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Hands the reed pipe in his mouth and finally put the reed pipe down reluctantly kai chong mingyuan said it looks likethe integration is not bad mingyuan s face was.

Eat and sleep before manager li finished speaking manager jiang was already speaking refute old li this it s the place where mr ming lang belongs how could mr ming.

Cargo carried is indeed consistent with the records given by the shibuya division however now in retrospect I suddenly remembered that when the ship was loaded the.

Even in bianjing the scenery is so different from the guangzhou in front of him countless tall sea ships are moored by the pearl river with their bow and stern.

In the same cage problem chicken and rabbit in Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down the same cage the teacher laughed this is an arithmetic problem that he could solve when he was in shaanxi mingyuan.

Haggard it is conceivable that this person should be constantly changing the stage horses galloping all the way and came to bianjing from the northwest even a man.

Slandering the people bianliang daily is published every day usually the editorial department works during the day collecting and editing various news soliciting.

Strong army put this truth out in front of the emperor and then Diabetes and nutrition let the military supervisor and yousi who is in charge of the water mill tea workshop have a good.

The neat and elegant han clothes and also used to the little palace maids calling him official Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down family softly mr bingchang couldn t understand it s clear that his.

Fortunately it was not the gunpowder or cannonball that had already been ignited but was only used as a letter no s kindling and at the most critical moment liang.

Hangzhou in may to have a look you can ask him at that time you can ask duke su zizhan about academic matters and you can disturb him if you need help duke zhan.

Insisted that lu huiqing fulfill his promise unexpectedly lu huiqing still broke his promise so sorry the corners of ming yuan s lips rose and the depression.

The taxes paid by the prefectures and counties in the world into copper coins before that the song dynasty s financial revenue and expenditure would only be.

That cai jing s graceful smiling face appeared in front of him can you help me from far away the sound lingered in ming What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level yuan s .

What Are The Effects Of High Blood Sugar

ears but the deep thought behind the.

Finance division to visit honglu temple qin guan qin guan won the favor of the officials because of Low Blood Sugar the splendid writing in xining s six year palace examination.

This time and space is Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down named because of him han muhua will stay in hangzhou for about a month because of the ship schedule however he has already sent letters to.

Solid brother yu s life was also saved by you and it was so easy to be pulled back by you we will never take it lightly while chatting gossip wang xu sighed in his.

Clearly shi shang was there to accompany him and xiao yang came over to take a look knowing that the visitor was kind of jianzhong so he was not interested and went.

Splashed and even a layer of light white mist appeared in the air mingyuan really did not expect that songren s hydraulic machinery level has developed to this.

Carriage is loaded with springs and the goods on the carriage are not easily damaged when the long distance public carriage loaded the passengers and set off.

Million lottery tickets to the common people each worth 100 yuan about the price of a buck of rice strictly speaking this is not cheap no matter what the citizens.

Shangjing in liao kingdom yelu hongji the lord of liao loves Yogurt for high blood sugar hunting in autumn and this year is no exception under the guard of oru duo yelu hongji together with.

Evidence and falsely accused xiao guanyin had an affair with zhao weiyi only because the queen s poem nostalgia for the ancients had zhao weiyi Lower Blood Sugar s name embedded in.

Taozhou what climbing over the mountain of bare bones wang shao s tent was filled with breathless voices more people couldn t help but turn their heads and look to.

And his face was red with joy and his beard Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down was shaking all the time but wang yu was indifferent to others he just sat beside ming yuan and kept talking with ming.

Reasonable too a watch that could be carried High Blood Sugar Symptoms in your arms a watch used to indicate the time well yes mingyuan nodded I asked craftsmen to study the entire.

Exquisite workmanship Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down made almost all maritime merchants widen their eyes and hold their breath most of the sea merchants who were fortunate enough to be able to.

Must be much more than the previous rough porcelain and white porcelain is it really possible lao zhongshi looked shocked he had probably never negotiated such a.

Down a stone the generals on the exposed mountain listened to the stone constantly hitting the mountain wall gradually rolling down the deep valley and there were.

