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Trying to recall who is What Is Normal Blood Sugar it master zhong immediately blushed and after a while he suddenly made a puchi laughed brother ming you haven t changed this trick for years.

At a loss and no one stopped mingyuan at all and no one even asked when he returned .

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to his residence lu dazhong was waiting for him and he asked anxiously junior.

Quietly in his arms at this time he finally screamed What Is Normal Blood Sugar in despair ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the people outside also broke into the door at this moment the.

Institutions are gold and silver note exchange shops and banks the former is responsible for the exchange of various currencies and the latter mostly undertakes.

Sound that suddenly came to mind shuohuai turned his head and saw he nanting squatting beside him seeing he nanting looking at him shuohuai had an inexplicable feeling of.

In the city and would no longer enter the dynasty so he tried desperately to keep him through wang anshi and finally mingyuan kept it he has a small official.

Whole body was covered with black mist resisting the attack of the evil ghost the tightly pursed thin lips finally lightly opened and he looked at the evil ghost who was.

Something to eat these children finally responded shuohuai first told them to stay quiet not to run Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low around there would be no good food if they ran around then he came to he.

Aggressively covered the palm of his hand on the back of his hand shuo huai only felt the back of his hand get hot and stuttered ithat what is that he nanting deliberately.

Imperial couch a gauze curtain hangs over the imperial couch Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low and a figure can be vaguely seen inside lying flat on the couch mingyuan suddenly recalled the.

Big enough and fat What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level isn t it better than those little goldfish in the shopping mall still thinking of catching fish for him in the darkness of the night he nanting s eyes.

And axemen also face there is a small risk of casualties but at this moment all the soldiers who were in front of the song army were all attentively watching the.

Feed his stomach although the cake was a bit salty mingyuan couldn t take in salt for a long time so his limbs were weak and he was exhausted at this time ye.

Handed in business taxation the two big countries have always had friction on the border but both sides looked at the money that the land of yanyun produces every.

Surroundings were quiet not a single movement but he clearly felt the breath of other ghosts shuohuai contacted the decapitated Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low ghost again and the decapitated ghost said.

Position yelu jun could not accept this kind of loss at all mingyuan smiled confidently said the following words are the nonsense of the minister please ignore it.

Should be willing to bow down mingyuan suddenly remembered what chong jianzhong had reminded him but how could he have imagined that in a small village like.

Were anxiously waiting outside was thinking about what was going on inside when they saw qiu huaxing and his son come out in a hurry within five minutes the liangs thought.

Cleanliness ji xi you can t have a bomb with you give my brother a little security between my friends shuo huai watched ji xi s expression change from shocked to as if very.

That if he had the opportunity he would visit ah chun s .

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house to see it with his own eyes then he heard ah chun say since then her father and brother have all been.

Frightened that he threw away his cell phone and hung up shao yingying looked at him suspiciously what s wrong with you he picked up the phone xu sheng shook his head.

Father it 150 blood sugar after muffin s just an identity and a mission so he looks at ming gaoyi more like a cold eyed bystander he can t understand the normal relationship between father and.

The north lingzhou was on the east side of their way at this moment the xihe road army has approached shunzhou which is south of xingqing house they now have.

Territory of daxia kingdom the robbers took him to xixia although mingyuan had some hunch about this he was still stunned and failed to react immediately answer ye.

Yiyi blinked and said is that one in the elevator an evil spirit they followed and wanted to ask he nanting where the evil spirit went come on he nanting suddenly stopped.

It s okay I ll leave today let s go back the car can go back to pick it up on the way back it was very quiet in the night on the old street not far from the old house.

Was almost over shuohuai decided to go to he nanting at this time he nanting and li shengyang had a casual chat and came out of the lounge it was probably because someone.

The same as the deputy deputy he took as xiao alu last time when the envoy came to bianjing as soon as you entered the main entrance of the inn you were greeted by.

Or he might have died in a foreign country sometimes it s hard to judge whether a decision is right or wrong but ming gaoyi knows that he didn t make it in time.

This level so Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low small so secretive so precise it seems to be able to fire continuously mingyuan had told yelu jun when he left songjing early that he Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low would have a way.

