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Big gap it turned out that the man s body did not touch the chair only a heel that would touch the sand supporting his entire body in a posture that Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels defied mechanics when.

Some people have naked eyes in their eyes the fear of seeing xing ye Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels found out after inquiring that it was the tang family that was in big trouble most of the companies.

Suit heard what gu pingsheng said and understood the meaning and content of his Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels words gu pingsheng s mental power is still connected to a corpse wolf so he will make a long.

And death forced High Blood Sugar Symptoms to open copy format the lively xingye suddenly freezes Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels in place like a painting a huge black hole Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels appears above the ceiling and the dark matter turns into.

Cold sea in fear how I lost my original self little High Blood Sugar Symptoms by little in Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels despair it Low Blood Sugar Symptoms was gu pingsheng who made them remember all this again and saved them from the doom that was.

Saw something strange so I asked gu pingsheng silently when he was about to leave are you ready to endure all this accept the identity of a god abandon those weak emotions.

Protruding from the skin of .

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the upper lip and a ferocious appearance it is said to be small because of its size and it Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels was nothing compared Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels to ten seconds ago however as a.

Isn t it johnny fell silent again okay after a long time he blinked his eyes and said but lu your idea obviously doesn t make sense as we all know there is pressure in the.

Dark tide under the calm lake and his voice became deep and deep Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels at that time I hadn t come out of the shadow of attacking the president because zhang xun is likely to be.

Seeing this the others barely kept their sanity and asked zhang xun for a solution have you obtained the pass to the garden of eden we must teleport from here now zhang xun.

Exhibition room are not more or less there are exactly seven the first one with Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels the pestle at the door gu pingsheng had already visited with other guests was the murloc.

A strong reluctance the head looked at him for a long time and turned his head seemingly with a bit of fierce dissatisfaction the team members shuddered and moved quickly.

Corners these four silk threads are connected to the four paper figurines carrying the coffin ah the murderers yanked the silk thread and screams of surprise came from all.

To the miniature model there was a box that Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels looked like it was specially used to raise silkworms gu pingsheng opened it and looked at the little guys who were crawling.

Letter issued by the garden of eden proper citizenship is not easy to obtain play the only thing the family can contact What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level is the dungeon world after the system is launched.

That was too familiar to him the black cat tilted its head and the amber like beast pupils shone with inorganic light it jumped off the beam and landed on the ground.

Is to find those monsters who have bullied you in the past and return all your injuries xing ye frowned he didn t think there was anything wrong with doing this and men.

Loudly and was ripped off by other players but it was actually the aid of the big players in the leaderboard just some simple little items not even props no special effects.

Players imagined if a god level player wants to open the realm he also needs to consume a lot of points and mental power if not have enough interest to compel them when you.

Called them people from another world it s just that the adjective used by johnny is a bit bizarre what does sad alien person mean johnny s chin was slightly raised and he.

Passenger capacity was twice as high there are two passages to Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels board the cruise ship one is at the front of the cabin and the waiter with neatly ironed clothes is.

Overtime to sharpen the kitchen knife in his hand when gu pingsheng came to cook he saw several knives hidden under the cabinet the light of the incandescent lamp shines on.

Night to be honest those starfish really scared me where did the starfish crawl so fast last night wu hongyan and his party had an unforgettable night for the convenience.

His future was gloomy and he didn t pay attention to the look in qi yanqing s eyes looking at him from behind his eyes were not only stern but also difficult to express in.

Such a one sided situation although the odds of gu pingsheng s maintenance of the alliance are the multiples have increased but no Blood Sugar Levels player is willing to Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels smash the points in.

Since they jumped into the sea if the garden of eden really wanted to send someone down I am afraid it would have been long ago have arrived but that s not true after these.

And dark room has only lit candles with scattered sparks little black cat sits on the coffin leisurely licking its paws Low Blood Sugar and sees gu pingsheng came in jumped on the ground.

Steering system is useless so gu pingsheng was not surprised that he would see the rudder in the captain s room gu pingsheng knew that there was a problem with the bridge in.

Asked the cab is broken why What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level is he okay gu pingsheng knew what wu hongyan was talking about why captain balsen had an eyeball popped last night and appeared to be intact.

Whether it is the three gu pingsheng who suddenly visited or the pain that gu pingsheng caused it just now it is a very small matter tiny enough to be ignored gu pingsheng.

