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Jokingly perhaps it has been taxidermied gu pingsheng glanced at him you were the Can not drinking water cause high blood sugar one who was Lower Blood Sugar discovered that day knowing that the murloc was locked in an iron cage only he.

Us applaud him and invite him to the stage although gu pingsheng didn t say anything he was a little surprised the expression already made xing qiming know what the other.

You don t understand remember to ask me cheng yansong responded repeatedly and quickly jumped back to Does potassium hurt blood sugar his seat the students in the class were extremely curious but gu.

Moved and he couldn t help but pull gu pingsheng into his arms holding him tightly the thunder finally descended and the eyes were full of blood red the barren land turned.

Sand twisted into an airtight barrier completely isolated the turquoise corpse aura and the scavenger Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy who couldn t move forward if he couldn What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level t break through jin mo was.

Location wu hongyan he asked directly where does the leviathan lead to captain barson s yellow teeth clicked but he let out a sinister sneer even if it is restrained it does.

Tentatively stepped his Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar feet on the reef and let go of his grasping hand from the palm there was a sharp pain in hindsight he ignored it and Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar pulled his two panting.

Did you see lu sheng s silent appearance I think he is moved as I said Why do blood sugar levels go up overnight before this person is ruthless and if he encounters a problem he will directly throw his partner.

Balance of the dungeon too much laughing to death also the balance of the copy when did the absurd world pay attention to balance doesn t it all have to die when it s.

Boots those peach blossom eyes hadn t opened yet .

What Is The Prognosis Of Hyperglycemia In Infants Outcomes

but the slightly upturned end of the eyes already had a bit of a lazy and gu like taste in the future and he was looking at.

Pity for a moment after that he opened the next shadow stone this piece of shadow stone said no longer it is the history of xingye and his guild s hard work Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy but the worry.

As this news came out it immediately caused a shock to the whole society no one would have thought that such a big tang group would collapse when it collapsed just like a.

The possibility of me preparing in advance the day of entering the final copy is just around the corner and following the advice given by xingye I refuse to with no off site.

Killer guild poisonous scorpion was detected and the member was Showing of high blood sugar confirmed to be dead the disappearance of the vital signs of a member of the killer guild fan hai was.

Seeing the other party he has an extra pass to show the world judging from the situation at the time it should be the other party who gave his tip gu pingsheng s reaction.

Felt that something was disappearing in their minds xing ye s reaction it should be quicker he realizes that the emotions of the past are gone what tormented him what made.

The evil god through his undisguised eyes I can see that he covets me as if the next moment I can t help but eat me alive and tear it apart I Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy have no doubt that he will kill.

Thing he asked bluntly before Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels raspberry ketones boarding the leviathan I only heard about its reputation and what happened last night made me very interested in its background I Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy wonder if.

With the ups and downs of the beast s chest he was spontaneously attacked inhaled into the body of the giant beast the middle aged man explained to him those Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy are the.

Pingsheng s violent heartbeat his two slender arms were wrapping around his neck and his shoulders seemed to be shaking slightly after reacting no more joking yin and yang.

Around by npcs the killer really got off to a good start I really don t know how the top three rankings are obtained did you say that I think the killer guild is a bit.

Woman is not a good person it is said that she deliberately misled president xing so that president xing thought it was mrs xing who hurt her Google blood sugar monitor hands and feet she lost her.

And he instantly held back what he wanted to say and blurted out ahhhh his little teacher gu is angry at this moment the garden of eden a leviathan first observatory a.

Naturally there are also hated npc players who regard him as a clown I can t say how much I like Lower Blood Sugar and adore the killers but I really hate and despise npcs they force I can t.

Seeing that What is the blood sugar level for gestational diabetes gu pingsheng didn t pursue it the What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level vendor s tone was a little more casual what s the inaudible player who will turn into a beast like player I ve seen quite a few.

And found a figure sneaking in unconsciously in the corridor and he was an acquaintance he raised his eyebrows lightly and immediately said I m here come and help me hearing.

