyond the glass pane in the.

Too Normal Rate For Blood Sugar large surprisingly it will be possible to do short term financing and lending business at that time it s no problem to help cai jing turn around cai jing was.

Team s compatriot to continue the next round after one side is out the other side wins this at this moment the favor of the god of victory stood on wang hou s side.

They only after a little punishment and a lesson they were dismissed and returned home and within half a year they were unable to serve on the sea going ship.

Are chong shizhong and su shi mingyuan didn t want to hide these two people so he told chong shizhong to invite su shi yuanzhi what s so delicious and fun to come.

Benefiting the people s livelihood was given the name of keynesianism but in the song dynasty this practice existed during the qingli period but mingyuan s.

Only to realize that the players of qi yun club had made a vicious foul move are you going for the ball or for the people the people around xiao yang were shouting.

Yang s special identity he would not easily reveal this kind of hostility among the masters especially not in front of ming yuan after a long time the masters.

Shipped to bianjing three days later of course this is the price of xingfan gao shaoxiang is also very clear even if it is mi xingna at this price it will.

Thinkwill there be a better market in your country mingyuan quickly added a question more than more than a better market it will be a commodity for everyone and.

Construction of roads and farmland water conservancy projects in various places What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level they could consider issuing bonds to raise funds yuanzhi isn t this the way you.

Mouth showing a look of clearly poetic but was suddenly disturbed and said fiercely this is the hangzhou verdict since you maliciously deceived the guarantee then i.

Means to reduce the impact of the city change law on the market and all out disaster relief resettlement of refugees why is wang anshi still dismissed wang xu.

Needed to grasp the direction and he didn t need to use too much force to punch out the pellets slide naturally into the hole gao shaoping was overjoyed he was good.

For the new year and become the guests at the new year s eve banquet this cauldron was the sumptuous new year dish enjoyed by the young and old in dengjia village.

Direction of the mainsail in anticipation of the rumbling of the sea the .

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sea breeze helped them shake off those pirate boats attached like gangrene on the bones.

Jianzhong does he really have real news about xihe road at this moment I heard a sudden rush on the road outside honglu temple the sound of hooves from far Normal Rate For Blood Sugar to near.

Exquisite workmanship made almost Normal Rate For Blood Sugar all maritime merchants widen their eyes and hold their breath most of the sea merchants who were fortunate enough to be able to.

Faithfully trial production if .

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the finished product can satisfy han muhua then han muhua will make a deposit and lao zhong will return to jingdezhen fuliang and.

Instant every pirate was shrouded in raging flames and the screams of misery resounded instantly in order to get rid of the suffering of this raging fire many.

Obey I order you to lead the two cavalry under your command carry all the fire guns and immediately go to xiangzi city to support tian qiong chong jianzhong also.

Of them set off from su shi s house and took a small boat to the vicinity of a tile in qingbo gate there the boat only needs to release people off the boat to the.

On that boat now are you okay everyone in the maritime teahouse knew mingyuan seeing mingyuan appearing at this .

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moment the few sea merchants who were talking about.

In this world who really believed Normal Rate For Blood Sugar that the people could do what he said and raise these chickens and ducks Normal Rate For Blood Sugar according to their words the driver said with a smile it.

Trumpet sound came from hezhou city when liang ping heard this Normal Rate For Blood Sugar he hurriedly shouted at chong jianzhong s figure zhaowu wang jing has slightly raised his tent wang.

Road and the rice in champaign is not very suitable for it alas it would be great if there were no such rice diseases at this point mingyuan finally fully.

Sima guang knew that xihe road had really started to use this method to train troops in february on xihe road the weather was still cold and the snow on the dark.

Jun s right fist hit the ground hitting a sharp glass shard causing Normal Rate For Blood Sugar blood to flow but at this moment yelu jun was unaware of the pain on his opponent he stretched.

Ningbo in his time and space according to the geographical concept of mingyuan mingzhou is not far away at all even if something happens to shi shang s ship it.

Dynasty exported mainly raw materials and imported luxury goods such as spices rhino horn coral and pearls mingyuan believes that this maritime trade only satisfied.

A certain ship with insurance took a look yep dai pengxing hurriedly continued What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level you mentioned before pay attention to all unusual Normal Rate For Blood Sugar situations I thought so too but.

From the court meeting today so you might as well rest early by the way that one will clean up for you han books tidying up han clothes and treating the king s.

Mingyuan had mentioned to him at the beginning that the face value of this lottery ticket should be as small as possible at first mingyuan used 1 pass as an.

I came here to ask about a kind of pigment a senior in my hometown got it by accident and burned this kind of porcelain the day he said that the pigment came from.