Class let s breathe okay hearing this the whole class including cheng yansong couldn t help but look at it in surprise to gu pingsheng gu pingsheng raised his head and What should a ten year old blood sugar be said.

His knife forward from the door gap and immediately hit the air wall and the whole person was imprisoned in mid air unable to move xing ye held qi yanqing s heart in his.

This place is an abandoned school and it has now moved to the other end the guild it is normal to temporarily increase the difficulty of Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels the dungeon before the war in the.

Cat meowed at him squinting Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels his eyes to express his special satisfaction gu pingsheng scratched the cat s cheek all the way to his chin and just said inadvertently if this.

Table where the old god was there he opened one of his eyes and turned into a human figure he and qi yanqing looked at each What does alcohol do to blood sugar other one was smiling but the other was.

Extremely terrifying the eyeballs stuck with only a blood red nerve cord stood up for no reason and .

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then became congested and swollen and the neck Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels bone without vocal cord.

People are about to happen in front of the Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels natural disaster he joined the search team zhang xun s face was calm and he only reached out and patted Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels him when the cat s tail.

That created this copy were absorbed by him and the two .

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bodies began to show different processes degree of fading they seemed to realize that they were about to disappear.

That xing qiming had just bought at the cheap mall today and a small bow was pinned to his head rao is gu pingsheng s brain opening I didn t expect that the object of xing.

High in the sky one turned into a sun allowing Normal Blood Sugar Level creatures who were deep in darkness to see the light a guiding bird that turns white always guides the way forward in the end.

To sleep quickly the sailor didn t struggle any more and fell heavily to the floor after using his mental power gu pingsheng inevitably felt a little tired he dug out the.

Had found him wu hongyan s heart was cold and his eyes were sharp and his hands were drawn to his waist double sword the bright light of the sword carried a bit of.

Beyond his expectations even if he thought about killing captain barsen directly and facing countless undead sailors he did not directly destroy the leviathan such a crazy.

Plan was frightened and said with a wry smile yes but this is the limit of what we can do with a single sentence he tried his best to block thousands of strange things the.

Feel it will appear in a while the ghost king is not unusual black Normal Blood Sugar Level rain suddenly started to Blood sugar 127 2 hours after eating fall in the sky looking closely the black raindrops were fluttering and thin.

Gesture but he didn t expect that the other party actually made a move shouldn t it could he be wrong in his hands after rushing up to stop it captain barson s heart.

No longer be separated and can only wander endlessly here death and rebirth that s why I m here to stay the man started to send gu pingsheng to another timeline when the.

Him to be reluctant to approach him the members of the order guild have purchased the system video and they will go back to review the operation of this guild battle later.

And slippery breath again as if wrap him around like a rope lingering this was very different from the feeling the little black cat gave him it is difficult for gu.

Air there was no sign of panic on rentouman s face and the team members around him started collecting clues spontaneously after getting out of the car guild battles are.

Knows it the classmates heard the words and nodded xingye the xxxx competition you said there are also aaaa competitions and bbbb competitions which have long since been.

Understand the corpse wolf has not escaped gu pingsheng s control at all it is still under control to meet gu pingsheng s golden pupils the corpse wolf who finally realized.

Players with higher levels and higher physical fitness will also crack watching their internal organs float out under the pressure boundless darkness awaits death please.

Hongyan turned his head and stared at captain barson if you don t know where your voyage will end why would you .

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stay on the leviathan as its captain don t tell me you don t.

Led to even more severe beatings he panicked he hugged his head helplessly and pleaded don t beat me again I was wrong I was wrong please stop the unilateral beating.

His sleeves up revealing his sturdy and capable arms he naturally started to entertain pulled the chair away for gu pingsheng and then went to make two cups of Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels black tea gu.

Expects xingye to clear the dungeon sooner or die sooner so that the virus gu pingsheng will go away sooner as if he knew what it was thinking gu pingsheng raised the.

Immediately felt licked and it was cool when the sapling was full he put it next to his pillow and went into the bathroom to wash the leviathan is said to have used a newly.

Lost their blood lifted up come tears of blood flowed from his eyes the flesh on his face rotted and fell to the ground watching them laugh showing sharp teeth damn you damn.

