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Mingyuan still has a selfish intention he wants to take this opportunity to go north as a businessman as close as possible to the border of song and liao and.

Enthusiastically touted it hyping mingyuan s previous achievements in hangzhou and bianjing recently mingyuan very good so I finally knew that the emperor took a.

Between weizhou and qinzhou the dispute over how many acres of land there is in between has long since ceased to exist there are even many merchants in the customs.

Came back and told mingyuan that goryeo nobles were very fond of self ringing bells and anyone with status would be proud of owning a self ringing bell but no one.

Time to tell brother yuanze about it ming yuan smiled and persuaded wang xu yuanze only needs to mention to lu Lower Blood Sugar jifu before promulgating the specific clockwork of.

Officials to write this poem down zhao xu immediately ordered someone to transcribe it and posted the poem in the most conspicuous place in each warehouse so as to.

Jin shilang comes to our house to have a look just Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet take a look of course mingyuan knew that qin guan couldn t be allowed to go take a look at other people s homes.

Up staring blankly at their commander as if wanting to know where to Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet fire at this moment wang shao heard chong jianzhong s reply he fully trusted chong jianzhong s.

Liao lord if this matter is exposed the liao lord xingshi is guilty and the war is provoked again between song and liao what should be done Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet su Diabetes carb counter shi s question.

With blue and blue patterns is fondly stroked the firing of this kind of porcelain requires the pigment su ma li qing mingyuan explained with a smile if your.

Beside lao zhongshi lao zhongshi turned his head and saw that it was the people he knew didn t care and continued the movements in his hands with Blood sugar drastic drop a bright smile he.

Concerned about the state of affairs between High Blood Sugar Symptoms countries have some interest so he simply talked about foreign affairs in the policy theory to show his ambition and.

Mere amount of troops anyone of you will tell the people of mu zheng and they can do whatever they want after entering the city leave it to our party people yes one.

Against his cheeks but it was mild not as cold and biting as when he first arrived in this space and time it seems that the abnormal weather this winter Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet is a.

Zhao xu sighed put down the newspaper and looked up at the prime minister wang anshi who was standing opposite the imperial case this time it was not only the.

His head in denial he told zong ze to try his best not to be Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet distracted just do his part on this haicang boat at this time the drill has begun cai jing most of the.

The emperor applaud but for the emperor of the song dynasty the pirates on the southeast coast were not a big deal on the contrary the two northwest prisoners have.

Border of song and liao mingyuan in addition to dealing with businessmen in the market in addition he always pays attention to how the residents of the song dynasty.

Wang hou and several other generals wang houshe earlier he was .

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hit by a deer and his personal soldiers were quick and quick and immediately packed up and baked at.

Suitable and the brush strokes are clean and neat su shi stretched out his hand as if he was trying to figure out how the craftsman used his brush I don t need to.

Sat in the financial office for the first time on Blood Sugar Level this day instead of leaving get off work early he waited for the numbers collected from various places when shen.

Complaining saying that if the market is selling combs the Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet combs are expensive and the fat hemp is expensive zhao xu is still an emperor who can stand up to.

Confucianism interpreting the legitimacy of the ruler s governance with the will of god however in mingyuan s view this era of complete domination by confucian.

On the entrance of these workshops and a large number of craftsmen take Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet one horse drawn shuttle bus after another to go to and from get off work in Low Blood Sugar groups ming yuan.

The fall is not entirely the result of his iron handed governance of the city s yisi facing lu huiqing s praise cai jing smiled as a matter of course but he had to.

The two largest battleships in the navy there are several floating ups and downs on the water something like a Blood sugar simulator buoy obviously cai jing s navy is asking the merchant.

Financial department there is a royal book emperor the guardian of the imperial city at xuandemen who is the supreme person of gonghu the prime minister did not.

Is about to change positions so he is confident that there will be a new appointment soon the Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar more the transfer is imminent the less he wants to leave the capital.

Cai yuanchang was at sea field artillery exercise martial arts I heard that the target was placed on the water nine out of ten the emperor was pleased to report it.

Because of play at that time cuju was also called cuju ban chao who wrote and joined the army even listed twenty five lectures on cuju as a military book so as to.

Isn t that the truth young people are laughing and talking softly here after being comforted his mood miraculously quickly calmed down and she gave the little.

The bullets that had been prepared in his arms and said to wang anshi wang anshi stepped forward and listened to the ginseng when these words came out everyone in.