Zhang xun s expression did not change as long as you take me out xing ye agreed after thinking about it he often went to fight with the garden of eden and never gave up to.

At the What Is A Normal Blood Sugar scattered in the air apple the eyes of the two of them became more and more red and they jumped up recklessly and went to fight they grabbed the apple and stuffed it.

His hand on the piano again and both hands pressed down at the same time and the piano sounded soft music from the child tong s fingertips play without too much superb.

Named so and so who is harassing his classmates I ll go it turns out that you brought the little bastard who cleaned him up that s great president Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy don t speak so loudly you.

Level where they were located and the turbulent current washed over gu pingsheng s body like a huge wave the leveling layer is moving fast or the entire space is shaking gu.

Pingsheng smashed the rudder in half the leviathan at night was so different from the daytime it was hard to think of one in addition after captain balsen passed out he and.

Out his hand at the right time and dragged the little snake that was condensed to the thickness of a steel pipe into his hand the little snake was grabbed by the tail his.

Competition reveler tribe vs golden walker golden walker wins jin mo has the ability to forcibly Blood Sugar Levels Normal stay but the current field jing chooses to stay which is of no benefit to.

Little tree miao put it back into her jacket pocket what s wrong looking at gu pingsheng who was calm and composed a complex emotion emerged spontaneously from wu hongyan s.

Unfortunately in the fog just now the Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy chassis of the car did not know what was scratched now the engine has failed and cannot be started again have no choice you have to.

Distinguished guests Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy except for the investors in hunt and kill middle school the people in the garden of eden he had met were not all three headed and six armed they looked.

Of the food and his eyes have become like wolves and tigers people who have just come out of hell have no sense at all his mind was that he was going to starve to death and.

Person wearing a cape on the screen is rentouman who is the other person that s the npc in the dungeon but I cleared weishan high school once before Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy how can I remember that.

Saw the starfish still lying on the bones they immediately destroyed it and the vacant room became their rest place that night after Can having a cold affect blood sugar while pregnant finally getting through this night after.

Captain barson making them directly into exhibitions either turning them into treasured specimens into museums or being sold to some collectors with eccentric hobbies this.

Lingering like a fairyland and dazzling brilliance bloomed in the empty eyes they all remembered remember who you are what Normal Blood Sugar Level came to leviathan I remember how I sank into the.

However gu pingsheng could hear more voices at this time he heard that leviathan had just left when he asked the Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy question the calming Low Blood Sugar Symptoms heartbeat suddenly accelerated anxiety.

To be repaired in time in terms of living materials and Does nac lower blood sugar treatment captain barson never neglected these guests and at this time he readily agreed to gu pingsheng s request.

From his chest his brain became dizzy middle aged the bloody palms covered gu pingsheng s eyes and his tone was still gentle this time let s see here first you have to.

Stretched out from the side resting on the sailor s wrist captain balsen s eyebrows twitched moved he turned his head Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy and met the expressionless gu pingsheng before captain.

Turn in the potion indicating that the potion has great value in the current situation the only edible value of the Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy potion is to be drunk by them gu pingsheng is in the.

Level of shocking the system senior negotiation expert you are in the world of the Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy inside and outside accumulate more than 50 times to reach cooperation with traders with.

Exploded like popcorn between breaths splitting into countless small black slimes with sharp serrated teeth and scarlet bean eyes the black slimes showed their brutal and.

His mouth and vomited to the core in the same situation there are the few people who came out with him Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy none of the clothes on their bodies are intact and the exposed skin is.

An instant their eyes were straight among these players a player sitting in the front row wearing a cloak raised his eyes at the same time qi yanqing seemed to feel.

Crowd dispersed but the team members who stayed in place disappeared only a small piece of white bone faintly exposed in the towering tomb bag da da da da da da gu.

Ruined his good deeds but saw gu pingsheng nodded slightly and greeted the sailor thank you for your help just now please continue to rest hearing this the sailor s.

And they Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy also wore extremely thick filters but since the killer guild stopped the car in the fog the pictures they saw were not very cool how should I say it someone.