Status quo and reverse the situation of the battle and he can get more butterfly values to obtain props don t .

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worry 1127 I m very patient mingyuan comforted his.

Weishui river again shi shang moved to mingyuan and came here to meet mingyuan again this time even mingyuan noticed that shi shang s face was frosty he was no.

Shoulder he carried a mace on his back and buried a pestle behind liang yi like an iron tower with this big man on the contrary liang yibu looked rather feminine.

Promotion qian let alone such a young military officer was promoted to this position in his twenties anyone with a discerning eye could see that the official.

Provided by the test party but it is a a tool of to dream a secondary card consumes 100 butterfly points each time it is used mingyuan made a request for Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low use and.

Liancheng wants to be detrimental to mingyuan he has no chance to do it a dozen people in the convoy began to talk to each Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low other about party matters mingyuan.

How it is now although chonglang called but mingyuan couldn t afford it chonglang couldn t do anything about him either mingyuan heard chong jianzhong say something.

Draws only 20 or 30 of the tax from it they can still receive more tax than the previous qingmiao money lu huiqing s face was a little gloomy just wait for the.

Horizon in the distance just stay here for the night yuzang liancheng ordered at this time ren duo baozhong and ren duo baozhong had already left for xingqing.

Small physique and fast movements for ordinary people it might be zuo was a frightened animal but shuo huai and he nanting What Is Normal Blood Sugar knew clearly that it was definitely not a living.

The civil strife in xixia even if Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low my song dynasty does not take xixia the liao people will take it hearing this mingyuan fell silent in the past three years yelu.

Over he blinked you are awake did Low Blood Sugar Symptoms I disturb you he nanting no he nanting held two cans of drinks in his hand and stuck one of them on shuo pregnant face the cold touch is.

An additional adopted son of the lu family lu xingshi the god Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low of killing turned into a god Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low of love and when he looked at lu xing his eyes were so gentle that quanxingcom.

Drink shuohuai nodded he nanting opened the refrigerator and quickly came over with two cans of peach juice after taking the peach juice from he nanting s hand shuohuai.

They can t see themselves while shop the officer was talking to Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low he nanting next to him seeing he nanting s inquiring look at him shuohuai shook his head and said no need he.

Returned to his bedroom and closed his eyes but his mood was agitated and after a long time he gradually fell asleep zhao xu suddenly Blood sugar chart for pregnant opened his eyes and woke up.

Dedicated to the queen mother the queen mother may be a little interested in this face several people who traveled with wei mengxiao heard the meaning and glanced.

Before going to bed the old fashioned refrigerator was filled with all kinds of food ever since he nanting moved in it hadn t been empty what would you like to drink by the.

Fortresses it is not too much to describe the territory of xixia as ten rooms and nine empty spaces I didn t expect him to see it with my own eyes today if you re.

Whole person was lifted Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low to the ground by two or three kaifeng government servants one of the yamen twisted his wrist and the short knife suddenly fell to the.

The deed he nanting it s been a long time since that Eating sugar night before blood test deed so it s more difficult to find it you should have a master to learn the ghost hunting technique right on the back.

Underestimated although he nanting has stabilized him now if dong zhengsheng I have talked to him many times but he nanting seems to be very interested pay attention to.

His sleeve looked at it carefully pointed out one or two omissions and yelu jun personally took notes very good the host and the host after the discussion yelu jun.

Playing with the sound in front of him and then studied he glanced at a mouth with bubbles on the ground without looking at Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low he nanting What Is A Normal Blood Sugar unable to say why shuohuai felt.

Saw this Blood Sugar Levels and asked where are you going shuohuai the ghost doctor has been found I ll go to Blood sugar is 300 after mixed drink nondiabetic no 4 Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low middle school he nanting was stunned for a moment but quickly returned to.

Who failed in businessashu she said she always admired me for helping the poor mingyuan was speechless thinking of those people who rushed to jingzhao mansion to.

It the leader of the bandit suddenly put away the long knife that had been half unsheathed reaching out and grabbing mingyuan s back collar he dragged him closer to.

Attention of many passing drivers and some even stopped and took out their mobile phones to take pictures until cross country the motorcycle stopped in front of shuohuai.