Words were quite lethal he satirized cai jing as soon as feng jing gained power and immediately joined feng jing cai jingzi it seems to me that he is definitely not.

Sima guang also emphasized to the young emperor that there has never been a crime in this dynasty What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level for his words not to mention the new generation of newspapers and.

Butterfly points although there are not as many as 200 points each time but there have been sporadically until recently this settlement news finally died mingyuan.

Back to her family the northern dynasty was indeed a land of barbarians and the liao lord s actions were actually against the rules of normal human relations then.

Things about you yelu jun was stunned for a while unable to speak and quickly lowered his head fortunately mingyuan s tone did not reveal any sympathy but he.

Which is not good take your family to relax and relax wazi in the city tonight happens to be all my people dai pengxing stayed in wazili in the city of hangzhou.

Big guilds will not necessarily cause less trouble than it is now wang xu s eyes were clear and now he looked at mingyuan and said categorically the consequences of.

Navy is an High Blood Sugar Symptoms extremely ruthless master therefore it is difficult for mingyuan to believe at this moment there are still pirates in the sea two days away from hangzhou.

And wealthy households in the city to ask they also wanted to take a safety insurance for their homes in guangzhou this new type of insurance mentioned by ming.

Printing in the capital city of bian industry the wealthy businessmen in the city will inevitably come to curry favor gao shaoping a side member of the gao family.

Moment that mingyuan suddenly remembered damn it he forgot to activate the talk fighting group confucianism item card 1127 didn t even remind him at this time 1127.

The emperor applaud but for the emperor of the song dynasty the pirates on the southeast coast Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down were not a big deal on the contrary the two northwest prisoners have.

Benefiting the people s livelihood was given the name of keynesianism but in the song dynasty this practice existed during the qingli period but mingyuan s.

Own business names and brands and names such as fengle cuju team or chuanxi cuju team suddenly appeared in the city the shutdown in response to Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down the results of the.

Contrary it requires a lot of labor but what is the purpose of the official family and wang anshi s efforts to gain money now isn t it just for strong soldiers.

Business may be more than he originally expected between 5 million and 6 million far away a gentle voice suddenly sounded in my ears mingyuan listen see but it.

Performance in front of the goulan earlier and a bamboo door frame about one zhang wide and half a zhang high was erected at each end of the open space the one.

Unprepared and the horses had never been trained he believed that as firearms became more and more widely used party cavalrymen would soon develop corresponding.

Without being summoned su shi and master zhong one big and one small saw an incense table in the middle of this courtyard under the bright starry sky incense case.

You up as a man women s clothing bah yelu jun spat out viciously mingyuan smiled and saw that yelu jun s mood had improved a little so he smiled and took yelu jun.

Contracts and it hurts the interests of all of us can we allow these people to continue to devour everyone s interests with such deceitful tricks of course Normal Blood Sugar Level not.

Encounters such a violent wave at sea once the people on the boat panic it will capsize cai jing sideways glancing across his face he saw ming yuan s expression he.

Courtyard Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down wall of the steel factory there are people on both sides of the road who are turning on the street lamps one by one it is said that these street lights.

Moment that mingyuan suddenly remembered damn it he forgot to activate the talk fighting group confucianism item Where should blood sugar be when in ketosis card 1127 didn t even remind him at this time 1127.

South on the top there was a continuous stream of vans coming towards him but really Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down chen jiu still couldn t believe it how could there be such an innocent person.

Have never seen firearms pay homage to the song army holding firearms and they Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down call them heavenly soldiers wang shao asserted in the above table that if there are.

Much and even made a gesture to pull mingyuan s sleeves when you go back join my literary club literature society was advocated by su shi and was affiliated with.

They are not so detailed they all appear one by one in a cheap rough and on mulberry paper that was once drawn by mistake in mingyuan s eyes the goulan stage seemed.

Situation there if you unload the goods there you can follow the waterway of the cao e river to transport the goods to the kuaiji area and then transfer to wuzhou.

Once they vented they both felt relieved however when chong jianzhong read the letter he felt comforted in his heart because mingyuan said in the letter that no.

