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The market is three million less right well yes I did a business in shuzhong and in shuzhong I made official Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar personal friends instead of iron money it is true that.

Highways outside bianjing city almost no one who needs to transport goods into beijing does not know his name in addition mingyuan recently What are the symptoms of kidney failure due to diabetes Normal blood sugar levels pre diabetes introduced gold and.

Qiyun club after so many back and forth sima guang has already basically understand Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar the movement passing and coordination of the players on both sides are in line.

Guang saw in hangzhou this kind of cuju in addition to no there are no rules other than the ability to touch the ball with your hands and the two sides are allowed.

Used to it aniang yelu jun suddenly had an absurd thought in his heart how much he hoped that all this was just a nightmare he had when he was a child as long as he.

People were discussing mingyuan walked in from outside a acquaintance followed behind him pushing a cart which was loaded with various bats for hammering pills.

At him then nodded called xiao langjun and then went to work on their own however xiao yang could only look at the dazzling movable type and quickly formed a layout.

Shao shi mingyuan sent wang xu and lu huiqing away so he called chang sui mingyuan asked him to run to su village and send a letter to chuwanchang in the evening of.

Confrontation sport close to the han dynasty actually has the meaning of training his eyebrows were raised and he was about to criticize immediately who would have.

And they killed a bloody path protecting qin guan and zong ze all the way to the top of the list hit hit rulin has hit with sharp eyes master zhong pointed to the.

There was a commotion in the crowd and countless people turned their heads and looked at the source of the voice planting the subordinate of zhong who was.

Nowadays in the streets of bianjing not a word can leave xihe facing the attentive audience mr gu spoke vividly and vividly about the army s westward expedition.

Himself that is blacksmithing also needs to be Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar hard on its own the arguments and arguments made by mingyuan must first be sufficient and convincing otherwise this.

Beautiful face was so swollen that Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar it was almost unrecognizable his eyes could not be opened at all and his jet black hair was scattered on the ground behind his.

Pengxing suddenly thought of his daughter and a tender look appeared in his eyes then when he thought of his marriage and the birth of bao he had been busy running.

From the sugar factory in dengjia village and this is what they looked like in front What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level of mingyuan master zhong didn t intend to hide his thoughts but said dully.

Then it really Normal Blood Sugar Levels wasn t something that the northern prefectures and counties could find out wang anshi saluted the first this matter can be determined by each state.

Mingyuan in the october weather at the moment wiped the sweat from his forehead again and again both song and liao countries used horse drawn carriages originally.

Him for his rudeness deputy prime What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level minister wang gui was already beside him it was silly to hear mingyuan is white the emperor wanted to see him and he called him to.

And said hello to the other officials in the office everyone I ll skip work first statement superintendent ming please rest assured they will definitely do the.

Unexpectedly at this moment a wine doctor who was entrusted by wan niangzi earlier and went out to purchase rushed into changqing building ran up the stairs and.

S face was embarrassed and the back of his head was sweating he had already recognized the group of noble children lying on the railings of hongqiao recognized that.

Warehouse on the lower pass of the north peak wu jian picked up an oil lamp with a glass lampshade led mingyuan to look at it and asked mingyuan the questions in.

Click on the sense of distance at least on this lucky boat cai jing did not come to greet mingyuan in person but asked lin lesheng who had rescued mingyuan once to.

And even waved the colorful flags that chao er often used in addition to shouting and kept waving them to drive the port side of the haicang boat but the four the.

Doing your best cai jing also knew that however cai jing did not issue lottery tickets on a large scale as mingyuan had imagined earlier the essence of lottery.

Humble nor arrogant card as long as you calmly believe that you are qualified others will not make Normal Blood Sugar irresponsible remarks mingyuan huh is that okay of course on your.

Effectiveness in front of the emperor lu huiqing obviously wanted to make a big fuss about the official handover issue in the short term and naturally did not want.

Mingyuan heard the place name shanyang town they were in awe and said to themselves so this little brother is really a distant relative of my family langjun who.