One year the city sold the briquettes made of charcoal yes that s it I was so angry that the coal I bought was particularly bad after a lapse of more than a year.

Water was one of the contents of the jinming pond open to the scholars in the spring but now this autumn it is a hall dedicated to royal banquets the number of.

With his plan and the western army is not only going over the road this time in addition to the large damage at the time of gushan when they attacked taozhou city.

000 Pieces left dai pengxing replied without thinking back then mingyuan patted his chest and helped dai pengxing to guarantee that he would be able to pay off all.

Deliberately raised the price to put pressure on the court although cai jiansi is a capable official he also needs time lu huiqing is eloquent and eloquent but his.

Qin guan also enjoyed it because of the tension and excitement mingyuan went to qin guan to understand the situation of liao he could have asked his senior brother.

With blue and blue patterns is fondly stroked the firing of this kind of porcelain requires the pigment su ma li qing mingyuan Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet explained with a smile if your.

A few gold and silver note shops 1127 replied respectfully of course do I need to go to guangzhou and other places in person to handle related matters no dear host.

My generals is uncle chong yi the only one who is willing to fight when wang hou and the others heard it their eyes turned to chong jianzhong but they never.

When she saw chong jian in the middle of the picture although it was dusty but the face was full of beauty the bouquet in his hand flew out involuntarily the sound.

Humbly hearing wang anshi s face softened stretched out his hand to brush his beard what you have done in hangzhou and in beijing especially in recent times has.

Thing mingyuan such and such gave the opportunity on the ground and dai pengxing was shocked that yu mingyuan actually called himself silly white sweet what does.

Seasons lost the map and the scorpion was kongchi the ancestors of art made a state and the intention was to punish ai the inner government was set up and the.

This shop I have been here for a long time and I listen to and read newspapers every day but today I also feel unusual cai jing immediately borrowed the daily from.

Made yelu jun very unhappy but he thought maybe mingyuan doesn t know his true identity and he is still trying to find out about that xiao jun thinking of that.

Help in shaping the three views but if you only take one philosophy test in the college entrance examination then the group of people who have taken the test will.

Hundred paces away got ten shots and seven hits it should be noted that the performance of the god arm bow is based on ten shots and five shots seeing this result.

But that s not good news for subordinate states originally the subordinate officials of various prefectures and counties relied on the collection of taxes along the.

Wang shao stayed by his side and they were also the personal guards who guarded the main general and could not be used easily however at this moment wang shao.

Immediately turned into changqing building will soon hold a locust festival scaring diners to look at today s menu as soon as they enter the restaurant in the end.

Package these taxes can be held in the palm of the hand Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet of the three envoys in the capital and then consider whether to divide it or not go to the state and county.

People cai jing grew up in putian but if you still care .

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about your hometown it is impossible to turn a blind eye to mingyuan s suggestions without the slightest.

Were collecting the wind and wrote a Blood sugar definition diabetes 200 petition letter to the official government in the end the government convened several powerful medicinal herb shops and .

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Pay for a lost ship and this insurance business is profitable to put it bluntly but now there are pirates as far as the nearest port is concerned there are only a.

And knows that he will stay in this teahouse most of the time until it closes among the customers who came to the teahouse he was the last to leave almost every.

Which is also easy it s just that the waterway there is complicated and the sailors and boatmen there are not very familiar with and it is easy to run aground so.

Mingyuan to discuss whether he could try to issue bonds or simply issue some papers currency mingyuan is not optimistic about the issue of bonds the issuance of.

Special account records for customer funds and regular reconciliation with the customer s account room at the same time the cash sent by customers to the gold and.

Man had a always graceful smile on his face his eyes were deep he looked at mingyuan and said yuanzhi what a coincidence of course mingyuan knew that this was not a.

Professional counterpart mingyuan was not familiar with xue xiang but because of xue shaopeng s friendship mingyuan never worried about the relationship between the.

Felt pity in his heart this time back in beijing he did meet with the people he met but in a blink of an eye he had to part however mingyuan was quietly gesturing.

Arrived mingyuan said it was called alcohol and it must be set on fire during transportation shi shang remembered them all in his heart so far the tasks mingyuan.

Historian like sima guang really not be able .

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to see those things he saw from the vast sea of history can the truth be interpreted with his own heart after mingyuan.

Inspected so the books used to encrypt the messages should not be too conspicuous it just so happened that this stove king s table book was born at that time it was.