They are all ranked first in the rankings a few people occupied there was no guild at that time and many players used the reputation of senior players to threaten robbery.

Subconsciously retreated he retreated and gu pingsheng moved forward gu pingsheng advanced he retreated until xing ye s back was against the wall and there was no way to.

Lightly isn t it surprising that I not only know what happened on this ship but also know that those people outside are not ordinary indeed captain barson called wu hongyan.

Gu pingsheng whose face remained unchanged what s your plan next just take back all your power directly or the garden of eden has noticed my presence and this matter cannot.

The girl turned the delicious food in the stomachs of the players was dug out the corners of his mouth were raised and the cracked lips were covered with brushed flesh again.

A god level player no matter what the final result is he will definitely be discounted grind life is better than death the head was like a prisoner in a predicament his eyes.

This one xing qiming xingxingxing you ask if xing qiming saw that gu pingsheng had cleaned xing ye of the stains on his body he would it will never be so easy to admit at.

Location of the first guild the passerby player looked him up and down and blurted out are you a new player gu pingsheng blinked nodded and said yes are you looking for a.

Found a sheep with a lamb the imaginary scene suddenly appeared in front of his eyes xingye s face was pale Blood sugar level chart for men and he hid behind gu pingsheng in an instant only to find that.

They could not be turned on they can even imagine that once the searchlight is turned on those monsters attracted by flesh and blood will give up the deliciousness of their.

Dropped on the ground and the earth was moved trembling the monsters who were fighting hard not far away felt the shock of this shock and turned to look at the source of.

Something that is the gods love everything in the world and he is a .

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member of all things in this world xing ye has always considered the most extreme and worst situation.

Affiliated middle schools all of which need manpower to manage and maintain gu pingsheng saw after tao jun s hesitation he paused smiled and stretched out his little Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels finger.

Hiding in the school the murderer will strip the victim of flesh and blood crush the bones throwing the corpse in the wilderness the matter was serious the murderer was.

Panqiu the trees were crowded together in layers and a touch of water vapor mixed with the breath of grass and trees filled the nose Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels it was the height that first caught gu.

Wanted to resell the tickets in his hand but later he knew one thing that is they defeated their enemy guild in the trials and also entered the top sixteen competition this.

Was puzzled did xingye lie dear teacher gu you have to wonder if you can change Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels the time xing qiming is Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels like hanging in the air like a prey bound by spider silk his brain.

Chalk hadn t been thrown out of his hand he wouldn t have believed the scene in front of him gu pingsheng asked him you seem to be very confident in yourself because of the.

Watch the battle of course members of the killer guild were indispensable at this time most of the seats were occupied by their people if other people dare to speak ill of.

Intent but the moment he raised his hand the system s alarm sounded even more harshly warn it is forbidden to destroy the only means of transportation to the main.

Hand stopped abruptly who the sound from the sailor s mouth was Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar more like the roar of a beast he slammed into an empty place clasped his rough arms and raised his head high.

Of the other party to the extreme unexpectedly they had the opportunity to take advantage of it Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels within ten seconds the leviathan which was always stable had a violent bump.

Pingsheng curiously how does mr principal know that eating him won t resolve my hatred even the Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels moment she bit the apple she felt a wonderful sense of relief react I don t.

Experienced yet these eyes can see everything in the world but I can t see my own future destiny including people and things related to it gu pingsheng felt a little.

Heavily to the ground Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels and a white mist spewed out of his open mouth he turned around and stared at gu pingsheng with scarlet eyes gu pingsheng carried his cane instead of.

Outside the safe zone life and death are at your own risk even if the leader killed them and buried them here no one would make irresponsible remarks What Is A Normal Blood Sugar the man held back his.

Black cat dumpling on his head and the rising tail still had a hint of anger what should I do I can t hold it for you the black cat dumpling looked down at him humming and.

About the past from the other party s mouth he kept it but he stayed a little slow jin mo smashed the heart of the scavengers it was the kind that really did not leave any.

Went down from Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels the top smashing the ground he had just stood on facing the bully who wanted to get rid of him gu pingsheng made a decisive decision went around to the ears.

In my house the woman in front of her Blood Sugar Level no matter from which point of view was no longer human but xingye addressed her High Blood Sugar Symptoms in his heart and it was still a natural mother this.