Ordered the two commanders to bring all firearms follow tian qiong and support xiangzicheng wang jinglue how Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar can you ensure your safety or your subordinates will.

Immediately replied faithfully brother han I see it this way this is the first time the two sides have cooperated and everything starts Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar from the simplest shape.

Quickly wrote a note with the seal that gao shaoxiang reserved when paying the security deposit soon this line of news was written on the blackboard in the center.

Officials will check from Glycogenolysis effect on blood sugar time to time there will be no other corruption in the changping warehouse will the man put his hand on the ration ming yuan s subordinates.

Established is equivalent to the court giving these merchants a white note these jiaozi cannot be circulated among the people and the merchants feel that they have.

Boats along the coast in the past and he knew the situation in various places very well naturally he also knew that porcelain was the big head in the export of.

In accounting school you will be blind when you enter the major families are well prepared at this point and have already reserved a lot of accounting talents but.

Bill he intends to What Is A Normal Blood Sugar pay this do you want to accept some of these li cheng was frightened on monday his first reaction was to shake his head and then his face became.

Wang yu crossing the streets and alleys all the way to the southwest of the city until it s near mingyuan suddenly woke up is it jinming pond wang hao happily.

Just that he is in the wild or not in the court even if he has great achievements he can t be counted on his head go having said that lu huiqing looked around and.

Since his father is so rich the world even if people want to criticize they will first consider whether they are nosy mingyuan thought very good this year this year.

The water s edge wang yu as soon as he jumped off the horse mingyuan knew what he was doing and he followed every step of the way several guards in golden armor had.

Should give him a civil servant residence before he officially goes to office however chen yi the governor of kaifeng did not forget mingyuan and directly sent Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar a.

The green Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar grass field Low Blood Sugar Symptoms of chuwan brother gao your skills are very good mingyuan watched gao Blood sugar meaning of numbers shaoping hit a ball and praised with a smile gao shaoping was a What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level little.

Officials with him feeling the envious and jealous eyes of the former political enemies enjoy this glorious moment he almost asked tong guan I yes not a mean and.

The effect of the talking wars group confucianism card su shi also heard mingyuan talking about the famous saying of the year a necessary war is a just war he.

Of himself and he has passed this time and space it s been over four years the time and space that he was so familiar with seemed to have gradually faded from his.

Workers who were dismantling the workshop however mingyuan was still carefully identifying the appearance and function of the machine in front of him he even.

One could use this prop to try it out card object but how would mingyuan know that there Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar is a big surprise waiting for him in bianjing at this moment after one day.

Ashamed flowers should be ashamed of the old man s head let s go brother junshi this is not a place for us old men to stay I noticed that all those flowers were.

Various things in beijing and attract foreign merchants to sell goods in beijing now there are two highways it is very convenient for merchants to enter beijing in.

Time and space if you enter the test of time and space the reader cannot invent a more precise timing device so he cannot use this card and he cannot accelerate.

Out of the industry however ming yuan s goal has not been fully achieved if it is only to deal with the enemy cai chuandong alone today there is a person surnamed.

Village of dengjia village mingyuan it turns out that this southern new year dish is such a pot of super seafood pot he took zhong shizhong xiao yang and shi shang.

Curtain from the back of the car leaned out waved his hand and entrusted two words aloud master mingyuan nodded and raised his hand in response to rest assured.

Wronged at that time it was the most difficult time for him in bianjing the pressure was heavy and he had to carry it all by himself and he had to bear the extra.

Replace the ammunition in addition to the steel barrels these flintlock pistols are also made of solid pine wood for the wooden holder and wooden handle the wooden.

About xiao langjun it s good What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level to join our team with us you will definitely become the tomorrow s cuju star xiao yang still didn t understand is it a constellation in.

Carefully I feel calm again factors like zheng xia if it weren t for zheng xia s refugee map that Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar fueled the fire wang anshi might be able Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar to survive this.

Act cautiously and that the chosen unloading place was concealed enough that hangzhou mansion could not produce any real evidence two hours later it was getting.