Of the scavengers and swallow up all the resources of the revelers tribe then even risking their lives is worth it wu hongyan asked gu pingsheng what he was going to do next.

Of the hull into pieces which alerted the sailors who were on duty last night s experience can t be described as Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy chaos for this not only wu hongyan and the others suffered.

Recently there is only one abnormality in the chest area that Normal blood sugar level healthy is the vigorous heartbeat when the anomaly first appeared Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy gu pingsheng s sanity had sneaked into his sea of.

Unhurriedly the lady took a sip of the tea cup brought by the servant rinsed the residue from her mouth in the small bowl and shook off the handkerchief handed over by.

As he spoke his palm turned into a sharp metal blade which went straight to gu pingsheng s throat and threatened hoarsely you if you don t feed me I ll kill you gu.

Specialness in other words gu Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy pingsheng had something he could plot against but at this time the other party blatantly regarded him as someone with ulterior motives and.

To complain qi is transformed into its own power in time the excess resentment condensed in his body like a time bomb sooner or later Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy one day it will destroy himself and it.

Slightly he is me it s hard to ask for it and Blood Sugar Levels I don t expect how dazzling it will be in the future mother of punishment he almost sighed and said with a smile grow up well.

Calm and calm voice showed obvious instability what did you want to do just now the middle aged man didn t answer just looked at him with soft eyebrows most when counting gu.

Sign is a red and bold question mark one of the two photos is gu pingsheng himself but the portrait on the other is a face that gu pingsheng really did not expect his.

To hide gu pingsheng was about to use his skills to hide his figure when suddenly the little sapling in his jacket pocket moved the green light spots spread out like.

And quarrel the process was not very good but in the end I persuaded him he was still stubborn but the system Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy sent me a challenge notice for the final copy whether I like it.

Related to the president I have been in the trying to find out his past go I also found a lot of things at that time but when I went back and searched there were only blank.

Close and natural as xingye the first question why did xing ye give you money xing qiming pouted and said indifferently I am his brother he is my brother what s wrong with.

Said lightly to them will the order guild kill you and the training you received was not intentional the ingredients of torture intentionally or not even the old a level.

The system repeatedly urged the killer guild to hurry to the main battlefield and there was only one road left in front of the killer guild before they entered the coffin.

The bathroom in the Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy flat and bright mirror an indifferent face was clearly reflected xingye s biological clock was Blood Sugar Levels Normal on time and when the alarm clock rang Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar again he hardly.

Lot of bad things happening inside the middle aged man asked him do you think he what do we need gu pingsheng said uncertainly light the middle aged man smiled and nodded.

Point of the player fang two people were standing by the railing and talking one of them had a camera Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy around his neck and looked like a photographer the other person made wu.

Around in a panic the shadow of the forest was surrounded by a pair of green eyes at some point when he heard at gu pingsheng s words they were silent for a while then.

Training rooms s class training in the training room the door alone was reinforced several times but even so the moment the door was opened it collapsed like a tattered.

The small hand of the emerald green branch hugged gu pingsheng s finger and rubbed and rubbed it very dependably gu pingsheng s heart softened at the rubbing are you hungry.

That he can really go back to the past the sense of urgency was like a whip on gu pingsheng s body making his anxiety visible to the naked eye he immediately looked out the.

Sea water thinking of the starfish monsters that emerged from the sea last night the guests panicked and their faces turned pale with fright captain balsen walked over.

Collapse of a copy if a vice president like wu hongyan gets a lot of bonus points it can be seen from the player rankings it didn Blood sugar level 33 t take long wu hongyan nodded yes it must.

Directly into the movie theater without taking the ladder he flew higher and higher almost I could hit the door Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy of the movie theater but I heard a deafening roar and a.

Into a deep sleep it was so subtle that people could almost notice it an unexpected mechanical sound rang out zilaisenteringfloor early in the morning when the first ray of.

He didn t know that the door in front of him had already been burnt to tatters if he pushed it casually it would fall down heavily prosperous and dilapidated transformation.

His voice could not be conveyed to wu hongyan s ears through the deep sea diving suit Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy but the two of them looked at his downward gesture and instantly they all understood.

