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Rao tingyu raised his eyebrows you plan to return to the next life yuyanjia also said aggrieved I really have no money the car outside is still rented if you want money you.

Shocked at that moment the emotion on the face of the person in front of him was something he had never seen before at this moment he was like a beast that was about to.

Glass in his hand looking at the reflection inside his hands became more slender and fairer under the light it s just the wrong person although mo shangzong didn t know why.

Novel that he found by searching for his name on the internet when he had nothing to do he is dignified a top class turned into a real cannon fodder in the blood of the.

Front of qiaoqiaozui it s a bit big rao qiao was speechless looked at him it s hard to tell at a glance yuyanjia walked to Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising the place where the children s toothbrush was.

Laughed Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising I m going to die laughing is he on his way to being funny and never returning shooted but missed again say he s not good he was shot say he s good he shot someone.

A fever at night other system it s always been very good and I don t know why I still have a fever when I blow Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising the air conditioner he was lying on the bed weakly feeling.

Completed this task and brought the ingredients everyone is very good especially the children then we will cook and eat by ourselves today and the children will also.

Close to him and not long ago was that guy qiang ghost what the hell is that guy trying to do but a part of his broken soul is in his hands which is true it s really a way.

He has a good opinion of you yuyan jia nodded Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising I see director when I got home I couldn t go back yuyanjia asked the assistant to drive the car and go back to eat with them.

Of their group but she also it s sad from a second tier down to the present I m going to find you a new person right away so hurry up the little girl didn t dare to.

Boss didn t say it he still acts as his confidant assistant what to do go downstairs to meet the arrival of the young master the media outside has exploded.

Jealous tang yi s hand was injured and he didn t fall asleep all night would you like to call an ambulance everyone was speechless go don t go to the wound to heal the way.

Everyone sat down .

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in a circle and munch stood in the middle brothers listen let me sing first after the child finished speaking he opened his mouth and began to sing the.

Loss making thing again but to her surprise there are still people who continue to increase the price is there any more mr 26 150 million 150 million Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising mr 24 200 Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising million 200.

Yuyanjia watched him read the numbers and asked very strangely what do these five numbers mean rao qiao stretched out five sticks finger in just five seconds my uncle was.

Displeased this is not as much as a cat yuyanjia said I am an actor and My blood sugar dropped to 71 after eating body management is the first priority if you don t want to be an actor you can do other things love.

To sing with Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising a soft voice when he forgot his words Blood sugar range fr women fasted he could look at his feet it s just that his voice is low and soft so singing this Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising kind of grassland hot song always has.

Seeing his desire filled eyes yuyanjia still trembled uncontrollably I don t know if it was because of the cold stimulation behind him or something else rao ting yu stared.

Together yuyanjia naturally wanted to be with others it s a good idea two people are more courageous yuyanjia courage 2 mr rao is courageous 1 two people add up to 1 haha.

Him it s 200 an hour yuyanjia that s not he was about to refuse but when he heard his words he immediately turned his head do you know how much is 200 an hour a day rao.

Everyone was unexpected the show crew is crazy what brain can Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising choose such a combination oops what are you all doing but yuyanjia is really a 6 oh my god how can you tell of.

Sausages How often should you check blood sugar on lantus in their hands our task is to feed the seagulls whoever has the shortest time can choose the best lunch at noon everyone knows it everyone said in unison got it.

Sausages in their hands our task is to feed the seagulls whoever has the shortest time can choose the best lunch at noon everyone knows it everyone said in unison got it.

Were children in the live broadcast room I finally know why he was held in the back and I am ashamed of that .

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ass as a woman I m sorry I shouldn t have any unreasonable.

Nothing else looked at he looked directly at konghou she pointed at the konghou and said I choose it choose it everyone was stunned compared with the others konghou is.

Getting hotter and hotter at night and the buddha release is a sign of perfection for the end of summer tang ming and rao chenyu finished their meal from the restaurant.

Finished speaking he turned and left yuyanjia was dumbfounded and the rain poured down his head at that moment what kind of man is this let him get wet in the rain oh the.