The city of xiangzi and he is in an invincible position tian qiong together with the 800 people he brought has almost no hope of surviving tian qiong tian qiong.

Increase or decrease in each year it is so clear that it can be seen at a glance this is the way to lose xue xiang murmured yes xue xianggong it is quite.

Are the big ones but wang shao saw the difference with just one look the xi he jingluo asked in surprise and joy is that a goryeo horse chong jianzhong nodded yes.

Vainly Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet abides by the legacy when gu yu is not a martial artist when will he become a warrior of course this poem is modest on the surface but it is actually a bit.

Willing to contact mathematics very few the scholars chatted happily with chen zhifu and su tongjuan but mingyuan sat among them and lowered his head to think is.

Into the mouth suddenly the seeder spit the reed pipe out quickly and the drink slammed on the seat the lanky little man had already jumped up from the stand and.

Self ringing bells sold in the yuanzhi brother s workshop ming yuan hearing the words self ringing bell I thought to myself sure enough the wisdom of the ancients.

Are in a hurry you ask for help in khitan dialect this it can only be said that when he was born what he heard was the language of the khitan people mingyuan s.

Course is one of his plans just bianjing the land outside the city is expensive and it is divided into many small pieces this piece .

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of su village is already.

Two color overprinting has the tendency to Can you eat fruit with diabetes become a pile of flower paper again the reason for the panic among the businessmen was simple guanjiaozi was originally a.

Should be able to catch up right if you can catch up you can catch up buthow can this be done dai pengxing still felt that this move was inappropriate come on it s.

Shallow as your ya nei like eyelids how many Diabetes check blood sugar how often times have we zhaowu been rewarded by officials will he take this trivial matter to heart feng hu choked again let s wu.

Pirates have a total of four boats and obviously two boats have been sunk and this is the only remaining boat there are about 30 pirates on the two of them at this.

Ming yuan met him right in front of the ya office cai jing it turned out that there was only a wall between Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet the two prefectures and government offices between the.

And quickly took advantage of the opportunity to ride with tong guan turned his head to talk to tong guan and avoided mingyuan from his eyes he dared not look any.

Sat in the financial office for the first time on this day instead of leaving get off work early he waited for the numbers collected from various places when shen.

Comment much he just nodded to wu jian and have the opponent prepare for a live fire test immediately when going to the test shooting range specially prepared for.

Is here to join mingyuan and learn to do business when it comes to doing business xiao yang hates it again you didn t want to trade with me at allthat liao kingdom.

Who made the achievements mingyuan s disappointment with zhao xu suddenly deepened however his eyes there are also partners who can exert influence over the.

Chuandong s face was slightly distorted only a thousand sticks however brother cai you have to go back to hangzhou city with me otherwise I m afraid I will be.

His eyes prime minister feng jinghe and the two teams after the imperial guards who greeted the capital passed Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet by they were the leaders of the qiang and fan.

Thing mingyuan such and such gave the opportunity on the Hypothyroidism and diabetes ground and dai pengxing was shocked that yu mingyuan actually called himself silly white sweet what does.

They didn t make any big moves he knew in his heart that he was just waiting for an opportunity the most critical moment when it comes to urgency he is more.

Warehouse on the lower pass of the north peak wu jian picked up an oil lamp with a glass lampshade led mingyuan to look at it and asked mingyuan the questions in.

Who got it got a positive testimonial and they got their confessions dai pengxing said get excited cai chuandong had already turned pale and stood upright in the.

Quiet and wang shao was standing at the very edge of the camp with his hands behind his back looking up at the bright moon rising in the vast sky at this moment.

To fuxue to see the club at this time mingyuan and su shi both knew that there was no drama and no one would stay on such an important game day in the school so su.

Rained mingyuan looked up at the gray sky outside the window of wang xu s small courtyard at this moment the rain had stopped the air was still dry and everything.

Capital at the time he is now sitting on a fortune of tens of millions and he is very confident in fighting people helpless the other party was stalking and just.

Their bodies shook at the same time chong jianzhong was stunned this carriage has already left so sure mingyuan smiled and nodded this sleeper carriage is designed.

Attract some new members after a circle seeing qin guan and others writing poems in the literary club su shi wanted to connect a sentence and wanted to come to pull.

About was the current price per buck of rice as for the spot it should mean that the rice is in the city and can be given on the spot there are only three thousand.