Xing tianhao muttered angrily there again saying that xing s mother was scheming and even after making sure that he was there he went to hide with his grandparents and did.

Did you see lu sheng s silent appearance I think he is moved as I said before this person is ruthless and if he encounters a problem he will directly throw his partner.

Screens erected by flying robots floating in the air and then quickly panning along the photon line until they are embedded in the middle looking at this situation the.

Said wu hongyan What happens when your blood sugar drops to zero threw the starfish in his hand into an iron cage and wrote the label according to Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy what captain barson said before sticking it on gu pingsheng thought about.

The dungeon is gradually increasing and no one has taken this matter to heart even some players are still secretly rejoicing I am glad that I came to the absurd world early.

Bounces in mid air taking pictures shi jiu s young man clumsily held up his skirt and ran for his life as he fled he roared nonsense fuck me I know you guys remembered the.

Of the huge waves he quickly went through the distance they had just traveled in his mind so as to roughly estimate the total length of this mutant whale the result made him.

Better to change their foothold at this time white rabbit had memorized the map in particular and was familiar with the Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy forest so the group of three changed positions again.

Passage is not very strict it is rare for some players to learn to use their brains I am so relaxed about the identity test why do I feel a little wrong if it is not right.

Front of them waiting for rentouman to step into the net as soon as these words came out they were ridiculed wildly by those players that .

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s Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy right arranging traps doesn t.

Would have been discovered long ago and we wouldn t have waited until no one came Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy to arrest people johnny shrugged his shoulders yes they Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy are all people who are afraid of.

All clues have a source excessive mortality is to screen players potential investing a lot of resources is for the god building plan of the garden of eden with the failures.

There another sailor also looked towards gu pingsheng the next moment the sailor disappeared from the spot gu What Is A Normal Blood Sugar pingsheng suddenly squeezed the edge of the cabin widened.

The huge ship pushed Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar out of the sea a white wave surged outwards gu pingsheng was about to turn his head when he suddenly heard a noisy movement as if countless people were.

Dazzling sun in the dark Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy he Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar raised his What Is A Normal Blood Sugar hand and said coldly the barrier is unfolded if it was said that the reason for not using a lot of skills before was to preserve.

Was puzzled did xingye lie dear teacher gu you have to wonder if you can change the time .

What Causes Blood Sugar To Drop Quickly

xing qiming is Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy like hanging in the air like a prey bound by spider silk his brain.

Enough sailors What foods will lower blood sugar quickly to take us down captain balsen silent after a while it sneered and said Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy you are not stupid the audience outside the live broadcast room said that s right i.

Loudly I have access rights the golden light changed into a splendid stream of data pouring into the blood red barrier like sea water within slap with this soft sound.

Time the audience still held a glimmer of hope in their hearts soon they see to the result good guy the corpse wolf is directly bowing his head to gu pingsheng this is a.

There was an air of rejuvenation the gentleness of the wind gu pingsheng who sees him again today Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy his eyebrows and eyes are still gentle but he is so gentle and full of.

Will not hear the zhang xun when the name was called his face changed directly because the scavenger was too arrogant he took the initiative to pass his shortcomings to him.

Was Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy embarrassed to accept it he thought about it and took out a bag of feed from his pocket he bought the feed online for the little president because he often helps people.

Experience of the experimenter and will pity him they couldn t help themselves in addition to letting zhang xun relax his vigilance the small fights in the previous seven.

Acceptable range and the madness exploded and the scavenger temporarily broke through the influence of gu pingsheng s mental power the field formed by the turquoise corpse.

Back suddenly there was no shadow of the leader behind him the vice chairman of the dignified seventh guild actually went to the jurisdiction outside to take the task and.

And said to gu pingsheng three rare s rank items just to escort you to the central hall he said with serious eyes is there any other risk or are there any additional.

Black dumplings when he found it he picked it up there are at least tens of thousands of these golden lines densely interwoven into a golden river that is not inferior to.

And walked off the deck in a very tacit understanding seeing this wu hongyan and others wanted to follow but the two figures they could still see Blood Sugar Levels when they just got off the.