Clock oops mr rao hasn t eaten yet I ll make some after all if you don t eat you don t have the energy to do other things right rao tingyu glanced at him no physical.

Feel this is the ancient generals and scholars I want to be the queen and take them all haha it s really useless to think of mr rao so handsome there is material for.

Clock at night and the surrounding buildings are still brightly lit big tall building with a huge sea above the tall building report this building is the weather vane of.

Orange off the table and threw it away mr rao gave it to you rao tingyu stretched out his hand to catch him accurately boat slowly moving forward the ornaments hanging.

Walk the other party is very talkative your name is real it s very rare I ve only seen one and that star is named yuyanjia yuyanjia was stunned for a moment you still know.

To be honest I m still a beautiful teenager and it s the first time for me to bring a baby so we have to cooperate well raoqiao s child also said solemnly my name is rao.

Passerby he would have to scold a few Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising words for such behavior but the black fans are not that scary he is used to it the last straw that really broke him was the phone call.

Who buys Type 1 diabetes prevalence paintings in the painting workshop and the other is the owner who kills people without blinking an eye these two different states will test people s acting skills.

Their door and they didn t come out all night yan jia and rao tingyu are suspected of living together wow you can see from the back that these are two handsome guys sure.

Orange and rubbed him head okay when the time comes mom will go to the scene to see and mom will watch you stand in person Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising there tang ming smiled thank you mom actor.

Know rao tingyu took out the note he found because I am this line yuyanjia so you knew that you would come here in the end rao tingyu nodded yes yuyan jia then why didn t.

At the same time stunned yuyanjia said embarrassedly this is an accident what I said just now is true so can I leave a phone number for you rao tingyu chuckled lightly his.

Long for yuyanjia s body the fire was picked up by him don t kiss there it ll leave traces okay then I ll kiss somewhere else everywhere his tongue passed an electric.

Me his kindness no one will be kind after experiencing this yuyanjia painting good makeup came out from inside and the director raised his head and glanced at him and then.

Ordinary motorcycle there is a seat this car is not bad I wanted to buy a car like this before miaomiao sits up and feels it miaomiao happily did it and xiao chi took him.

Them made an Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising ok gesture at the same time after taking it off they were all shocked when they measured it with a ruler let Yeast infection and diabetes s take a look wow it turned out to be .

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86 it s.

Only one who could knock on the door now how yes little boss rao qiao s voice came in from outside the door and he didn t know why it seemed strange to him it s time to eat.

Thinking okay bet rao chenyu in the original book played chess as he is half assed he wouldn t go to school if he hadn t been with his grandfather to relieve the boredom.

Looking very cute he looked out Normal Blood Sugar of the car window and saw the endless sea and there was a building on the Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising seaside which looked like an oversized shell from a distance at.

Is alone from head to toe inside and out and the feeling of owning someone so completely excites him he lowered his head and stroked his cheeks eyes nose lips and then.

Word to yuyanjia the whole time yuyanjia raised her eyes to look at him her face was still a little dark as always is this jealousy yet yuyanjia slowly approached him his.

Of this event is a middle aged man in his 40s man hearing this he immediately got up and apologized because the glasses on Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising the bridge of his nose fell off because he was.

Red coffin was pushed out from under the table this time yuyanjia was not the only one many people screamed yuyanjia hugged the person behind her tightly again after.

And an adult adult took Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising a lot of energy to get it .

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away haha why are they so funny I was wondering just now why ducks are eating fish after the duck died he wrote a story.

Trace Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar on his face his emotions he felt itchy nose the next second Lower Blood Sugar ah cut yu yan jia he touched his nose and then sneezed several times in a row it seems a little cold shit.

Because he had just woken up and yuyan jiajue felt that he was very cute at that moment like a fluffy animal with innocent eyes unfortunately the next second directly.

The internet is not an extrajudicial place our company will continue to observe the dynamics of the incident and will not tell the truth about the continuous walk lunde.

With peace of mind do you understand yuyanjia looked up at him and shook Lower Blood Sugar her head no do it again rao tingyu was not used to him either you deliberately yuyanjia said mr rao.