Mountain in a daze the heavy ammunition was still carried on his back and he forgot to put it down liang ping chong jianzhong strode over in his desperation this.

Prospect three or four young sailors rushed to the main mast helped the captain to open the huge knot of the rope as thick as the wrist and began to adjust the.

Yu mingyuan has sweat on the back of his head but wang hao doesn t seem to care at all this is probably because smart people can understand smart people arrogance a.

Not very good at this yan jidao blushed for a while and rushed to the bright spot far arched his hands but pursed his lips and was speechless mingyuan believes that.

Charcoal user he hurriedly he turned his head and looked at ming xun by the way store owner how is the price of charcoal ming xun handed over a wry smile and said.

He Blood sugar only 88 after meal took it and tried it huh lao Mild chicken wings raise blood sugar zhongshi let out a heartfelt admiration because the thin wooden stick pen in his hand had a little ink colored Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down pen at the tip the.

You often mentioned sir shi shang suddenly realized that it turned out that he was so rich and powerful that he bought this gold and silver note shop it turned out.

Intensified local officials had no idea what the court s attitude was so they did not explicitly intervene who would have guessed that at this time mingyuan made.

Expensive polite too polite deng hongcai looked relieved I can invite my benefactor to join us it is an honor for our deng family to eat a pot of new year s dishes.

Spirited young man with a romantic appearance he is more golden when he is young yan jidao quickly stood up and greeted ming yuan with hands but he was obviously.

Since the british can adjust the water spinning wheel to spin cotton yarn as the originator of the originator of the hydro spinning machine how could the chinese.

Brine it caused the tens of thousands of hectares of fields in putian to only grow grass not grass so it was called putian for this harmful river people on both.

Them and I would like to express my great gratitude to the two of them again when ping rong said this she stretched her arms and Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down pointed to a room in the tile hezi.

Takes a lot of time so if the letter arrives at a port skip these tedious processes but board another vessel that will leave the port immediately so that there will.

Were collecting the wind and wrote Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down a Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down petition letter to the official government in the end the government convened several powerful medicinal herb shops and gave.

Others talking with the official zhao xu about the drought in hebei it turns out that it has never rained in hebei since the wheat harvest this summer over time.

Against time card to promote the production of firearms the current output is still very rare Can blood sugar make someone seem hig still far away it is far from being able to configure the High Blood Sugar Symptoms entire army.

Supporters in hangzhou for a time tickets were sold outside wazimen the best location often has to increase What arethelow and highlimits forr blood sugar the price and add a lot and the cheapest one costs 200.

Moment he could even think of using a boat the alcohol carried on the boat was used as a firearm and it was successful in one blow burning down the largest pirate.

Jianzhong to a two horse horse drawn carriage in front of the carriages of this carriage were covered with cyan oil walls which did not look luxurious only the.

The copper safe that mingyuan had used before and the lock on the door was as complicated as ever requiring two people to use the key at the same time to open it in.

Official family zhao xu the title of qin guan s policy theory was frontier defense he combined frontier defense with diplomacy and wrote a magnificent essay in the.

The moment and the body is not so stable xiaoyuan may fall into his arms because of the bumps of course he uses this as an excuse to take people away you can also.

Crowd at a glance I was attracted by the young man s handsome and clear face honest and frank bearing involuntarily took a few steps forward even forgot the bat in.

Geese eat the locust eggs before spring comes is this whimsical just rely on this truck of chickens and ducks chen jiu probed to look only to see the way from the.

From beijing these industries are nowhere near the same as when they were first created several large furnaces and Low Blood Sugar Symptoms kilns have been built for coking and steelmaking.

Of the yangtze river forever an ordinary person for a time xiao yang s heart was shaken looking at ming yuan Do cranberries raise blood sugar s handsome face and eager .

Target Blood Sugar Levels For People With Diabetes

eyes he couldn Blood Sugar Levels Normal t believe it.

Can do up to this point it s been great as soon as he looked up he found something good again and exclaimed like wow I saw two Blood sugar and carb chart wheels hanging from one side of the.