Hands flew towards the glass window upstairs in changqing there are two all kinds of bouquets and single flowers have crossed the open windows of changqing building.

Beijing adjusted the position of the target tong guan just followed this the former teacher of wu jian raised his hand gun he still had his back to zhao xu and zhao.

Knowing that he can t play this except for the 2 000 kuaiwan club membership fee apart from reimbursement to him gao shaoping was not given any funds so naturally.

Can see the situation in the venue clearly even though sima guang was a little old he didn t have much trouble seeing far away and he immediately saw the cuju.

Tyrants can occupy so many fields is mostly because some of their children are officials or they are simply clans and foreign relatives and wang anshi is now also.

Yuanxin thought that s true but it s mostly because the party members saw the application of firearms in battle for the first time Normal Rate For Blood Sugar and they were completely.

Sighed in the sky and told mingyuan about the origin of the dragon in the future the cause of course was the drought the number of prefectures and counties.

Transaction has faded and attention has turned to cross citing documents such as yanyin and chayin a large amount of tea from the south just happened to be traded.

Himself that is blacksmithing also needs to be hard on its own the arguments and arguments made by mingyuan must first be sufficient and convincing otherwise this.

Autumn clothes yeah the weather is still warm right now so there s no need for charcoal a word reminded the customer remembering that changqing building is the big.

Jian bring it to me and see wu jian had said it earlier but now it was too late to regret it so he could only hold a wooden box prepared in advance with both hands.

Bingchang s face was worried and there was even a hint of Normal Rate For Blood Sugar worry in his eyes they also Normal Rate For Blood Sugar said that this defeat was because the people of song provoked tianlei to kill.

Card dear host the function of this card is to eliminate all the red tape impact to come for example if you meet the emperor in this time and space walk calmly in.

Opposite and the barbarians were caught off guard when they suddenly received such a fresh demand list however the samples brought Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar by mingyuan this time such as.

Down his pen and frowned xiaojing what s wrong this is the youngest maid next to empress xiao guanyin named xiao jing she was pale now and even her lips were.

Interested in firearms the southern workshop of the military equipment supervision has a strict confidentiality system wu jian and others never set foot in the.

Jianzhong didn t even notice that the carriage had started silently until the driver encountered some road conditions an emergency stop made the body of the person.

Aside chong jianzhong took off his outer robe and he wore a vest style two crotch inside and the bronzed skin and an extremely strong torso were exposed between the.

In the same cage problem chicken and rabbit in the same cage the teacher laughed this is an arithmetic problem that he could solve when he was in shaanxi mingyuan.

Of boasting probably saying that zhao xu thought to follow the last wishes of ancestors be conscientious and go to sleep with piety and anxiety every night with his.

Immediately replied faithfully brother han I see it this way this is the first time the Blood sugar chart one touch verio two sides have cooperated and everything starts from the simplest shape.

The newspaper reader quickly scanned it and then returned the newspaper as if nothing had happened and let the shaving master continue to modify his appearance the.

Heard such sincere praise lao zhong s painting skills borrowed from jie hua to a certain extent .

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so the proportions are accurate and appropriate at the same time.

Xu was in the nanyu garden and sighed with emotion about mingyuan s da yin dynasty market what was mingyuan doing he was accompanying people to watch What Is A Normal Blood Sugar the trial.

With a wrinkled smile so he had no choice but to send this such a wish dear host congratulations you have successfully inspired the hydraulic cotton spinning.

Groups to the royal street in front of xuande gate waiting for conclusive news once the details of the victory are known the people will sing What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level and dance and the.

Always heard that you have a fianc e chong Is 7 blood sugar high jianzhong responded and corrected silently in his heart it s an unmarried young man I made an agreement with him three.

To fight at this moment he was also happy to accept it as soon as he saw it but he deliberately asked then how do you count whether you win or lose chong jianzhong.

Thick the liao country is it can t stand such a toss of course the liao kingdom has encountered disasters of this magnitude before their usual practice is to extort.

So Normal Rate For Blood Sugar this is actually mingyuan s self interest please cai jing come forward to help courtesy it is necessary to be inferior Normal Blood Sugar to people seeing mingyuan s expression su.

Unstoppably defeated Rcfe what help can staff provide blood sugar from the front of the city Blood Sugar Levels and fled desperately as if the one thousand song troops who chased after them with ordinary weapons were demons.

This High blood sugar on whole30 batch of white sugar directly filled a big boat with 3 000 ingredients in addition shi shang followed mingyuan s instructions and bought a lot Coigh drops at night blood sugar of them only in.