You the grandest wedding shuo huai heard from the voices that Normal Blood Sugar Levels belonged to him after returning to his senses he looked at the ring between his fingers a familiar figure came.

At the person in the camera to be honest it s still very photogenic the Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising assistant director also nodded not bad even the teenager behind him who was playing with his mobile.

Sweetheart tang ming takes children like a brother takes children he only spoils his younger brother this pair looks like brothers from a wealthy family sun qiuchang looks.

It and then stand there and tell them whoever dares to bully you is bullying me tang ming smiled and kissed the corner of his lips rao chenyu turned Lower Blood Sugar his head again kissing.

Little trick but he still consciously got into his trap he glanced at his back instinctively grabbed his legs and hugged him yuyanjia exclaimed mr rao this is not good rao.

Into his eyes and said how come I have already answered this before I only do this to you but mr rao why did you just now you want to kiss me behind him was a sea of red.

To stop when he saw the situation here it s alright tang ming tang ming shook his head struggling to stand up it s alright I can continue how dare the director let him.

Woke up he was already in trouble rao the water on the bridge s face was dripping down and he was stunned it took a moment to realize what was going on the battlefield at.

Other direction over there you have been going the wrong way little idiot yuyanjia said uncertainly Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising you are sure that you will not stray into the depths of the wolves from.

Found that this person was not much different from the person just now they were also stabbed to death pierced through the heart and most of their clothes were soaked with.

Alcohol from his body hit him instantly yuyanjia also felt a .

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little drunk in an instant mr rao why are you here it s not that something happened today rao tingyu hummed.

Blood there was a sudden something emerged shuo huai immediately grabbed it and dragged it out of it only to see the blood fade away and the target was a thin golden chain.

Longer qiaoqiao do you really want to sleep well you guys go eat breakfast I ll be in a while go qiaoqiao suddenly screamed yeah what a big bug when it was said yuyanjia.

Glared at him fiercely you lied to me yu yan jia spread Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising out his hands I Blood Sugar Level didn t lie to you Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising you let me go casually so I just went the little baby s eyes widened as if she was.

Under the window at this moment there was a gust of wind blowing outside the window thinking that there is no live broadcast now and no one will find out if I go back.

Over and reached out and hooked the other side of him little finger brother as soon as that voice came out the whole live broadcast room was not calm my mother yuyanjia he.

The water glass and walked over to take a look from a distance it looked like an ordinary chair this stool is really well done it is very ornate the back of the chair is.

The other live broadcast rooms .

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have already been cooked and this one has not woken up yet this child is really worry free to be honest so am I it was 9 o clock when.

Extremely beautiful and even the mole on his eyebrows added a lot of coquettishness to him he lay High blood sugar cramps there for a while seeing that rao tingyu didn t respond so he patted his.

Them both so much I m going to die laughing haha after they left the beach they went to visit the underwater world yuyanjia felt a little uncomfortable at that time but he.

Noise not far away although he didn t know where to look there was absolutely nothing wrong with High Blood Sugar Symptoms going to a crowded place the sunlight casts black shadows through the.

The phone and was still not at all sleepy he pushed open the door and stood on the balcony watching facing the What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level oversized giant poster on the opposite side at this moment a.

While after the first time everyone was confused and the first sentence had already been forgotten they had to learn it several times before they could barely remember it.

Watch and it was almost two o clock he changed his clothes and went to the bathroom to carefully put his face after removing the makeup he looked at his face in the mirror.

In the live broadcast room tang ming is Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising playing bear in the playground under the scorching sun when the value is the hottest the temperature is not tolerable for ordinary.

Ming will misunderstand he hung up the phone without waiting for the other party to respond tang sheng was also shocked when he saw that he was hung up in the past he.

Toy car with arms long inside when qiaoqiao saw it his eyes lit up instantly ah it turned out to be a toy car it s still my favorite style I like santa claus so much a few.

Splendor and it looks like a castle where kings lived in the middle ages there are many paintings and sculptures of Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising famous people on the walls the lamp hanging down from.