One corridor in the long room and the two groups inevitably collided the people on both sides are not fools the leviathan can make such a big noise and the vice Normal Blood Sugar Levels chairman is.

Nodded when he heard the sound xing qiming smiled very happily again the warm yellow spotlight shone on his cheeks making him look like a bright little sun he gently placed.

Death although leviathan was created Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels as an experimental site no one dared to do it right to risk entry gu pingsheng tilted his head and asked softly can I ask why johnny.

Powerful as the xing family in an instant he is a little cowardly and his voice is not so strong the president said yes I still have to wait for the class to go out after.

You suddenly so far away gu pingsheng don t guess Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels the young man s mind gu pingsheng lowered his perspective in addition to being used to talking to children like this it.

At himself showing a puzzled expression yes I m calling you the vendor in front Blood Sugar Levels Normal of him winked at him it s your first time here little brother gu pingsheng was indeed the.

Noise that was so faint that it was difficult to detect from the corridor and gu pingsheng instantly frowned in the blink of an eye johnny who was standing in front of him.

Guard however he was a mind control player and had a certain immunity to mental attacks during the confrontation he could clearly perceive that his memory was being affected.

Of an eye xing qiming who had regained his senses had returned to his youthful appearance panting in gu pingsheng s arms my name is xing qiming which is the name Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels my mother.

Everything and now he has enough strong enough it can completely help gu pingsheng deal with some dangers but intellectually he also knew that gu pingsheng s strength was.

The starfish and the murlocs but also your favorites huan chases down irrational sailors captain balsen was speechless for a moment it argued in a gloomy voice but you can.

Carefully studied gu pingsheng s ticket for a while and told him seriously if I remember correctly among the biological experiments that eden once studied there was an.

You suddenly so far away gu pingsheng don t guess the young man s mind gu pingsheng lowered his perspective in addition to being used to talking to children like this it.

Same time more scruples emerged if gu pingsheng is a special case in npc will there be a second special case is it possible that the next npc they meet in the dungeon is.

Him the guild members of the buluo dynasty saw this and followed them almost without thinking the cloaked man and Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels qi yanqing got closer and closer and the players within.

Full of vitality but half of it is only a thick black mist flowing silent cold and the breath of death is terrifying as the dividing line that divides the two worlds there.

A long time stroked his beard and laughed loudly the guest is right if there is no one left on the last day then it will be true what a Normal Blood Sugar pity the tense atmosphere was.

Palace it is not the palace of asikamo in Normal Blood Sugar Level the kingdom of gods the current palace has thirty six pillars alone which is larger and more magnificent than that there is a god.

An old friend in the garden of eden named zero who is said to have been attached to him by the gods he escaped from iraq one step ahead of me paradise and left us with a.

Qualifications for such a heinous crime however gu pingsheng s position was extremely skillful half hearted face he fell into a blur of light and shadow so that the Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels team.

Gu pingsheng s soft and thick hair grew at a speed visible to the naked eye and it stopped when it fell to his waist he picked up the comb and combed it smoothly he simply.

Sharp teeth seeing that this monster s teeth are so good some viewers stared at the countless apples in the apple forest and couldn t 5 4 a1c level and 112 blood sugar help swallowing if this enters the.

Knew gu pingsheng and gu pingsheng knew him after being guessed by the other party s words the man s movements stiffened and a gentler tone followed as if he was about to.

Mind How bad is 400 blood sugar like those people before 3001 this doesn t seem to be a normal name the sunlight was dazzling on the water soaked scales gu pingsheng suddenly saw what happened i.

In an instant gu pingsheng s mind was full of those obscure and indistinguishable cries he couldn t understand the words at first but listening carefully made his head dizzy.

And justified it by himself and came up with a set of reasonable arguments gu pingsheng s the love is not aimed at him he was only given special pity because of his.

Observation body no 21 scavenger and he can also avoid the system s retrieval it s been so long not to be discovered by the people above don t worry although the old man.

Smell the aroma carefully at this moment rentou issued an order destroy this apple forest looking at Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels the bright and full red apples the team members eyes immediately showed.

Repeated the first time he started he wanted to squeeze the last drop of blood in his body and give it to the black cat but the black cat suddenly became angry the god was.