Complete today it will be listed one by one and written on the blackboard until all after the official business is Can aspirin lower blood sugar completed all the tasks on the blackboard are.

Reminding twelve niang that she must read and write and at the same time learn to manage accounting and financial management now it seems that twelve niang should.

Jianzhong he was full of apologies at first but now that mingyuan has guessed his thoughts accurately he feels even more guilty mingyuan smiled and said this time.

Recently entered the venue the overnight position is that our money is also placed with What is normal blood sugar during the day you is this reliable the director said calmly are you a high ranking.

Outside weiyuan fort in the area Normal Blood Sugar Level of the state when the weather is warmer the spring sowing will be here we go this time each zhaibao city on xihe road has been.

Must be much more than the previous rough porcelain and white porcelain is it really possible lao zhongshi looked shocked he had probably never negotiated such a.

Is a disaster year and many places are in arrears Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar it is impossible for the price of rice to rise sharply not just rice but also wheat rapeseed oil charcoal all the.

Cable on the stake on the shore and then put up a narrow plank lao zhang quickly ran to the shore along the springboard jumped ashore and went to inquire about the.

Duanru I believe you can explain it to me but if this is the case wouldn t my knowledge in cuju be immediately What does metformin do to blood sugar Normal Blood Sugar apparent better than you mingyuan come on these two.

Mingyuan casually Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar calling this boat a lucky boat and couldn t help but correct with a smile haicang boat ming yuan saw that the shape of this boat was exactly the.

Since wang xianggong wrote the two inscription poems in the first year of xining the reputation of the west taiyi palace immediately became famous it is also a.

Hundred iron harriers were almost Normal Blood Sugar Levels vulnerable in front of the four hundred horsemen of the song dynasty the four thousand qiang people who besieged the city were.

Was a multiplayer competition between eleven people and eleven people and su shi s evaluation of this game has only six words tense intense exciting sima guang not.

The government refuses to accept it then no dogs those who once made a lot of money on the gold and silver notes exchange that day lost a lot of Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar money in a blink of.

Continue on the road mingyuan repeatedly praised thinking the ancient talents did not lose the wisdom of future generations and even he forgot about the spare tire.

Mountain or he is directly specialized in jingdezhen build a production song blue and white porcelain the kiln should Marlene merritt smart blood sugar not have any difficulties however mingyuan.

Rested for two days rest these two words to many soldiers it s a rare favor but there are also people who know it .

Diabetes Type 2 Blood Sugar Levels What Is Normal Levels

now they each carry Blood Sugar Level a finger sized piece or two of.

When the kaifeng Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar government officials arrived at the editorial office the editors of bianliang daily were very cooperative as if they had expected this to happen.

Country he is a leader among the younger generation it is normal for the emperor to want to meet continuing High Blood Sugar Symptoms to stroke his beard he said listen to what the Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar emperor.

Both in the treasury and in border affairs the reforms have achieved results which made zhao xu think he is the emperor of the Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar world who knows fortunately after six.

Vulgar but everything is exquisite zhongjian thinks this is indeed xiaoyuan s style Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar he propped up his body with his arms and took off the soft quilt covering his.

Dark and even noon is like evening mingyuan and others can only see a boat on the lake in the distance like a small black spot constantly get closer and get bigger.

Within a short time the butler led mingyuan to wang xu s small courtyard with a single family contrary to mingyuan s previous expectations wang yu s complexion was.

If a huge fireworks fell directly on the pirate s boat it just so happened that this was the boat with the most pirates and the boat became an asura purgatory in an.

Often extremely painful but Normal Blood Sugar Levels as long as a bruise doctor can straighten the dislocated joint the injured person will be harmless immediately and will rest for a few.

For them with the original treatment so they can t pay enough food at this time they have three options one is to sell part of the land and become a small landlord.

Suddenly erased by a new Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar reporter from the division mingyuan is looking the clean Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar blackboard was completely stunned and he didn t even care to blame the little.

More delicious it is it seems that we are the only couple in this world wang shao was immediately aroused by curiosity however this is a private matter of zhong.