Hand for visual the effect is good he also turned off the lights the super large tv is very cool to play and it is already 10 Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising o clock before you know it after arriving at.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief each caught a cold they went to a fast place to rest it s not that they didn t know lin tang s reputation no one dared not listen to him.

Workshop sun shuen and the .

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others are very happy the boat and then opened the curtain to see that there was a woman playing the piano inside and there was a table of.

Participated in variety shows before and he is very familiar with this aspect it s just extreme survival brain power competition still in love ling nan interrupted him and.

Shuen also complimented him wow that s great the words fell directly to the rabbit s head sun shuen saw his masterpiece being eaten by his brother like this and the next.

Movies music is one of the most engaging factors suddenly a full hand crawled towards yuyanjia s back yuyanjia felt that her whole body was about to explode what are you.

Something else if we can t take it rao chenyu shook his hand but I just wanted to I ll give you the one that will be our wedding ring tang ming anything is good as long as.

His face with his face softly touching his own face this is what he used to do when he was a fox in the past under the city wall was the sound of getting closer and closer.

Remembering the rivers and lakes is Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising a story that runs through the court and the rivers and lakes big system zuo during the reign of taiwu Normal Blood Sugar Levels the Normal Blood Sugar Levels world was in chaos the prince.

Rao chenyu took him to his dormitory he complained brother the internet here is very poor if I want to make a phone call I have to run far away rao tingyu was at the table.

Touched it the touch on the hand is still weird it feels like a person at this moment a nice voice sounded in my ear have you touched enough of course you don t hurt it s.

The only one who thinks these hands look good bridge bridge you have to work hard my cp depends on you sure enough it is said that his house has absolutely no good.

Could speak rao chenyu saw him his originally smiling face suddenly he sank and he took a few What Is Normal Blood Sugar quick steps he stopped not far in front of him yo isn t this yuyanjia what are.

Bicycles Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising for yuyanjia yuyanjia saw a few crows flying over his forehead at the moment he looked at the little yellow car in front of him and sighed seat bicycle is worse.

His eyes narrowed he begs you yeah I couldn t bear to refuse that pitiful appearance I asked him why he didn t look for you and he said you were talking to him he coldly.

Videographers were shaking a little liu junhua was taken aback and stepped Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar back several steps to hide directly behind yang miao what s going on who is talking no one is.

Face and licked it lightly on his lips the action was crazy and demonic he curled his lips into a smile and wiped the sword in his hand lightly who I still want to do it i.

Thinnest materials used we will put the link below later after introducing one piece of clothing rao qiao went back to change the second piece this time he came out wearing.

Turned his eyes away and looked at the position where his hand was pointing here you are sure it s a dead game here zhang jianguo also asked uncertainly are you sure.

Yuyanjia sat opposite him and took a bite of the dish although the taste was not as good as his it was not bad the spoon hits the china and makes a crisp sound sound rao.

With the trophy in his hand and said casually mr rao is still not asleep so he won t be waiting for me you often call men like this in the middle of the night yuyanjia.

Also pen ink paper and inkstones on the table there is a large shelf behind the table and there are many ancient books on the shelf yuyanjia looked around in Blood Sugar Level front of her.

Come you plan to give him your phone Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising number yuyanjia smiled and raised her head and kissed him on the lips no I won t give it if you don t come he who made my boyfriend so.

Revolved around the child he even learned to sing nursery rhymes and as the sound decreased and decreased the baby gradually fell asleep on the other hand yuyanjia is here.

Just a signature but it s nothing difficult everyone I rely on vote what are you waiting for if you don t vote this sentence is a blockbuster after the five children.

Xing from qin jiang s family his paintings are not bad and he has everything he should have he also drew a circle on the bald head which obviously means a bald head the.

Where did he go to show him the wild boars well when you have time hehe after lunch the .

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director again everyone was asked to take a nap but this was probably the hardest.

Not returned so there are only tang ming and song lin at home on the table in the living room are delicious pastries and fruit song lin just changed into the clothes tang.

Costumes and his facial features were not Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising inferior to a group of actors in addition his innate temperament made everyone have to pay attention to him body if my child if i.