One foot high and the devil is one foot high this time the Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down surnamed cai unloaded in hangzhou Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down bay not far from hangzhou city but what if someone unloaded in mingzhou.

Industries and a wide range of regions they joined forces to deal with a maritime businessman and they have enough strength to completely squeeze Blood Sugar Level the other party.

Advent of firearms I have made great achievements many times but the one Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down that impressed wei chen the most was outside the city of mengjiaoluo hearing this mingyuan.

Chestnut the dai family was surprised at the comfort and luxury of this zygote at first but when the zaju performance on the stage began the family s attention.

Time consistent with mingyuan s expectations there was no rain on the northern roads until march it is said that in the area of damingfu it has been some wells are.

Hands at ming yuan again and again no keep it away absolutely must not the attitude was very firm mingyuan made a hiss indicating Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down that he had said Lower Blood Sugar something wrong.

Curve is pretty steep on xiao yang he almost did not hold back all the business under ming yuan glass porcelain chimes as long as xiao yang is interested in.

Competition and started the cuju league in hangzhou and today happened to be the day when the fuxue united team played against qi yun club sima guang proposed to go.

Curious look at the chief steward the brother yuan who is it I guessed too accurately however the good times did not last long about ten days later the sighing.

Why do you have to look at people s faces when doing business yes this unbridled discussion immediately drew a round of applause the people in the seat are not.

To take care of you and see if that cai xianwei will do you any harm ming yuan s face turned red with a swipe sure enough that kid knows everything however Low Blood Sugar Symptoms zong ze.

Daliao are there any changes or achievements that can be made mingyuan also dismounted and threw the whip to bandang and greeted with a smile brother yang come.

Uniformly named fire gun and the effect is very good the existence of rifling greatly increases the range and accuracy of shooting but all the projectiles required.

Improved the postal system he established a postal union among all the seamen who joined the maritime trade union these ships arrived at each port at the when the.

Name of this kind of porcelain made of imported su ma li qing pigment to blue and white porcelain I am still a little proud in my heart this type of porcelain in.

Task of finding money was delegated to shen .

What Happens In Type 1 Diabetes

kuo the envoy of the third division What can i eat with gestational diabetes .

How Do I Lower My Blood Sugar

and he also specifically named the financial division asking the financial division.

Who had just ordered wang hou and several other generals under his command had already rushed to wang shao s tent wang shao sneered deliberately and said why among.

And he was very surprised when he suddenly received flowers at this moment su shi is holding si ma guang walked quickly smiling as he walked old hairpins are not.

Made a large number of southern goods purchased by mingyuan were first shipped across the yellow river and then loaded into these van style home style freight.

Command of the cavalry the soldiers under the command practiced diligently repeatedly trained to reload load fire reload load fire now these two commanding cavalry.

And fine da da Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down sound it s just that the pocket watches in your hands have different designs they are all customized by the younger brother to figure out your.

Shallow as your ya nei like .

Why Does Blood Sugar Go Up At Night

eyelids how many times have we zhaowu been rewarded by officials will he take this trivial matter to heart feng hu choked again let s wu.

Maritime businessman Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down wearing a footless head and a silk shirt it was probably because he was walking in a hurry in the sun and a circle of sweat could be seen on.

Should quickly praise mingyuan s achievements after the first issue of disaster relief lottery was issued under the auspices of ming yuan the second and third.

Now and couldn t help but ask what happened just now are you a subordinate in the yamen the wind whistling in his ears was so loud that xiao yang was afraid that.

Maritime business jingxu can help one or two su shi is also beside me mingling yes yuan chang can help a lot mingyuan can only thank these two he knows that cai.

The water when cai jing s warship was performing martial arts on the water a cannonball flew out which was able to arouse water splashes as high as several meters.

Quanzhou have set up kilns Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down not Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down far from the seaport specializing in the production of Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down porcelain sold to barbarians and merchants dai peng xing added he used to run.

Comment much he just nodded to wu jian and have the opponent prepare for Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down a live fire test immediately when going to the test shooting range specially prepared for.

Honor mingyuan was overwhelmed by one thought after another in his own mind but in the end he still raised his head and asked wang yu this zheng xiawhy do you do.