Seemed that he could burst out with enormous strength at any time what is quite surprising is that the two crotch pieces on zhong jianzhong s body are cut from.

Wealth had been dissipated making him look even more desolate at this moment mingyuan has already changed his official robe and he looks exactly like him a high.

Special account records for customer funds and regular reconciliation with the customer s account room at the same time the cash sent by customers to the gold and.

Enemy these teachings coincided with the art of war and the soldiers around him who were slower to react should just memorize them first while the wise ones he.

Ming xiaolang who can Normal Blood Sugar Levels bless Normal Rate For Blood Sugar the ships at sea and he will not even want his ship shi shang was crouching behind the half human high ship of fuchuan and there was a.

Immediately cheered his name thanking him for turning the tide and saving such a potentially boring match who knew that xiao yang had just walked out of the field.

Begun to accumulate copper coins money is expensive in the market and prices are soaring speaking of which he sighed and said this matter involves very wide.

Dynasty when I saw this large porcelain plate from a distance I was amazed at the time the people and scenes drawn on this porcelain plate are really lifelike bai.

Cable on the stake on the shore and then put up a narrow plank lao zhang quickly ran to the shore along the springboard jumped ashore and went to inquire .

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about the.

The dense water vapor permeated the living room mingyuan brewed tea for lu huiqing held the tea cup in both hands and sent it to lu huiqing lu huiqing looked down.

Xue xiang couldn t help but be stunned for a while with such a simple method why can only the little man in front of him take office is it because what he and the.

Seems that the reputation of brother xiao yang will soon spread throughout the capital lord liao would not have thought that the missing prince he had been secretly.

Which will be handed over to the western army and the hebei army who will train soldiers and apply them to battle formations it also it takes time and mingyuan is.

Choice when signing up brother shaoyou will become an official after high school What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level and will I am biased because of the specially selected subjects qin guan originally.

Beat What Is Normal Blood Sugar the pills before he left the small hall mingyuan stopped for a moment at the door turned to the hall his eyes circled around What Is Normal Blood Sugar the worried or suspicious faces.

Knew that shi shang was brought up among the teachers even shi shang has yes there is nothing I can t do mingyuan that s right so his left hand is xiao yang right.

Say their hearts are together after all mingyuan s attitude at this moment added courage to zhong jianzhong he didn t dare to move his shoulders he just quietly.

Generous terms came to the sugarcane farmers the sugarcane farmers here in weizhou are still willing to use sugarcane because of the geographical relationship sold.

Shelled turtle rehmannia hyssop dried ginger when shi shang confirmed that the owner had brought the medicine with the ship these businessmen are smiling their.

Moment listening to lin lesheng s correction he couldn t help but become interested yes haicang boat ming langjun this haicang boat is smaller in scale than the fu.

That he didn t pay attention to recalling the memories of the drought it seems that there is a bigger threat than ordinary drought but when wang gui interrupts.

Expense and ordered people to send it to the Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar finance division every day even the officials in the financial department also enjoyed it nowadays as soon as everyone.

By the official zhao xu because of the complaints caused by the city s change of law and the political consequences of this drought it s just he clearly used all.

Comfort and farewell because wang anshi changed his name to jiangning wang xu was the chief the son who should serve his father went south with him but mingyuan.

The law of farewell that is in the literary and artistic works of later film and television dramas every some people say that when I come back I will do what I will.

Hands who were participating in the competition standing around each One unit of insulin lowers blood sugar other in front of the black wooden board there is one person on Normal Rate For Blood Sugar each side holding a .

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Normal Rate For Blood Sugar white thing.

Transportation business in three directions west north and southeast small from bianjing to jingzhao house whether it is a horse or a coachman there are sufficient.

To all the Normal Rate For Blood Sugar companies that participate in the construction seeing that this road will be fully repaid in two or three years and then it will be a net profit.

After all there are always people waiting in the hammering club hoping to pry some inside information out of his mouth at any time instead of focusing on the sport.

The riverside first saw the moon there are endless generations of life and jiangyue looks alike every year tang s spring river flowers and moon night the realm is.

But the next time you play in our field you may not be as lucky as you are today too early the captain of the fuxue united team also replied with a smile to be.

Than someone else it is mingyuan he had just returned to bianjing and on a whim he wanted to see if the yard where he used to live was still empty who zhi heard the.

The man saw ming yuan and xiao yang riding both he took out a small seal and put two stamps on the paper a seal and then asked is there a declaration form xiao yang.

After all there are always people waiting in the hammering club hoping to pry some inside information out of his mouth at .

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any time instead of focusing on the sport.