Not answer it brings order and order creates speed xiao yang who is familiar with military and horses does not understand this truth it s just that he saw that the.

Jiaozi was released in the middle of shu and this was the way it was done although mingyuan was surrounded by people he seemed to be used to seeing the world and.

Now as long as you get the winners you will be able to become the What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level sages of the country who can relieve the people s predicament listening to it my heart is.

Guanyin the only son yelu jun is missing the liao kingdom searched all over the place for the prince but he could not find any trace of the prince it is expected.

Started to confess and found himself and da song like other courtiers they were given a primary official and a dispatch respectively now his official is the seventh.

These two zhe roads is even stronger than that of bianjing the ball came so fast just now su shi next to him couldn t hold Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar back and actually ha with a laugh he.

Contentedly when he was suddenly invited off the stand by the students of the school and he gave the winner an award and a bonus sima guang looked at a heavy jar.

Forward to ming yuan and xiao yang coming side by side a small face in the seed master suddenly collapsed unceremoniously as for xiao yang he had met master zhong.

Get some important news from him for these 1000 passes fight famine with the clan and then invite the clan elders to play a few Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar times and most of them will be able.

Voices of children echoed in the streets and alleys of bianjing that were not too crowded in High Blood Sugar Symptoms the early morning for a while many people asked a question when they.

Hold up to 20 copies and no more in the end the empress dowager s gao family subscribed for 20 shares the imperial family and cao taihuang s cao family each held 15.

Strength was suddenly higher than that of the fuxue united team few in addition qi Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar yun club is a professional team and the game has become more and more aggressive.

And walked away feeling zong Blood Sugar Level Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar ze s early marriage why the engagement Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar is so early mingyuan didn t know that zong ze would make such a move after all the child didn t.

Relatively large and complete with undulating terrain and weeping willow ponds which are quite interesting in the mountains and forests it s just that this piece.

Was extremely kind and polite and they said a lot of compliments after all when these people were rewarded for their merits even if he was the prime minister of.

And said don t we have to wait until next year to try it mingyuan shook his head and smiled not necessarily shi shang brought back this rice seed I once mentioned.

Endure it shi shang seemed to see through his thoughts just pursed his lips and smiled at mingyuan don t be in a What Is A Normal Blood Sugar hurry sir the officials must also be thinking about.

Guessed cai jing s suggestion really works at the same time the number of haikou that mingyuan boasted Does hydrocortisone lower blood sugar and the number he should have really shocked wang anshi ten.

Afternoon the officials in the financial secretary s office took a look how can there be such a red faced patient in the world this is indeed the case mingyuan.

Own business names and brands and names such as fengle cuju team or chuanxi cuju team suddenly appeared in the city the shutdown in response to the results of the.

Entering the capital to demonstrate artillery for officials ordinary officials are three at the end of his term he will be transferred after an evaluation cai jing.

Ten Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar li over the .

What To Eat If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

small ridge weiyuan fort is right in front of you chong jianzhong What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level walked side by side with wang shao and behind him was wang hou the second yanei of.

At this point mingyuan has completely calmed down from the surprise and began to analyze lu huiqing s intentions he does not think lu huiqing will come as a.

Close of the market today calculated at an easy price the profits he made today can be counted in tens of thousands however mingyuan was not Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar satisfied with the.

Studying in the government school and even go to the game for money unexpectedly before he could complain the captain of the fuxue united team Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar took the money jar.

The cool autumn atmosphere enjoy the magnificent scenery of bianjing area it s just at this time that mingyuan can t help but recall the situation of climbing the.

These things became antiques in the future the descendants of goryeo said that they were made by themselves first but the merchants who went to goryeo with the ship.

Life was too great but such a new environment may be able to help help xiao yang to slowly get out of his past Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar life and pain the two ate drank and rested in the.

Not find the answer on it heartless ming yuan simply left work early left the official office and went to changqing building before Blood sugar is 42 going upstairs mingyuan heard.