Injured but yuyanjia was the only one standing there the door behind him was suddenly opened and yuyanjia looked at him the fist that came from the front just wanted to.

Thing I m going is this a new type of transportation haha duck transport aircraft you deserve it haha rao qiao this kid is so smart what ha he looks precocious this duck is.

And his face was a little bit angry he raised his hand and rubbed his chin yuyanjia s red lips hurt a little from his rubbing reached out and grabbed his hand mr rao what s.

And jumped beside her dad come on come on dad dad yang gave his daughter a reassuring expression well let s see the director held the gong in his hand and said are you.

With brother nan ling nan How is my blood sugar measured said it s okay are you ready for the next two days yuyanjia smiled of course you are ready don t worry brother nan you will not be disappointed.

Directly the person in front of him was dressed in casual clothes with a black sunglasses covering most of his face and the frown lines were wrinkled lu was telling Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising him.

Voice this time I will definitely protect Low blood sugar exercise diabetes reddit you shuo who was drowned in hatred huai raised her head slowly as if she heard a sound standing in the endless pile of corpses he.

And just in Blood Sugar Level such Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising a trance shuo huai almost didn t block the knife from Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising the deadhead ghost fortunately he nanting in time he grabbed the white chain linking the two and.

But found that he couldn t move only then did he realize that he was firmly locked by the person behind him and his arms passed through his waist and took him in his arms.

Phone on the table rang rao tingyu glanced at the caller id and connected the call I have something to do with me so late the deafening voice came from the opposite side.

Attached herself to the child s ear and whispered baby do you need our help to call the police What Is Normal Blood Sugar rao qiao finally understood what she meant thank you sister but no need he s.

Threw the phone on the sofa dully prepare I ll prepare your uncle I ll prepare he took a few deep breaths don t get angry don t get angry he has participated in all kinds.

Are our son tang ming laughed he smiled mom even if you don t want me in the future I m still your Wild yam blood sugar son what do you say you will always be is our son yuyanjia is at the top.

Except shuo huai and he nanting the rest can only rely on a small bronze mirror in their hands the only ones who own the bronze mirror are dong zhengsheng and chen daochang.

The horse while everyone was waiting for the breezy bmw who knew that the staff brought it out children ride toy horses Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising at that moment their expressions became more.

On the ground playing with the dog s tail ba cao is weaving a straw Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising ring teacher yu we have suffered such a serious crime just now you have to try it first yuyan jia li was.

Things from behind and then everyone gathered around they had never seen such a thing but the old man took out a white and smooth thing and then took out a spoon and dug it.

Did you die director lin tang is trying to kill people I never thought I would cry watching yuyanjia s play is it my tears and I the host walked to the front of the stage.

Again slept the sky outside the window was low and after a few days of heat it finally started to rain outside yuyanjia slept very late yesterday and now she is still very.

Properly he turned back three times one step at a time and it was not until he reached the door that he was completely gone after his figure completely disappeared into the.

Wished he could call him no wonder song lin said that he had changed Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising a lot but it was not bad song lin had quarreled with him just now since he said he wanted to see.

Immediately said after all there are four locations and there are not enough staff so let dong yiyi help guard the one in the city both dong zhengsheng and ji xi looked.

Yuyanjia looked at her like she was mentally retarded yan what do you think xiangkui snorted oh that s the second young master but the second young master is not very fancy.

That he was what does it mean don t think too much you deserve it you performed very well today if you want to describe it as a 20 year old body and 30 year old acting.

Then what to do Low Blood Sugar it s over who told you just now I didn t watch it the director took the drink and one step closer to yuyanjia teacher yu the smell of the sky drifted over.

Than children there are not many adults who can accompany children to play in the water when I was a child I would be beaten every time I came back from playing in the.

Never will leave you in the room it was silent for a long time and after a long time he heard rao tingyu s voice let s make it public yuyan jia what rao tingyu turned.

But the grassland also has a major feature that is milk wine what we want to do today is milk wine so whoever makes the most milk wine will add an extra plate of meat to.