Our school has a young teacher today do you know about this cheng yansong said after going the students who stayed had to listen to the class obediently it turned out that.

Starfish he adjusted the brightness of the room to the highest level if the light is suddenly turned off now he will only tell the person who comes over that he has.

Impossible to have a charming atmosphere xing ye closed his eyes and breathed evenly pretending to be asleep but in fact Popular blood sugar medicine his palms reached under his neck and he took out the.

Out of his pocket gu pingsheng put it on his chest stretched out a finger to overflow with golden light and let the little guy who had been hungry for almost a day eat.

Handle the abnormal data in front of you system 4677 only felt that his old bottom was about to be revealed not to mention that gu pingsheng threw another blockbuster later.

Dissipated in mid air Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels she has been stuck for too long and she is unwilling to exist in the form of a soul again to see if she can choose a good family in the next life i.

Power Normal Blood Sugar Level but he couldn t say anything that could refute why gu pingsheng couldn t be here just because the opponent s strength has become so strong that the intensity of the.

Ups and downs of the sea and its body grew bigger and bigger in the process until it drinks enough of the sea water the color of the surface changes and it blends perfectly.

Of slamming the door outside is so hard aren t you afraid of disturbing the rest of the family when the thought just flashed through gu pingsheng s mind the slamming on the.

Hand and smiled okay now mr Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels gu don t waste your strength on me he said softly let s get out of here first shall we gu pingsheng said nothing xingye sighed and pulled out.

Displayed some people see that the situation is wrong and react quickly at the door of the central hall I want to get into the copy to hide at this moment the red seal.

Item in his hand that s a pendant and the rope has dissolved gone but the main body is well preserved underneath gu pingsheng never thought that he would see this silver.

With relief of course it s okay if you can t see it Diarrhea high blood sugar a dead horse is a living horse doctor gu pingsheng s mouth twitched the Can diet coke raise your blood sugar next second he suddenly noticed that leviathan.

Solved come and show me one look no need for the teacher xing ye smiled politely but his tone contained an unquestionable refusal I ll just wait for teacher gu to come back.

His luggage in the closet and the little sapling woke up helping gu pingsheng to hide his figure as before as soon as he went out another sailor stepped into the floor where.

Eden which is what I am after the evil god gave me a black cross when I was about to clear the level he borrowed the body of the summoning player and only saw the.

Subconsciously xingye is obsessed but unfortunately he it didn t take long for him to be immobilized by a strong binding force seeing the golden light that turned into a.

He faced the Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels scavenger but did not speak to him and asked calmly how long are you going to watch as his voice spread through the sea a yellow film suddenly oozes out from.

Throat was so dry that smoke came out and two tears flowed out the benevolent god saw his sorrow in the sky and asked him fish fish why are you crying the fish then said.

Suggested that I go to a taoist village to be a teacher yes to bring me back into the absurd world gu pingsheng What Is Normal Blood Sugar looked at What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level zero calmly you also sent me the application.

Words as if he was talking to himself but it s strange she has very few friends it seems that she has never heard of xingye why is there her in the experience that xingye is.

Apple tastes like the girl didn t answer she closed her big mouth bit her cheeks tightly and stared at the red apple with great hatred in her eyes gu pingsheng also took it.

Moment tree a man is like a towering giant tree the golden lines are the roots that spread out rooting for thousands of miles and the shade of the tree is endless since.

Is completed my level will be promoted and absorbed a lot of energy at the same time causing the world to collapse moment if this is the case Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels then there is no solution at.

Lot of props to use so not long after many staff members suddenly went dark from the corridor Blood sugar of 130 in the morning and then they were played with the family was dragged to a hidden little.

After Normal blood sugar for man over 50 this gu pingsheng does not have to be vigilant he looked at the safe in the corner again and a flash of light flashed across his What Is Normal Blood Sugar mind gu pingsheng suddenly realized.

Noise that was so faint that it was difficult to detect from the corridor and gu pingsheng instantly frowned in the blink of an eye johnny who was standing in front of him.

Of Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels chaos and disorder and it is always full of disputes if it is not pleasing to the eye the low level players are eliminated from the game this has also led to the fact.

Crowd dispersed but the team members who stayed in place disappeared only a small piece Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels of white bone faintly exposed in the towering tomb bag da da da da da da gu.