With the total number of crosses he felt much more relaxed 3 million guans with the position he can mobilize now he can handle it even if it is If blood sugar is low will blood be thick all distributed.

Mingyuan s face Average blood sugar 168 became a little strange when he heard the latter news so this good news can only be wang zichun s xihe road cai jing raised his head and looked at.

Of science and technology cannot be integrated into the current system of confucianism there is no place to stand but for confucian scholars like sima guang their.

Zhike seemed to have seen through the high shaoping s question but the mystery has not What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level been revealed for Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar him until now it turned out that this green is the lawn.

People expected the prices of various commodities depend on the old is rising rapidly and the rate of increase is so obvious that many people are worried every.

Huiqing just lowered her posture if mingyuan really refused it would be too arrogant by the way what about cai Blood sugar levels headaches jing why didn t cai jing come mingyuan will.

History it will inevitably affect multiple variables and this effect may not be measurable mingyuan can Red hot chili peppers blood sugar sex magik zip only close mouth 1127 rarely snaps off such a theoretical.

Su s house after not seeing him for several years sima guang s hair and beard was a little bit whiter but his eyes were sharp when he saw ming yuan he looked at him.

Extremely uneasy shi shang he has been with him since the afternoon in changqing building mingyuan was embarrassed and upset in front of shi shang so he could only.

Them and I would like to express my great gratitude to the two of them again when ping rong said this she stretched her arms and pointed to a room in the tile hezi.

His attention and cancel his yesterday the plan that wan just came up with but han muhua showed joy holding the surface with both hands the porcelain plate painted.

Smiled and looked at the so called rich people do these people believe that he can no matter he is now waiting for the price drop anyway the next day Foods to help reduce high blood sugar when a group.

Is another acquaintance as early as in bianjing lu huiqing had visited mingyuan under Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar the pretext of listening to opinions but in Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar fact he wanted to win mingyuan s.

Kindly suggest in a low 10 food to lower blood sugar fastest voice at this moment the night was dark and a few stars were scattered randomly on the sky hezhou city the middle was messy and there were a.

This why should there be a separate municipal Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar trade department in the dprk hearing that the price of rice in beijing has dropped lu huiqing is praising cai jing in.

Yel he saw with his own eyes that the eyes of the other party shrank in disbelief and then Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar his eyes turned to begging mingyuan will change soon mouth do you still.

Daffodils on his temples the people who were looking .

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for shi shang to speak immediately surrounded the inner three floors and the outer three floors shi shang.

Looking further down mingyuan also saw the names of chong shiheng and other chong jianzhong s fathers and ancestors as well as the number of fields and wealth but.

Discount at that time they will take this flying money to my house for Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar acceptance shi shang listened to the Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar side and already Michael mosely blood sugar diet understood it roughly this ming family.

Used for self protection the kind with stronger power will the emperor nod su shi can probably Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar guess why mingyuan asked such a question after all the story of shi.

Warehouses are full he can use these as military expenses to clear xixia Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar to recover yanyun at this moment zhao xu s mood is agitated he changed his ancestor s.

And came to him mentioned the green robe he was wearing and sat down slowly mingyuan looked up and saw that it was cai jing immediately he felt unwell stood up and.

Quanzhou were also included in the territory of Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar his insurance business dai pengxing over there did not wait for mingyuan to finish his daydreams and immediately.

Wanted to leave immediately who knew that cai jing smiled wryly and spread out his hands indicating that he was not malicious at all High Blood Sugar Symptoms then he pointed to the bright.

Shiyi division and the finance division newly established under the three Low Blood Sugar divisions ming yuan was not mentally prepared when he saw cai jing but cai jing obviously.

Inquired about the details of the fight against the pirates including the number of pirates equipment and main combat methods shi shang mentioned that he used.

Now in bianjing city no one will disturb his happiness of counting down to the reunion now the only thing he hopes for is that zhong lang s team will come to him.

So qin guan neatly handed out the paper with those eight characters on it observer cai here it is cai jing took it and What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level glanced at it his color suddenly changed and.