That although he Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet was standing in the center of the chongzheng hall he was completely ignored zhao xu held the back of the chair with both hands Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet and blue blood.

Here it s a shortcut hearing this gao shaoping was shocked he was sent here by the old school of the family no just to find a way to make friends with mingyuan and.

Endlessly senior brother came back last time he Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet actually wanted to slip Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet away directly from xuandemen chong jianzhongshen scratching his head he thought to himself.

Admitted yes it is jinming pond jinming pond is located outside bianjing city across the street from qionglin garden it was originally excavated to train sailors.

This also means that wang shao Blood Sugar Level bid farewell to the past few years when he had the final say and entered the turbulent bianjing officialdom xihe road the child.

Be in the finance department above the sub services cai jing was born as a genuine jinshi and served as an official close to the people in hangzhou for three years.

Fire a piece of blue and white porcelain suitable for export according to the contract mingyuan heard that under his own guidance both parties gradually changed the.

To those working in the city when they cultivate their fields the laughter fades away man everyone began to think as if mingyuan had said something remarkable the.

Nowadays the borders of song and liao are often exchanged if the prince of the liao kingdom didn t call in front and back but slipped into the song dynasty alone.

People of bianjing and let them know what the world is like they can also satisfy the travelers who have come from afar arouse their sense of pride and give them a.

Eyes from yelu jun s face according to he knew that what happened in the liao kingdom was that the lord of liao yelu hongji mistakenly believed in the slander.

So that ordinary people can understand behind the jiaozi looks like complicated logic he continued to read and saw the third question but this question was.

Hengshan area make xixia suffer from the enemy congratulations your majesty xihe road s great victory in the final analysis it is his majesty s knowledge of people.

His heart by the way What Is A Normal Blood Sugar if there were no rubber tires such a heavy car would be on the asphalt road crushed together that s why the weapons superintendent Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet specially.

After the lesson of sugar cane wine dew the sugarcane farmers in weizhou should not do stupid things again and will not easily leak the practice of white sugar.

And a eunuch standing beside the official family tall handsome with a few moustache under his chin this appearance is too majestic it doesn t look like a man at all.

Today my little brother has made a small contribution and I invite everyone to drink the wedding wine of the two of you youbut you mustthank me so much in the ming.

Prices in bianjing a while ago which seemed particularly convincing at this moment even zhao xu nodded and Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet repeated in his mouth the invisible hand the invisible.

Whispered Normal Blood Sugar Level auntieyou wait well sooner or later my Low Blood Sugar son will avenge this for you a niang you have to live the young man s mood was ups and downs and he couldn t hold.

Hangzhou port first when mingyuan heard the news I actually felt a chill in the hot may weather in hangzhou no way he is regarded by many maritime merchants as a.

Going to lose who said that a majestic voice sounded outside the circle of onlookers on the third and third floors it s chong zhaowu chong zhaowu came in person.

Using the words 1127 written on it the fan of the four eclipse figures covers most of his face keeping his expression leak his mind always find a way to protect.

Mingyuan smiled and said of course not now it seems that this ship must be for defrauding insurance and it is not far away and the cargo should be secretly unloaded.

Thinking wildly when he suddenly saw zong ze emerge from the cabin the two looked at each other on the spot why are you mingyuan asked zong ze rushed to mingyuan to.

Little unattractive in general he was followed by chong jianzhong wang hou tian qiong and .

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other generals with special merits wang houren lived up to his name with a.

Overseas literature looks like in the literary club su shi s most effective leader has always Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet been qin guan but since the good news of the victory of xihe road was.

Sit in the hall your majesty is the body of a thousand gold and you must not rashly try such firearms go on I didn t listen to wang gui s advice just he said to wu.

Wanted Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet to talk to ming there is no chance for yuan to say goodbye only now can ming yuan breathe a sigh of relief and turn to look at his two followers xiao yang.

In good spirits moreover as always a hydrangea flower with a big bowl mouth was placed on the side of the temple so that his suave and suave temperament did not.

Calculate who wins and who loses between the song dynasty and the yiren mingyuan glanced at it yeah it s a surplus he happily explained to dai pengxing this number.

The same can be transferred to beijing and serve the official position Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet of a privy envoy it seems that I want to let the sea merchants have more power however su shi.

Fast furthermore mingyuan has countless eyes and ears in hangzhou mingyuan will only know better than anyone how xiao yang s life is however his trust made xiao.

A stack of paper and Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet read out to both of them at the same time wang zichun jinglue led his army over lugu mountain captured taozhou killed mu zheng and captured.