Hangzhou port first when mingyuan heard the news I actually felt a Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down chill in the hot may weather in hangzhou no way he is regarded by many maritime merchants as a.

Chong jianzhong turned his eyes away and looked at mingyuan with gratitude Can sugar cause diabetes in his eyes but when he opened his mouth he found that he was completely I don t know.

Liao lord if this matter is exposed the liao lord xingshi is guilty and the war is provoked again between song and liao what Low Blood Sugar should be done su shi s question.

Watched with a cold eye and silently pondered the biggest gain of his creation of this gold and silver note exchange it s not that he helped lu huiqing and cai jing.

Some people were very excited ten thousand consistent big the prize has not yet come out and I have hope for tomorrow but the people in ya also ignored these.

Songs in his writing if this goes on they will become more and Lower Blood Sugar more like a pair of best in the world hard core senior brothers rather than a pair who have a heart.

Disturb them and they all believed that their chief legal officer was considering long term plans for the country s goods and finances but he didn t know that he.

Snow on the top of the mountain does not melt all year round what s even more bizarre is that there is no road on lugu mountain at all and it is impossible to.

Cold and his hand was already pressing on the handle of the knife at his waist his highness the crown prince asked in a cold voice xiao aludai do you want to fight.

Immediately cheered his name thanking him for Blood Sugar Levels turning the tide and saving such a potentially boring match who knew that xiao yang had just walked out of the field.

Gauze curtain you can vaguely see the pink and willow green in the small courtyard in the middle of the bedroom is a large bed with carved pine wood facing the long.

Construction of the road the merchants will surely respond enthusiastically yeah zhao xu nodded when he heard the words and said I ll take this out tomorrow Does low blood sugar affect the heart and.

There is only a vague shadow in mingyuan s heart but can t remember any details after sitting for a while wang xu and ming yuan retire from zhao xu the emperor only.

To win or lose the fast paced intense and intense competition quickly attracted the attention of the hangzhou people and immediately replaced many traditional.

Thinking about it day and night for three years and has never forgotten it for a moment the nose is filled with a faint clear the new fragrance was not the smell of.

Guangyi defeated yanyun Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down since the time of emperor taizong the song army has suffered repeated defeats and has since taken the defensive position and was even forced.

The same shape as arquebuses and do not need to be the gun mouth is filled with gunpowder What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level but the bullet can be pushed from the back of the gun tube to be loaded.

Guanyin the only son yelu jun is missing the liao kingdom searched all over the place for the prince but he could not find any trace of the prince it is expected.

The Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down han dynasty but now in the northern song dynasty this cuju has completely become a folk entertainment High Blood Sugar Symptoms movement from the inner courtyard of the palace to the.

Years since yelu hongji is seriously ill and the prince of liao is missing and his life and death are unknown and the small court of liao will fall into a.

Question what else can I do Normal Blood Sugar Level mingyuan thought about it carefully before saying hangzhou fuxue I also want to set up another Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down historical society sima guang and su shi.

Available on the bian river but the problem now is that there are many water mills on the bian river and even important official institutions such as the military.

In his opinion a careerist like cai jing might not be unwilling to accept such a proposal cai jing proudly said in addition to ren qiantang weizhi this official in.

And rushed over and shouted if you are a weak scholar don t come here to play Causes of low blood sugar levels in non diabetics cuju if you don t have any blood what are you doing Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down in the cuju arena it can t be.

Boat was not trampled by the pirates beside shi shang the cries of the sailors gradually grew louder shi shang stretched out his hand to help this man running at.

Need more talented young people like you to be my mastermind it came out of his mouth and even mingyuan couldn t help but stay .

How Does Diabetes Affect A Man Sexually

for a while the young emperor.

Themselves to researching the high standard glass used to make lenses and wanted to replace the crystals that dad gong liu was good at grinding .

What A1c Is Diabetes

mingyuan it seems.

Family you can show your strengths in the bigger world lu huiqing has repeatedly sold mingyuan the idea of becoming an official in the dynasty and this person is.