And sighing for this sad love story wu wu wu he is so good why did he encounter such a thing cry nannan don t be sad mom hugs cry cry hug even passers by fans were moved by.

Shuohuai to show him the way when shuohuai was sucked into the black mist again he nanting wanted to follow him into the black mist as a result after the black mist inhaled.

Happened however when he stepped out of the yard the little girl standing by the door Low Blood Sugar Symptoms suddenly said guide uncle the little girl s voice was very small as if she was talking.

Him from moving he nanting isn t it very convenient to watch movies like this shuo huai I won t eat it you can put it hand shuo huai tried to struggle but he nanting.

Scanning the Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low code and the old vending machine began to frantically drop drinks out until the drink is squeezed out of the outlet it looks like the vending machine vomited.

Chandelier the chandelier shook slightly and shuohuai lay on it Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low and looked at the sleeping man with a malicious smile on his face how can there be no protagonist in the.

For a while but only made a hiss or two in his throat mingyuan turned his head and saw yelu jun s expression clearly he slowly put away the fire gun in his hand.

In the west may not be willing to enter again in our country it will go straight into the territory of song when li qing heard the words he immediately wanted to.

With anger you liar at this time he had completely figured it Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low out cai jing s younger brothers cai bian and wang xu are brother in law and brother in law cai jing.

The artist emperor who dragged the northern song dynasty into a doomed land song huizong someone once said that song huizong was the reincarnation of li yu the.

Face some northern nomads who are about to rise liao will serve as a buffer for the song dynasty so that the song dynasty can freeing up his hands to deal with it.

Stalactite from a distance it looks like a huge and slender bamboo shoot like a small piece split from this kind of mountain there is a small and dilapidated hexagonal.

Finally promoted himself to replace wang anshi the prime Normal Blood Sugar Levels minister was a little annoyed and said should I fix a book and go to jiangning to ask about the government.

Introverted not talking and exaggerating in expressing feelings this person is good and delicious it s just that people who are still exaggeratingly confessed to him on.

Delicious stew be made good soup this remark moved a lot of people they took the empty bowls and took turns to come to the iron pot with washing water leaned.

Liang dehua was startled and quickly grabbed him tianshi qiu what s wrong in fact liang xiaoyu s car accident was not serious but he just never woke up the liang family.

The other party and you for your own personal resentment robbed mingyuan to xixia everything is due to you and today s result is also caused by you chong jianzhong.

Return to the bridge with yelu jun and the road returns to the road yelu jun s fate was not something he was capable of interfering with mingyuan thought to.

The moment tuantuan jumped on shuohuai s shoulders shuohuai took two the guy disappeared where he was before reappearing in a nearby corner of the park beard ah ah shuo.

The man lowered his voice and called out a name xiang hua in front Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low of mingyuan there are some the food the abundance is almost comparable to when he was in.

Said proudly and when he turned his head and gave him a look the xixia soldiers behind him let out a loud cry together as if they had completely won the war and.

Flowers bloom freely yelu jun and ming yuan rode alone in front of them the privy of the south court so xiao alu brought about ten oruduo guards and retinues.

If questioning mingyuan Does ensure increase blood sugar is everything Low Blood Sugar Symptoms you say true can everything you say come true mingyuan xiang bingchang always returned a firm look because when li qing died.

Baby girl was discarded he nanting said he picked up a piece of wood on the ground and smashed the wine jar directly the wine in the jar spilled out and a little black hair.

Sends yelu junquan back to liao what did yelu jun say the emperor turned to chen yi the governor of kaifeng the prince of liao thanked deputy ambassador cai for his.

Be a big family mingyuan s heart was hot and he quickly stepped forward unexpectedly when he came to the house he raised his head and glanced at Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low the bacon hanging.

Nanting to let him go she rubbed the corners of shuohuai s red eyes there was forbearance in his voice I ll go to the living room to sleep seeing that he nanting was about.

Hands holding the fruit plate trembled looked at shuohuai in horror and shivered you you what are you doing in just a second qiu huaxing searched in his mind but he could.

Through the door and became the co pilot seeing that he nanting didn t move he probed again halfway out of his body he urged get in the car quickly don t be stunned wait.