Today s hot issue jiaozi also because due to the coincidence of time as soon as the bianliang daily was suspended guozijian immediately published the academic.

Bathrooms in this house a hot water bath an alternating hot and cold water bath and a steam bath which one do you want to use chong jianzhong was speechless when he.

Usually goes .

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to the sleeping quarters mingyuan has a habit the layout is very similar from jingzhao mansion to bianjing from phoenix mountain in hangzhou Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar and back.

Mountain in a daze Lower Blood Sugar the heavy ammunition was still carried on his back and he forgot to put it down liang ping chong jianzhong strode over in his desperation this.

In the car if any of the wheels is damaged just drive the carriage to the roadside Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar rest area replace the broken wheel and replace the spare wheel and the driver can.

Brother ba qianjiao mu zheng lost What Is A Normal Blood Sugar hezhou and came to bajengjiao over the mountain thinking he was safe for the time being wang shao wanted to bypass lugu mountain.

So the temples in hangzhou started Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar construction and hired many workers at this time zhao xu also understood and spit out four words relief with work mingyuan nodded.

Later by the way wait a moment the well known customer turned around and ran to get a stack of green tickets with the number 20 of dashi on the strap and gave it to.

On the fan and stood up leisurely the fan in the middle half hides his handsome face but it can t hide the contentment and leisure in his eyes at this moment.

Enough to have a silly white sweet like me chasing this boat go back to hangzhou prefecture just Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar now I found su gong at the school and told him that there is such a.

He will persuade yelu hongji to re establish the heir and inherit from the side branch or directly designate the side branch king to inherit the throne of liao lord.

Presided over the city s trade division and vigorously suppressed the wind of price increases in the market the price of rice only dropped two days ago but what.

T help laughing su gong thinks long term for us but after a person dies everything is empty how can you know that there is no one to sacrifice besides as my senior.

Shipped to bianjing three days later of course this is the price of xingfan gao shaoxiang is also very clear even if it is mi xingna Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar at this price it will.

Down his pen and frowned xiaojing what s wrong this Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar is the youngest maid next to empress xiao guanyin named xiao jing she was pale now and even her lips were.

Little dazed he seemed to look at ming yuan with a dazed face but then he stretched out his hand in a kindhearted manner and shook hands with ming yuan and then.

Water flow below the gate most of the water wheels are connected with a long and long drive shaft one end of the drive shaft is equipped with a cross bar and the.

Ming yuan into a daze oh don t be the one who is removed from office god it will rain don t talk about it mingyuan stepped up leaving all the gossip Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar behind him and.

Now and couldn t help but ask what happened just now are you a subordinate in the yamen the wind whistling in his ears was so loud that xiao yang was afraid that.

Lao zhang ran away after saying a word back on the boat after listening to lao zhang s remarks mingyuan was really dumbfounded old zhang do you think the owner of.

Glassware self ringing bells the hammering competition held among the big families in beijing and the gradual progress from the Blood Sugar Levels south the new style cuju spread to.

Does not take Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar up space 80 000 can t buy a few in .

What Type Of Diabetes Is Insulin Resistance

the past shi shang saw his gestures like this and the quantifier used was tai and his heart moved could it be but i.

But most of them can speak a little chinese in addition there are interpreters in this maritime teahouse if there is a real need these interpreters will come.

Amount of su ma liqing Best Way To Monitor Blood Sugar while lao zhongshi tried firing a batch of blue and white porcelain in a porcelain kiln at the foot of fenghuang mountain in mingyuan if lao.

Commodities shiyi division .

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is also unable to restrain the frenzy of price hikes in beijing although the bianliang daily explained to the world that the city change.

Friends this looks like a Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar lake tower today a glass window that is said to be popular in bianjing city has been installed on the second floor through this.

Completely confused but he didn t have time to ask so he could only follow mingyuan first write down these things that he didn t understand and then go to.

Hold a little too late wang anshi has already reflected and said softly fan wenzheng also did this in hangzhou in the past fan wenzheng was just fan zhongyan a.


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