In his opinion a careerist like cai jing might not be unwilling to accept such a proposal cai jing proudly said in addition to ren qiantang weizhi this official in.

If he had seen himself in a high position in the future holding power in his hands he seems to be saying if you are far away high officials and generous salaries.

People s land a few young men with bare upper body carrying a huge iron pot came to the low wooden table of mingyuan and others this wooden table is mahogany with a.

Jing held on tightly the little maid desperately held Blood Sugar Level yelu jun and the two took more than ten steps back together king wei yelu jun squeezed out a cold voice from.

Of the sea and territory hanging on the wall looking at the models of various ships and carefully studying the hanging on the wall the self ringing bell over there.

Relationship between the development of productive forces and the great dao of heaven and earth in other words when the productive forces develop rapidly and the.

Characters luo yi the pipa string said lovesickness at that time the bright moon was there and the colorful clouds returned this is yan qi writing about his.

Standing in on the side of the boat he still looked thoughtful while the breeder was holding a plate of honey stained black plum which is said to prevent.

And also need to pay a part of the service fee and security deposit however the margin rules Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down of the banknote exchange are different from other places .

How Serious Is Type 1 Diabetes

those who.

Change in the slightest you re finally back mingyuan s voice trembled and this sentence came out he was so happy shi shang suddenly shrank his right hand and then.

Yelu jun s heart is full of he moved and immediately asked you have always known my identity mingyuan nodded of course yelu jun looked back at him angrily at that.

Shi knew that he could no longer persuade mingyuan and sighed in a low voice life is full of love and infatuation and this hatred has nothing to do with the wind.

On the distance it is the river state xihe road has worked hard for many years and it has paid off if you can capture hezhou if you can stick to it it means that.

Silver note shop will also be centralized in the guangzhou head office here the money shopkeeper dug a a cellar with walls of impermeable cement in the cellar was.

Eyes are calm his face sinking like water xiao yang obviously remembered their shared experience in shanyang town stared at ming yuan in shock for a long time but.

Of xining this one the drought is so famous mingyuan sat in the .

Can Diabetics Use Stevia

east side hall of the fifth hall of the water heart listening quietly listening to wang anshi and.

Which one it was yes so there are many inns and restaurants near the west taiyi palace if langjun invites friends to come here to beat the pills it will be easy to.

Support of the son of heaven the words were repeated and the expression finally Can gasritis raise blood sugar levels revealed a little bit of a feeling of being stabbed in the back this time I failed.

Tea at will he came to entertain himself I was even more unhappy in my heart however there are many words to persuade mingyuan today if he does not drink tea lu.

Thing as soon as it was put out there were immediately surrounded by merchants of different skin colors and different costumes they also speak different languages.

And rushed over and shouted if you are a weak scholar don t come here to play cuju if you don t have any blood what are you doing in the cuju arena it can t be.

Field of su village opened the probe then nodded and said it really is the hammering field of su village is really extraordinary I saw a small courtyard standing in.

Xu was no longer the soft hearted emperor when he first ascended the throne and obeyed everything he said hearing that the official family immediately laughed this.

Engraving workshop wrote it down with a smile and said with a smile okay but wait a minute there are 80 000 overprints ahead of you eighty thousand copies the.

Strong army Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down put this truth out in front of the emperor and then let the military supervisor and yousi who is in charge of the water mill tea workshop have a good.

Person alright alright that s almost it when mingyuan saw that yelu jun was really too ruthless at that time he finally spoke a word of reminder after yelu jun had.

When the other party stretched out his foot and tried to trip him again one of xiao yang s hands had Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down already climbed onto the Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down other party s arm this is a Blood sugar levels chart for non diabetics ruthless.

In the car if any of What does fasting blood sugar of 83 mean the wheels is damaged just drive the carriage to the roadside rest area replace the broken wheel Diabetic Blood Sugar Won T Go Down and replace the spare wheel and the driver can.

The sport of cuju but now he is willing to join this group to help this group of strangers defeat their opponents and save face well although captain dong was.

Teahouse that day I remember what mingyuan said at that time insurance means that all maritime merchants unite and come up with a small amount of money to protect.


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