Teacher liu okay okay gu pingsheng patted xingye lightly take people back to their classrooms not long after he went out he saw several familiar people in the crowd the.

Trading actually it was said at school today xing ye paused last semester a teacher with a lewd student forced a girl to almost Average blood sugar 132 for a month alc number commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Learned about the rules of conduct for gold explorers in advance and everything depends on money together closing the live broadcast will lose the double points reward but.

Heard the conditions for joining the membership I have heard that the conditions for joining a guild are Diabetic blood sugar 98 strength the balance of points potential and other similarities.

Around in a panic the shadow of the forest was surrounded by a pair of green eyes Normal Blood Sugar Level at some point when he heard at gu pingsheng s words they were silent for a while then.

Fight it kill it can t you get out of the dungeon as long as you kill the opponent did you make a mistake randomly for the revelers tribe actually thought of cooperating.

Of the killer guild the moment gu pingsheng raised his eyes the awe inspiring power was conveyed to every player s eyes through the live broadcast room this guild battle is.

Leviathan not for anything else but because of the client s request her partner was on board the leviathan after that he disappeared and never came back captain barson.

Third place in the guild rankings for a long time in which dungeon is their current lineup not to kill now being treated so rudely by an npc who doesn t know the so called.

Same in Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy this case gu pingsheng doesn t mind taking a partner the light in the corridor does not it was not bright it was obvious that the communication device used by.

Otherwise I can do it for you I don t choose Normal Blood Sugar Level there was someone in the audience seat outside the What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level live broadcast room and he couldn t hold back hahaha wu hongyan what s wrong.

And admit defeat in the four competitions the only thing left to watch is the sixth guild reveler tribe vs the seventh guild gold explorer this is the normal situation most.

The waves on the surging black sea he took out the water monster manual and jumped down without hesitation the moment he plunged into the waves he felt the extreme cold.

Come from all over the world at present there is not much connection between them but the specific Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy information will not be known until the waiter has contacted them it is.

Appearance of the summoning player s tears and snot which made me feel helpless fa .

How Do You Lower Your Blood Sugar Immediately

looked directly at that face those who use the black cross have to offer their souls to.

Other hand I am very grateful that you saved my life and the kindness of dripping water should be repaid by a fountain I hope mr gu can give me this opportunity to repay.

Concerned about those iron cages and the labels on them wu hongyan reached a consensus with him the two of them came to the floor where the warehouse was located and after a.

Potion was poured into his mouth and he silently used his strength in his heart simulating the appearance of no 123 who had just transformed into an adult and this tube of.

Another one on the street next to it called don t come to the office if you have nothing to do there is also there is a noodle shop their noodles are really unique yes the.

On the road of promotion and took the opportunity to slander what kind of alliance they are nothing more than the lackeys of the dynasty if they don t have the support and.

Fifteen years old anyway and had a certain ability to act those in the xing family are greedy for profit to fool him he would at most be harsh on the other party in terms.

Tribe live streaming clearance dungeons in the past until the reveller tribe split up and one of the members tried to spy on gu pingsheng and johnny the content of the.

Known for a long time that this ship is Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy in danger johnny chuckled twice it s strange if that What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level s the case why are you coming up no sailor stopped him he approached the.

Apprehensively their palms sweating so nervously that they finally heard someone smile and said lazily okay sign the contract first so that you will never betray we promise.

Suicide incident that shook the society at that time appeared then there are representatives of the competition high school who are presenting performances on the stage at.

Tribe live streaming clearance dungeons in the past until the reveller tribe split up and one of the members tried to spy on gu pingsheng and johnny the content of the.

Yawned noncommittally gu pingsheng saw that it was a little more energetic .

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than when it was in human form so he let it go and took the cat back into his arms he continued to.

Lot of props to use so not long after many staff members suddenly went dark from the corridor and then they were played with the family was dragged to a hidden little.

Team members a slender and well joined hand stretched out from the side and in the heart of the generous palm was a bright red apple the girl was stunned she is holding.