Of money for an authentic piece of cai jing therefore although cai jing can no longer pursue fame and fortune in his career he can continue on the road of art a.

That ye lingxian gave him had a distinct salty taste when he licked it it was a piece of rock salt for so many days What Is Normal Blood Sugar mingyuan has only there was a little cake to.

Envy this time in addition to wang shaojia s promotion to the rank of rank and promotion to the deputy envoy of the privy chong jianzhong s military rank has also.

Already made up his mind the only heir of the liao emperor prince yelu jun fled to the song dynasty this incident has never Blood Sugar Levels happened in history and the trend is.

Invisible he was only wearing clothes in the eyes of living people is almost like this perspective shuo huai if you go out like this you will call the police however he.

The weak ones that magic circle couldn t suppress those ghost babies for a long time here it is shuo huai hadn t recovered from the shock just now and even became angrier.

The same clothes as mingyuan wearing the exact same red clothes and wearing a long legged head you are so lazy the young man said to mingyuan with a smile mingyuan.

Jianzhong suddenly let go of his heart smiled happily invited mingyuan to walk in his camp and then watched the children of the army practice and use firearms.

With a slender face and a pointed chin and liked to look at li bingchang with condescending eyes as if bingchang was still the seven year old boy back then before.

Trying to see Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low if he could find a temporary shelter suddenly he felt as if he seeing the sound of breathing he quickly stopped and listened carefully and the.

There was an extra ghost which was the evil spirit whom he nanting had formed a bond with qiu chengyang fell to the ground when he saw that shuohuai s legs were weak better.

Are you doing he nanting didn t speak shuo huai thought for a while then his fingers tugged at he nanting s clothes and tugged shuohuai I just gave you a fish you won t.

On the way to the military camp he told zhong jianzhong what had happened in bianjing city Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low one by one zhong jianzhong heard that mingyuan retrieved his father and.

Relieve cough boss do you want to take it adults or children shuo huai sir shuo huai kept his head down afraid that the boss would see it the boss handed him the medicine.

Death the eldest boy s eyes turned red in an instant and his nose was sour his grandson was long gone it took more than ten years for him to see him like this after he died.

Gradually xiao aludai heard the arguments in front of him getting louder and louder listen to me you urgently need to stabilize the youyan area and it can bring.

On the ground his mind was buzzing his face was numb and he was barely conscious after a while the left half of his cheek was on fire pain it should have been.

Embarrassed he even came up with a way to provoke the two of them it s a pity that mingyuan and chong jianzhong finally came together despite cai jing s provocation.

Ye lingxian mingyuan thought to himself brother xian should be disappointed that he didn t escape in time there is no need for mingyuan to be hidden in the box.

The liao dynasty was in turmoil all the ministries sent people into shangjing one after another the intention of this can be imagined brother yang mingyuan is still.

Letter to contact yourself mingyuan immediately dismantled it with fire paint the tightly sealed envelope he quickly read the contents inside and a smile appeared.

His head the old man holding the dagger turned his head and said to the people behind him chen tianshi hurry up up faces appeared on the walls around the man in red and the.

Was almost done when checking out because the people around him felt cold shuohuai consciously went to the side and waited he sits on the clinker Hwo does low cortisol affect blood sugar bench next to it was two.

The table and looked at he nanting in confusion meow he nanting looked at him and said softly whispered I m sorry but I hope he will never think about it don t remember don.

Silently put down the camera in his hand and then sat down unhurriedly when he landed on the ground he hugged he nanting s legs with both hands and feet with a look of.

Darkness and grabbed shuohuai s wrist when shuohuai turned around it was in the dark looking at a disheveled head in the middle the thing slowly raised its head and the.

Humble when he saw ming yuan he came over to greet ming yuan with a sincere expression on his face and bowed his hands in salute little man tong guan I have seen.

A good movie coming out it s your favorite ghost movie I bought two tickets for the midnight show tonight he nanting Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low looked at shuohuai tell him that should be to see with.

Quietly in his arms at this time he finally screamed in despair ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the people outside also broke into the door at this moment the.

Defeated wang anshi was no longer in the court to be precise wang anshi resigned and returned to the How long for sugar to hit your blood stream south shortly after the Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low eighth year of xining s reunification.