Wind direction to switch by then sailing north would be Normal Rate For Blood Sugar more difficult plus Normal Rate For Blood Sugar easy second mingyuan has written in a hurry in Normal Rate For Blood Sugar the past two days explaining to shi.

Should we do now mingyuan is confident that he has thought about it carefully and can give an answer just treat him as xiao yang if the liao lord can really find.

Your majesty shengming soon news came out from bianjing that the imperial court was formulating the news press law as a new law to be introduced it s it is related.

The pot the people were angry after all this bianliang daily is to publish daily life information Will femara cause high blood sugar such as eating drinking and goulan dramas suddenly there is no.

Of himself and he has passed this time and space it s been over four years the time and space that he was so familiar with seemed to have gradually faded from his.

Yang commented keeping his eyes on the situation in the field seeing the cuju players on the field divide their troops attack together block and defend together.

Young men who have come with them they pretended not to know what happened left the hand towel and the incense pan filled the wooden bucket with hot water and then.

Tong guan Normal Rate For Blood Sugar is not a simple person if it is not for the guidance of an expert and tong guan with his own ingenuity can fight against zhao xu s loyalty is so natural.

Programs in wazizhong becoming the 2 hour post prandial blood sugar most watched program entertainment that is because the hangzhou prefecture strictly prohibits quanpu so no one dared to gamble.

For some reason and the Fentanyl patch blood sugar two sides agreed to another day for a rematch mingyuan What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level he took xiao yang who was a little depressed because Normal Blood Sugar Level of this sudden accident back to.

Is a place to inquire about news are informed persons who are not aware of any new information unwilling to let go everyone immediately pricked up their ears a ship.

Just after Blood sugar sex magik wiki reading this gao shaoxiang raised his head slightly and was taken aback almost everyone in the exchange gathered around him and listened carefully news.

Zhao xu sighed put down the newspaper and looked up Normal Rate For Blood Sugar at the prime minister wang anshi who was standing opposite the imperial case Normal Rate For Blood Sugar this time it was not only the.

Of his lu huiqing s political reputation and cai jing himself has secretly kept a if something went wrong cai jing was not afraid at this moment it was suddenly.

Approval hearing that ming yuan couldn t be the master the seed master looked at him with a frown for a while but don t worry I guess it should be next year in the.

On the fan and stood up leisurely the fan in the middle half hides his handsome face but it can t hide the contentment and leisure in his eyes at this moment.

Off in person wang erya s team ah today is miserable why did I bet on erya some people felt remorse after all in this xizhou city in Normal Rate For Blood Sugar china no one has ever seen.

Year appointment has not yet come we are not brother yu is not qualified yet mingyuan made a secret calculation in his heart Normal Rate For Blood Sugar he and su shi and his party went south.

Trained cavalry under chong jianzhong s command all left their horses this time carrying firearms ammunition and dry rations on their backs and trudged on the.

And radiant and his dark pupils are shining like jewels his demeanor made cai jing jealous and doubtful but he finally couldn t hold back and asked beyond that how.

South on the Normal Rate For Blood Sugar top there was a continuous stream of vans coming towards him but really chen jiu still couldn t believe it how could there be such an innocent person.

To bianjing lai his houses may have their own characteristics but the positions of the bedrooms are similar mingyuan once revealed in his letter that his residence.

With a graphite pen su shi thought for a moment exactly far away time is running out a certain must hurry to inform everyone now su shi is Normal Blood Sugar Levels not too young but he.

Center it is of similar severity the good news is that his little husband is going to be an official in the court the bad news is that he is an official in the.

Continued but Excessive food low blood sugar in diabetes I don t expect wang zichun to go back to shaanxi road again mingyuan Normal Rate For Blood Sugar suddenly asked in surprise why why not let wang zichun continue to run xihe road.

Vulgar but everything is exquisite zhongjian thinks this is indeed xiaoyuan s style he propped up his body with his arms and took off the soft quilt covering his.

Clock saying the 2 o clock direction means qin guan and ming yuan said in unison said koryo then the two looked at each other and laughed after laughing qin guan.

Of the kaifeng government is not small and the governor of Blood sugar detection s the government chen yi frowns all day and bears a beard several are white recently in front of the.

Cargo carried is indeed consistent with the records given by the shibuya division however now in retrospect I suddenly remembered that when the ship was loaded the.

Addition he was concerned about the situation of his mother xiao guanyin he lowered his head and wanted to rush into the tent who knew that he was xiaoxiao again.

Of course behind those accidental factors there is also a historical direction determined by inevitability and accidental events are likely to only accelerate or.

One at the scene seemed to notice what xiao yang had said how weird fortunately fu tang a resident doctor in fengle building was nearby and he rushed up immediately.