President of the guild dies the entire guild will fall apart we don t know what will happen by then we can only Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy pray that they can last a little longer if they hold out for.

He not afraid but also a Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy little bit of a mess gu pingsheng asked curiously aren t you afraid that I will kill you Does fasting longer lower blood sugar xing qiming sneered if you really want to kill me can i.

For marking from the cabinet the large blanks that were torn out on the label paper indicated that a large part of the iron cages had been sent out gu pingsheng where do you.

Rushed Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy to the front of the teaching building bang one with a loud bang the air pressure that was compressed to the extreme exploded suddenly blowing open the door of the.

Other students going out to make a phone call the kung fu yin Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy yang person becomes a dog s leg it s amazing when the get out of class was about to end there was a sudden.

Pause button they stopped in the middle of the road and even the murderous appearance was frozen he reacted immediately turned around and Lower Blood Sugar gave gu pingsheng two thumbs up.

Stunned he took the cake box and even forgot to ask gu pingsheng to settle the account Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy looked at the cake and then looked at him and finally watched superman I looking at.

Yanqing has indeed done something that repays kindness and vengeance but xie What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level zongzhou still unbelievable because qi yanqing s loyalty to xingye is obvious to all even after.

Hongyan took out the healing props and handed them to himself scarred team members each of the four helped heal the wounds looking at the members of the reveller tribe who.

Will be in the guest room in xing ye s room there will be no bedding to be laid on the floor in a room if you let mr gu sleep in the guest room will he be found the next.

S pity he did not expect he was surprised to hear the praise he expected in such a scene after the accident xing ye couldn t help but quietly raised the corner of his mouth.

Recovered his voice from the extreme shock he said with difficulty and trembling you look is that skill effect a little familiar another player swallowed the mind control.

Ago the other party had no idea that he would be caught by gu pingsheng he touched his lips up and down and Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy his voice was full of trembling I I will repent .

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to you just now.

Became a little illusory he climbed up from the ground with difficulty and dragged his weak body into it it didn t take long for it to go from the apple grove when he came.

It terrifying at the moment was that gu pingsheng was not going to do anything only to the rudder it starts with there was a trace of ruthlessness on the expressionless face.

Enter zhang xun was able to rescue other experimental objects because they were put into the dungeon and separated from the boundaries of the garden of eden the central.

Pingsheng replied our purpose is in the deepest part of Does strawberries make your blood sugar go up this sea area do you know what s in there speaking of the deepest part of the sea leviathan fell silent again.

The yellow paper he was close to was still oozing out blood the teammate was in extreme pain his face was contorted and he frantically asked others What Is Normal Blood Sugar for help it hurts it.

Startled and hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade him and was yelled at by him as soon as the man s skills came out the door was smashed into a deep hole on the stove he.

Saw gu pingsheng his smile turned into a heartless smile mr principal we are not actually either then I want to play games don t look at how bad we play Pain free blood sugar meter but we also pick.

Realizing her gaffe she quickly covered her mouth and looked at gu pingsheng even more embarrassedly gu pingsheng smiled and said okay the welcome ceremony in the front.

Nodded when he heard the sound xing qiming smiled very happily again the warm yellow spotlight shone on his cheeks making him look like a bright little sun he gently placed.

Sea and the black waves keep Pan size jeffree star blood sugar surging when you look up you can see the bright and bright moon in the sky after entering the room gu pingsheng Blood Sugar Drop In Pregnancy first checked the surroundings.

Source of light alone there was clearly something wrong with the light at this High Blood Sugar Symptoms time many monster fish have approached the submarine and they stayed in in front of the light.

Immediately said in surprise look at the little guy s reaction he must have heard his name xing qiming couldn t help but look at xing qiming s reaction out of an escape.

Stunned and at the same time he heard gu pingsheng s gentle and powerful assurance like all the worries and anxieties vanished and there was only unspeakable happiness left.

Fairly easily gu pingsheng bowed his head xing qiming s eyebrows were tightly wrinkled and he looked very confused xing qiming for the sake of his poor experience I didn t.


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