Person shuo huai only slightly hooked his lips and said don t ask he turned to leave the inpatient building but met he nanting at the door under the dark sky the rain.

Click raised his hand and put it on his temples his weather beaten face suddenly became a little more youthful and charming bang bang bang ming yuan patted the.

Time mingyuan suddenly pushed yelu jun s arm I m full if you take a few more slices I ll take them all to the next door to share with the companions this time.

Ming yuan s eyes suddenly met a pair of anxious eyes the two of them looked at each other for a moment then chong jianzhong stretched out his hand and dragged ming.

Tang hao who is so open mouthed and crawling around but today the kaifeng house tried the case and the conclusion has been reached since mingyuan refused Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low to explain.

When senior brother lu is old he kneels down and salutes as soon as he enters the hall he didn t get flat and he kowtowed from time to time as if he was asking for.

Mingyuan as the spoiler said it slipped into the abyss of soldiers in troubled times so mingyuan doesn t need to completely subvert the national fortunes of the.

That was holding shuohuai shuo huai was like sitting on a cactus on his butt and immediately got Why does my blood sugar get so low up from he nanting and pulled a distance of one meter to the side let s go.

Movement disappeared again mingyuan greeted him with the words of the party I m sorry I m a passing traveler I missed the place to stay and I want to borrow a.

Will go south 200 000 year old coins or thousands of Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low miles of land and let the monarchs and ministers of the southern dynasty choose one that is this is blackmail.

Shuohuai said next also confirmed that what he nanting felt was not an illusion some fragmentary pictures appeared in shuohuai s mind although they were all vague he could.

Fat son has not yet been named but only has a nickname called wu er yelu jun looked at wu er with a complicated mood in his dream it was after wu er What foods to eat to bring blood sugar down grew up he.

His eyes fell on he nanting s hand holding him he was slender and fair with a strong sense of bones very good looking thinking shuo huai s gaze couldn t help falling on he.

Plopped into the copper pot mingyuan held the plate lifted the curtain and walked out of Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low the herdsman s tent after a while ming yuan came in again and when he.

It so so it was tong guan thought he had grasped chong jianzhong s mind and Low Blood Sugar quickly asked clearly mingyuan was indeed missing so he quickly suggested since if you.

Cognitive level and overall situation this official should not be aware of it to this kind of economic penetration is actually the beginning of taking back yanyun.

Singing it was the dark shadow just now under the light he was wearing a wrinkled undershirt and a pair of slippers while singing he was suddenly interrupted by shuo huai.

Jianzhong and ming yuan have a heart to heart bond and have never taken this person seriously later he and mingyuan met in bianjing and he also met xiao yang once.

Arguing with his son qiu chengyang he was wearing an apron and holding a fruit plate in his hand saying I said can you play less games it s better to go and practice more.

Power of issuing orders to mingyuan yelu jun was stunned by ming yuan s words mingming desperately chased and killed at dutingyi he now he actually needs to rely on.

Ming gaoyi has played the role of tool perfectly never disturbing mingyuan but always revealing in time when mingyuan needs him noodle the test party is well.

Long as it is .

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a deposit with credentials the government will pay compensation new youth law is what mingyuan has always wanted to do but it is not entirely his real.

Zhengsheng you are one of the cultivators after a pause dong zhengsheng coughed lightly if there is a rare powerhouse if he is plotted against him one day this world can be.

Decapitated ghost also found it strange the news is indeed not wrong and your luck is too bad for ghosts they never change their place of existence easily then there is.

Official and every party in the golden tent has been thinking about his future as yelu yixin was captured everyone finally realized that yelu yixin s downfall had.

People those who can fight for their own lives must also be able to kill people this is su shi s evaluation of zhang dun zhang dun s later actions also confirmed su.

Don t talk to that guy mingyuan first lowered his head and shrank desperately swallowing the rough and hard to swallow cake into his mouth then raised his head his.

Huai didn t care after Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low thinking about it simply treat he nanting as a Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar human flesh sofa it is quite comfortable anyway and he nanting seemed Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low to regard shuohuai as a pillow.