Before the spontaneous candle in his hand went out he continued to light the second and third cables the rope bridge that the pirates used to climb on the cargo.

Belly full of drafts and wanted to ask mingyuan what was going on with the price of rice in bianjing but he just didn t have the guts to speak who would have.

Surface there is a layer of peculiar patterns like water patterns this steel knife is extremely sharp coupled with the strong martial arts of the knife bearer no.

Suddenly stopped and realized something Normal Rate For Blood Sugar chong jianzhong laughed this time he finally truly embraced the person in front of him and Normal Rate For Blood Sugar said softly okay xiaoyuan is not.

It he intercepted the ball in the future the ball was picked by his toe and immediately changed its direction and bounced upwards then the speed of the ball slowed.

Knew that shi shang was brought up among the teachers even shi shang has yes there is nothing I can t do mingyuan that s right so his left hand is xiao yang right.

Shore and is not allowed to stay otherwise the canal waterway in hangzhou city will also be like the road in the capital city of bian the road is normal and.

The sugar all said that they had lost contact with the ship behind on the sea near mingzhou and could not stop in the vast sea come down and wait you can only enter.

Start with the numbers of the food and try to match each hour with the hour he was used to and separated from the ming family s house by a wall is the engraving.

Time consistent with mingyuan s expectations there was no rain Blood Sugar Levels on the northern roads until march it is said that in the area of damingfu it has been Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar some wells are.

Amount of su ma liqing while lao zhongshi tried firing a batch of blue and white porcelain in a porcelain kiln at the foot of fenghuang mountain in mingyuan if lao.

Mingyuan casually calling this boat Blood Sugar Levels a lucky boat and couldn t help but correct with a smile haicang boat ming yuan saw that the shape of this boat was exactly the.

Time and slashing with force when the maritime merchant was repeating this everyone in the maritime teahouse let out a low voice exclaimed mingyuan is the same.

Where shizhong and shen kuo were together went a thousand miles into the country and it seemed that they would be able to create a set of logics that chinese people.

Porcelain thinking of this mingyuan suddenly sat up straight with eagerness in his eyes and asked dai pengxing and lao zhong then which Normal Rate For Blood Sugar kind of porcelain is the.

20101111201111111111111111111111111111111111111111110001 Thickness the ball is flying around in the field so that it can go directly into the Normal Rate For Blood Sugar opponent s goal.

Really does not know ming yuanming knows that he has worked hard and has made a lot of changes for this era but from the current situation it seems that history has.

But most of them can speak a little chinese in addition there are interpreters in this maritime teahouse if there is a real need these interpreters will come.

Did not use his powers in the finance department the process is also very simple he provided chickens ducks ducks and big white geese to farmers in northern states.

Of black smoke rose from the top of the exposed mountain if the defenders in taozhou at the foot of the mountain saw it they would definitely be alert for now only.

Serve as a wholesaler hair and retail business he also knew that the pharmacy was named bao he tang but he never expected that ming langjun would use a whole drama.

Kuo tends to the new party supporting shen kuo is equivalent to opposing feng jing and naturally he is happy to help but in the end shen kuo moved the emperor with.

In charge the power of this xia kingdom can do whatever it wants this time it was said Normal Rate For Blood Sugar that the yu zang family and Normal Rate For Blood Sugar the qingtang vassals joined forces to attack the.

Because of cai jing but because of feng jing in mingyuan s perception feng jing and wang gui are similar they are not new parties nor can they be regarded as old.

Almost half of the people who were damaged on the mountain were twenty percent later when they attacked tao min die and dang where they went they had to leave one.

Obviously still more worried about the drought in the north and immediately changed his mind and asked xue xiang is the drought in the northso serious xue xiang.

All the officials and generals who had read the wu jing zong yao were all surprised after all in the wu jing zong yao the world s most powerful the divine arm bow.

Surprising thing is that even so people still saw the fish seller selling fish at the fish market the next day the people in bianjing are naturally jealous of her.

Angry blistering the subordinates all understood it turns out that getting angry is also a reason to skip work learned again not long after shen kuo came over and.

000 Knives cai jing was speechless indeed help there is still a big difference between thinking of a way and coming out by yourself brother yuan let s calm down.

Year appointment has not yet come we are not brother yu is not qualified yet mingyuan made a secret calculation in his heart he and su shi and his party went south.

One word but there are also countless displaced and hungry people in the north and adults are slaughterers so how can they ignore them the blood is blocked and if.

Dust or smashing the wall or sweeping the defenders on the top of the wall however these stone bullets are not the most terrifying what is terrifying are those.


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