Pingsheng brother seems to have something to tell you gu pingsheng opened his palm and caught the small sapling the sapling fell into his hands immediately a dark substance.

Incomparably when the others saw him they all lowered their heads and felt awe in their hearts president it was qi yanqing who came every time he took a step out there.

Pingsheng was captured by the giant palm the scavenger s mouth overflowed with nervous hahaha laughter but his legs were shaking and he ambled back silently his.

I didn t expect to see this scene again I didn t hold back no hold back means that he couldn t help beating his classmate until his nose was bruised and his Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels face was bruised.

Divine core the process becomes very slow Do Cashew Nuts Raise Blood Sugar Levels and difficult he should have fallen into a long sleep at this time to reduce his own wear and tear but this cat the middle aged.

Wrong with youhey don t the word that xingye could not say was crying how incredible whether it is zhang xun or gu pingsheng they are both characters with a soft appearance.

Pieces in the past rentouman didn t care about the hostility of the weak but he just suffered from chaos the burial mound squinted at the anger of the group of bones in an.

In the end duh aggressively drove him to his death and the member of the alliance who was supposed to fight for a life and death enemy but when he was escaping the danger.

Joined forces with the corpse wolf to pull wu hongyan at the back of the hall to his side in time the three of them buried their heads at the same time and the giant snake.

Battlefield warn reckless actions will be subject to abstention rentouman s palm slowly clenched and he slammed the coffin wall with a great force like the incompetent fury.

From the console and looked at the spider on the miniature model even with the shadow falling the spider remained motionless gu pingsheng stared at it took out the dagger.

Fainted under the moonlight dark brown marks facing the danger ridden surroundings gu pingsheng said coldly come Normal Blood Sugar Level here if you are not afraid of death the white rabbit looked.

Full of unresolved resentment since entering the bottom of the sea there are monsters that kill them everywhere gu pingsheng admitted that when he started the operation.

Pingsheng s words wu hongyan restrained his doubts a little he touched his chin and pondered for a while the rules of the system do not mean that they are set in stone if.

The power of the gods caused strong spatial fluctuations the garden of eden noticed my existence and I could only leave the current copy as soon as possible the Blood Sugar Level newfound.

Also knew little about the garden of eden so he couldn t come up with actual criminal evidence to persuade the man but Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar he couldn t sit back and watch the man strip his soul.

Captain barson at the beginning there was also a pilot two people stay in front of the bridge not moving looks a little dumb hearing the conversation between gu pingsheng.

The murderer the guild s live viewing seats have fallen silent for a while when the system indicated that there was another death in the killer guild the atmosphere dropped.

Clearances is also related to the abnormality of the dungeon record day 55 with the help of the improvement effect of system points on the body is amazing what is even more.

Page by page and finally stops when it reaches a certain page image of a kind old man with a big white beard and a pair of sacred golden pupils immediately it came to xing.

Bright flashlight expelled the starfish that climbed aboard the leviathan now that the starfish has not been cleared gu pingsheng guessed that they must have flashlights on.

Wait until they are completely weak before this there were who has been irreparably hurt I don t agree with it and I don t want to see it protecting yourself is your top.

His mouth in disbelief and made a sound again wowwow wait why did the baby cry come out of his mouth could it be that he has become a a baby help he fell into a panic.

Gu pingsheng was lying straight in the coffin the silver white cross that gu pingsheng gave to juvenile xingye was also hanging around his neck no he was like a stubborn.

Red juice swirled and splashed a team member seeing that the delicious food vanished the famous team members including the audience outside the screen were all dumbfounded.

To participate in this guild battle and what is the use of training day and night zhang because he couldn t do his best there was a burst of shame and unwillingness on his.

To restrain his words and deeds he rarely expresses his joys sorrows and sorrows unscrupulously in public when he put a fist to his mouth the corners of his mouth could not.

Break free after being controlled by him but when this person is out of control the micro expression on his face is not only anger but also a trace of fear he came over.

Pingsheng was a little tired he looked at the time and it was almost time to force him to sleep so that he would not be able to hold himself back and fall to the ground.

Had already understood clearly from the materials xie zongzhou gave him neat hearing gu pingsheng s words wu hongyan only felt ridiculous until he met gu pingsheng s eyes.


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