Lamented the huge risk of trading with gold and silver notes but there are also people who are eager to try the more someone loses the more someone earns this.

With the result of the cuju competition but on the first day of the yuan dynasty and the shangyuan festival when the hangzhou government opened guanpu the people in.

Chest and said with a smile I knew that there would be a way out of it but the government needs to do something cooperate with me lu huiqing said sincerely hands.

Struggling to paddle so the speed of the boat was much faster than their lucky boat and they quickly circled around and got close to the side of the lucky boat.

Received immediately cai jing s tense expression softened and he added with a smile tell everyone if nothing goes wrong in this exercise you will be rewarded.

Forward immediately beside ming yuan the cultivators see these barbarians no wonder xiao yang on the other hand had a look of astonishment on his face after a.

Buffer to prevent the wheels from directly rolling over the ground and reduce the pressure on the ground destruction of asphalt ground today s ordnance supervisor.

My name is xiao yuanshan the expression on mingyuan s face suddenly became exciting in the end yelu jun did not change his name to xiao yuanshan mingyuan said that.

Meaning of it for a while after thinking about it for a long time the owner of the spinning wheel raised his head .

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looked at lao zhang and asked in great What Is Normal Blood Sugar confusion.

Problem how can this be it is good therefore cai jing considered his words and explained to lu huiqing the current situation is the result of the joint efforts of.

Allows lottery so the prize money has to be collected from hangzhou government we have to go to hangzhou government go get it however the thousand kangaroos and the.

Confucian belief in the classics since the han dynasty interpretation trying to find a new way more in line with the times the contemporary wang What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level anshi could utter.

Expensive the test party will also provide you with some valuable props for example mingyuan raised his ears 1127 solemnly recommends the never humble and humble.

The cuju field in wazizhong the surname is mingyuan the scouts were all stunned ah it turns out to be ming langjun s cousin disrespectful disrespect in the distance.

Looked at each other just now and couldn t help shaking their heads and sighing tao xinglao you really know how to put out fires but mingyuan sat behind the crowd.

Champaign rice and the local rice together let let them breed the next generation together shen kuo stood up with a swoosh turn around and leave the maritime.

Much and even made a gesture to pull mingyuan s sleeves when you go back join my literary club literature society was advocated by su Blood Sugar Levels shi and was affiliated with.

Noticed that the jade man upstairs in changqing was not inferior to the knights downstairs he was quick with his eyes and hands and a bunch of bouquets in his.

This kind of discouragement was like a cold spring the cold air came out from the bottom of wang xu s heart mingyuan no what fado said he could only Does cbd affect blood sugar stretch out.

Mingyuan actually had the opportunity to join the palace of diligence and listen to the discussions of the ministers after listening to a wonderful debate mingyuan.

Causing huge waves the sampan was hit by a huge wave and a lot of water was poured into the sampan just imagine if this is a small boat carrying pirates and.

Backbone of the old party could come up with this amazing trick and help him so much after leaving lu huiqing and lu shengqing walked out of the crowd lu shengqing.

Not humble nor arrogant card and now that 1127 has revealed the matter he may have realized that his mind has changed now in order to spend the most 100 million.

Saw him and only explained to him after the little official went out this is a proxy that was recently researched by the staff fang division it is also due to the.

Be more willing to work hard and use practical actions to influence ring the world thinking of this What Is A Normal Blood Sugar mingyuan felt a sense of pride in his chest for a while smiled.

On it guan jiaozi held a the price of money stopped at the 950 vs 1000 level but the government only took one third of the copper coins to issue these jiaozi is.

Hometown and build the mulan pi after the approval of the imperial court the man completed the fundraising and site selection in a very short time and the mulan pi.

Transporting long distances on such a bumpy road these little things are actually very energetic chen jiulue felt incredible the coachman asked inappropriately do.

Road and the rice in champaign is not very suitable for it alas it would be great if there were no such rice diseases at this point mingyuan finally fully.

Days at most without any sequelae so in hangzhou xiao yang often used this trick to punish his opponents who had all kinds of black hands and feet against him.

Didn t want to admit it he still made a rational judgment zhang zihou s suppression of the rebellion in jingnan has been completed and he entered beijing at the end.

To eat and drink in the hall mingyuan sits in the zygote only feeling the heart incomparably carefree cai jing has set off with lv dazhong on his mission to liao.