One lets you must see turn over and next door is the eagle catching the chicken that is that is in the first round everyone has no bottom in their hearts brother sun said.

Of course he dared to say such a thing because he knew that yuyanjia had no money in his hands yuyanjia s eyebrows were beating not the time as far as he knows his.

An indiscernible shape he nanting it s not good everyone quickly hold up the barrier there Low blood sugar numbet were constantly sneaky escapes from the rope and madly swept the living and.

He would refuse rao tingyu s voice sounded again it is good in the darkness yuyanjana s gentle and pleasant voice sounded again softkitty warmkitty littleballoffur.

The person in front of him but he didn t leave completely his face was almost close to his even the small mole on his eyebrows can be clearly seen yuyanjia s eyes which.

Him if something really happened he tossed for an afternoon and finally packed up all his Normal Blood Sugar things at the same time he was also sweating just as he was about to take a shower.

Anything for them it s already pretty good for those who arrive even xiao chi couldn t help but give him a compliment yuyanjia was so happy that she crouched down and.

Will deal with it later shuohuai raised his head and asked is it the matter of suomindao last time he nanting those who Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising came out of suomingdao are all it was cleaned up by.

Been dismantled into eight pieces and said coldly now even this kind of thing can claim to be a god and ask for a living sacrifice he walked to the lying in front of the.

For fish whoever takes the bait counts do not What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level after the solo flight the two rarely see each other why did you come to the company today I haven t seen you for a long time.

Whispered I m not sleepy at the beginning the other children also catered to her I m not sleepy either we want to play in the yard the director shook his head and continued.

Yuyan jia said director I have a question please say can I bring What can happen when your blood sugar is 400 equipment the director nodded of course in fact he was not optimistic about yuyanjia at first but the.

Afraid that you will dislike me as a burden rao tingyu chuckled raised his hand to touch his hair and said angrily it s a burden but don t dislike it you sit well yuyan ka.

Clothes for participating in the variety show in the car otherwise he would be ridiculed for going .

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels After Pregnancy

out there now laughed there are many fans and reporters left behind.

Waist and a Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising cheongsam on her body lining her exquisite body the official is extremely delicate and his appearance is the best in the entertainment industry however she.

Basket and was dumbfounded santa my basket is broken can you give me another one santa also looked at him regretfully I only have the last one left wang xing but I can t.

Are rich so they have never been exposed to such things at all and they are both surprised and excited to see them qiaoqiao shook his head I don t know road the old man.

He wasn t going to discuss the house with him second young master I m afraid it s not simply to discuss the ownership of this house with me rao tingyu raised his eyes to.

About it and one stop there was a living sign purchasing staff stood there and kept introducing clothes this is our latest summer model the materials are the lightest and.

Housekeeper naturally knew zhao you s thoughts and persuaded him young master let s go the eldest young master of the rao family is not a person to be provoked and there is.

Rest of us will also go to the same place this is the map and then this is the inside of the card it s that everyone has their own tasks to complete and the specific.

8 Yang miao chose 13 liu junhua chose 11 sun shuen chose 4 get the numbers Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising in everyone after that the director clapped his hands okay let s start putting on the props now.

Okay let s all go to bed the next day 8 00 in the morning halfway through the program crew arrived at yuyanjia s door on time they knocked on the door for a long time but.

Crack shuohuai frowned slightly and the grimace he called out was also sucked into the crack it s like suomingdao itself is trying to close itself in shuo huaijian when he.

Stunned in such a large fishing net there is a small crab lying on its back sun qiuchang picked it up the crab was very Diabetes Blood Sugar Keeps Rising small not as big as his hand return yes there is a.

Targets behind me and I must know what it is wang xingyong with a gesture of archery in his hand and a sound effect in his mouth he shot at dad wang brush dad wang tilted.

Other than meng yi who else in the entire association would be so arrogant dong zhengsheng I asked the eldest apprentice to contact me but no one answered the phone ji xi.

Carefully observed the details inside these should all belong to the lin family yuyanjia said incredulously it is difficult for us to find young master lin s coffin among.


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