Smile he approached the pheasant and High Blood Sugar Symptoms said with wide eyes have you seen Normal Blood Sugar Levels the person next to you if you ask me to help you for the first time and you will be embarrassed in.

Never understood why li qing tried his best to shout this sentence sacrificing his life for righteousness in front of bingchang now he fully understands this Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low is a.

Black mist entangling in a place behind the loss that was extremely difficult to be found less than three meters away from the summit those ones the black mist seemed to be.

Was founded the situation is already like this and it is difficult to change it so mingyuan changed the subject brother cunzhong senior brother you two today I came.

Mouth made a gloomy voice Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low and I couldn t make out what it was saying it was not until he raised his head completely that shuohuai could see his face clearly only to see his.

In his hand shuohuai crossed a few streets and came to What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level a street that doesn t even exist on the map it was desolate and overgrown with weeds and it was not safe to carry.

Would have Blood Sugar Levels Normal thought that mingyuan would take the risk of the world and put his property directly it was recorded in his own name therefore tang .

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ao jumped out at this.

It for yourself he nanting told wang jun not to go anywhere to prevent the people in the village from letting them leave after they knew he Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low was awake and shuohuai came out.

Wondered if shen kuo had sent a letter to jiangning in advance and had informed wang anshi and his son beforehand it may also be that the official family is.

No you is the first shuohuai then the wound on your hand was caused by chuling he nanting was silent for a while before answering no it s to find someone find someone shuo.

Trunk with a look of watching the show raised his hand the dark wind blew and the dark door suddenly closed bang the sound scared the intermediary to the point of throwing.

Emerging jurchen now the giant ship daliao is under his control and yelu jun couldn t help but feel that he was frightened walking on thin ice he has no choice but.

That he couldn t run away the male ghost fell to his seat like a weak woman in a contemporary costume drama and then began to cry uuuuu I m just a dead middle aged uncle i.

Turned blue and purple and he couldn t turn up in one breath and he was about to suffocate and die yelu hongji looked at his work triumphantly when he was young he.

Surprise yelu jun watched these archers bend their bows and shoot arrows his posture and elusive skills he was Sinus infection blood sugar worried and quietly asked mingyuan are these people.

To marry you he nanting couldn t help chuckling and let go of shuo s arms slightly you don t have to worry about this I will convert all the deposits into ghost coins and.

Himself the pain made him awake and he knew that this was the timeback card that was already working and Difference Between High Blood Sugar And Low what he saw now walking backwards towards the courtyard.

Dun s house and went directly to cai bian s place cai bian knew that mingyuan and cai jing had always been friends and the two had a close relationship in hangzhou.

Wang jun that day on the way there after passing several houses I saw a lot of children some eighteen or nineteen years old and some four or five years old some looked out.

Class that sheng player come here to gu this sound I don t know how many hearts and dreams were shattered it turns out that his royal highness is so good at this.

Coins have been increasing day by day and many generals have already volunteered to take advantage of this autumn when the war horses are getting fat and the army.

More and more the closer the picture signal was pulled a few times and the strange white figure suddenly reached out to he nanting and really crossed the screen and buckled.

Creature it looked a little fried but it felt extremely soft and fluffy to the touch but looking .

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at tuantuan shuohuai has an inexplicable feeling that there should be.

The wheat stored here is neither rotten nor mildewed but only hulled wheat not ground ah chun took him to the backyard again where there was a stone mill used to.

Feet were close to the couch where his biological mother the empress dowager gao slept he didn t know what he was doing here either but he was here because of some.

Feed his stomach although the cake was a bit salty mingyuan couldn t take in salt for a long time so his limbs were weak and he was exhausted at this time ye.

That he was a piao he would definitely be fat now anyway he goes out after dark at night shuohuai also liked the feeling that he was still alive in the supermarket shuo.

Intertwined in his ears this is qingyao salvation hahaha it s ridiculous this world should have been like this shenzhuoyue oh he is dead hahaha the right way to eliminate.

Everyone in this time and space he began to hope to take the initiative to go deep into this event exert a positive influence and strive to guide the unknown.

Considerable wealth in this way both song and liao will not start the war lightly and thus have the opportunity to develop their own strengths in preparation for.


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