The capital city is in trouble in the twelfth lunar month shen kuo arrived in the capital of bian and officially took over the post of the three envoys of course.

Pengxing suddenly thought of his daughter and a tender look appeared in his eyes then when he thought of his marriage and the birth of bao he had been busy running.

The teahouse had suffered from pirates and when they heard the seaman mentioning japanese pirates they all got angry feeling anxious about the same enemy they.

He regards mingyuan as a member of the new party in this way isn t what mingyuan did just eat the inside out therefore lu huiqing is really depressed at this moment.

Mingyuan all right I don t know if wang shao will be so angry that he will tear off his beard if he finds out the truth or will he they will freely recognize this.

Than that it can be reported this is probably lu huiqing remedial behavior he couldn t get along with the bianliang daily not only committed public anger but also.

Xue xiang couldn t help but be stunned for a while with such a simple method why can only the little man in front of him take office is it because what he and the.

Is Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet the flower festival hangzhou city is the most worthy of sightseeing season therefore su shi held a banquet in the yuhu garden outside qiantang gate and invited.

People of the whole bian capital can also have fun with it qin guan continued to add every time there is a great victory in the northwest bianjing city What Is A Normal Blood Sugar will.

It must not embezzle ink once corruption is discovered it will be immediately dismissed everyone agrees on this point after all the people in the plug are just to.

Merchants feel that it is no problem however after a quarter of an hour the profit and loss of each company is calculated and some people are happy and some are.

Initial intention is leveling no matter what Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet the process is Lyrica and blood sugar it is the goal in the end gao shaoping felt that mingyuan s eyes seemed to turn towards him mingyuan.

That his future career the journey will revolve around literature however qin guan knew that his talents were all in literature and he was willing to apply what he.

Word literary scholar wang xu was in the court for a long time about learn more about the latest imperial examination regulations the final ranking still depends on.

Structure of the chiming bell and let them try it out for themselves to see how to make this thing so small that it can be carried around it turned out to be done.

Jun rushed holding the queen s hand tightly she pressed her forehead to it trying to feel the only trace of tenderness left in Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet this world however xiao guanyin.

Once they vented they High Blood Sugar Symptoms both felt relieved however when chong jianzhong read the letter he felt comforted in his heart because mingyuan said in the letter that no.

In august when the war horses are fat the liao state can threaten the south with troops carry out blackmail and ask the song dynasty to increase the annual currency.

Lowly servant girl with the han family name have been dragged down and killed by the queen mother liang shi s eyes were still warm as if everything she did was for.

Back to china just to confirm whether they are sold or not mingyuan estimates that han muhua deliberately picks faults on the shape of the device maybe he wants to.

What s the matter why was wang anshi suddenly dismissed as prime minister although mingyuan was not completely unprepared he knew that wang anshi would be dismissed.

Someone behind him sneer and sneer what is a middle class scholar in literature in the future there will be no escape from those literary classics that is a poor.

Punished without teaching it is unconvincing thinking of this zhao .

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xu opened his mouth gently and asked wang anshi master why did you not promise to the people.

And zhong shizhong sat side by side on the small boat their legs were covered with thick fur and they put their hands close to the shackle to keep warm su shi is.

Mingyuan still has a selfish intention he wants to take this opportunity to go north as a businessman as close as possible to the border of song and liao and.

Hangzhou performed the shuju for cuju and the total amount of money can be used sima guang listened to mingyuan s implication and restored cuju to a strong.

Easy to swing no responsibility but he s definitely not a fool the little water and wine that shen kuo drank at the moment also woke up instantly and waved his.

Approval hearing that ming yuan couldn t be the master the seed master .

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looked at him with a frown for a while but don t worry Headache dizzy low blood sugar I guess it should be next year in the.

Wanyan aguda been born now of course the liao people will take the opportunity to meet with our envoys this Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet time and they will definitely put pressure on me the.

Cents per buck wow that s a good thing changqing upstairs was cheering after being happy for a while someone remembered what ming xun Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet said just now and cast a.

What to say he vaguely felt that he had failed mingyuan and he originally came back this time to discuss the major life events agreed in advance Daily Blood Sugar Log Sheet but thinking about.

The ship in order to defraud the whole company amount of payment therefore su shi was sentenced to terminate the contract between shipowner cai and maritime.

Raise our glasses to this great event today seeing all the guests raising their glasses master zhong couldn t help but secretly wished in his heart brother brother.


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