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Came to visit langjun in the early years song common people also mostly have some common sense know how to use the asphalt for paving is refined from coal.

Hammer when it is green after the rain in the lobby of this rest area someone is loudly explaining the difference between the law of change and the law of.

Which is also easy it s just that the waterway there is complicated and the sailors and boatmen there are not very familiar with and it is easy to run aground so.

Xiaolangjun has been called to the door by cai county wei and asked for 700 000 consistent however dai pengxing thought in the matter of money he has never seen mr.

Mile expansion was successful without wang anshi there would not be the mountains of wealth and materials piled up in the imperial treasury now his song dynasty is.

Hou s command were pushed out of the corner circle one after another and no one could support the upper half of the incense stick in front of zhong jianzhong the.

Of the players covered his ankle and rolled several times on the gray ground of the stadium then his face was in pain his mouth was sore and he seemed unable to.

Shook his head slightly while looking at mingyuan mingyuan blushed slightly this seems to have something to do with him he seeing that chen xiang and su shi didn t.

Immediately grabbed his horse s stomach and took xiao yang to the high speed when the two got on the high speed they both ran fast on their horses so as to maintain.

Is still green and there will always be one or two blooming flowers among the flowers such good weather wazili in hangzhou city the current cuju league is in full.

And when he saw chong jianzhong he immediately greeted him happily the Are proteins involved in blood sugar control young official was still wearing a civilian robe and it was obvious that he had just escaped.

Security deposit which has been recorded in kaifeng house the old customers obviously knew this and they were very calm waiting for someone hearing the words is.

Signal to lu huiqing in a good voice asking lu huiqing for guidance lu huiqing took a sip of tea and immediately sighed now your responsibility is my responsibility.

Received immediately cai jing s tense expression softened and he added with a smile tell everyone if nothing goes wrong in this exercise you will be rewarded.

Into next spring when the well digger can t get water even after digging a dozen or twenty feet then there s really nothing to do thinking of this mingyuan.

Coupled with the protection of the qiantang navy the waterway to hangzhou has become safer and more maritime merchants who originally only went to fuzhou in the.

Still have the opportunity to show your talents to the 416 Blood Sugar emperor the seed masters caught 416 Blood Sugar up behind him and 416 Blood Sugar told ming yuan happily senior brother ming I just saw I saw.

Can wake people up so that they no longer have to worry about being late for school among the people who still need to go to school the only ones who need to go to.

Is someone who has lived in bianjing for a long time no matter how prosperous bianjing is don t we still leave zhaowu behind and come to eat sand in this bitter.

Backed out this private place is reserved for mingyuan 416 Blood Sugar and yelu jun until this moment yelu jun finally stopped worrying when he was seen through he took off the.

Heard the words his family xiaoyuan was still the same playboy as expected and he even built three bathrooms in his house but 416 Blood Sugar he urgently needed a bath changing.

Kuaizionly a 1 million kuai reserve a group of people in the exchange were dumbfounded someone hurriedly looked at the blackboard that was covered by the tarpaulin.

Mingyuan would not be able to hear it so he repeated it aloud only mingyuan laughed and said no it s not just the administrator of the 416 Blood Sugar expressway management office.

He returns to the northwest what will he use to kill the enemy the chongjian center thought this is really the case but if he can t rush back all the way how can.

You don t spit it out you won t be happy according to what wang hao said this zheng xia was one of the guards who guarded the door small officials are not allowed.

This in the big winter moon ming yuan was called out of the school and naturally there was an extremely important matter ming yuan 416 Blood Sugar knew that he the chief maritime.

Is this official jiaozi just a piece of waste paper in your hand when will you wait gao shaoxiang gritted his teeth sell 100 000 50 000 820 pieces the gao brothers.

Suppressed living shen kuo agreed saying that he would definitely consider it carefully but anyway this yin eats mao s grain it is decided when shen kuo was.

Participated by many people has become a group of harmony and the stunts of the masters are amazing but they have almost completely lost their confrontation this.

Of honglu temple which is specially used to collect and inquire about the information of neighboring countries of course liao and western xia and even small.

Mingyuan would feel very tasteless every time he saw the 200 point butterfly point reward he had very few butterfly points left and those props cards with obvious.

Spent a long time in the south and at sea and their skin was tanned to a healthy tan shi shan is still the same I love hairpin flowers everywhere and the flowers on.

Example the shiyi law of the current dynasty recruited pedestrians and yamen to serve the shiyisi another example the shiyisi pedestrians can purchase goods on.

Can become a famous porcelain capital in the future it seems that the thickness of the talent pool is also an important reason it seems that he is in phoenix.

Haggard it is conceivable that this person should be constantly changing the stage horses galloping all the way and came to bianjing from the northwest even a man.

Those wealthy businessmen and rich people hearing this cai jing Normal Blood Sugar Level s mood .

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suddenly changed turned well he thought far away far away you are smart too the fox hides.

Yuan s mind was elsewhere so he casually commented argument ming lang jun this is a bad statement this is not a lucky boat but a haicang boat lin lesheng heard.

The agricultural society affiliated with the prefectural school I heard from su shi two days ago that the agricultural society also invited shen kuo to be a.

Audience on the sidelines became very emotional and the stands were full of cheers screams and whistles just hear a whistle a ball is thrown into the field there.

Zhong jianzhong after eating wang shao raised his head and his eyes were sturdy he lowered his voice and whispered to chong jianzhong ming early in the morning it.

And the three mountains in the south of the yangtze river in front of him facing this magnificent scene he couldn t help feeling emotional if it wasn t for the.

The people under the rule xiao langjun please let me go at this time a sailor held a package neatly wrapped in oil paper passed by xiao yang went down the trestle.

The tile of zhujiaqiao so when xiao yang invited mingyuan readily agreed mingyuan was originally a young Blood Sugar Level man who likes to watch all kinds of fun and xiao yang s.

Shrugged his shoulders so that mingyuan could see what he was carrying on his shoulders small parcel he went out this time anyway he did it himself and packed a.

Law is too offensive to people it is too What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level difficult to implement so it is released first a quick acting city change law was given to the official zhao xu which was.

Which is also easy it s just that the waterway there is complicated and the sailors and boatmen there are not very familiar with and it is easy to run aground so.

My hands I ve been Does uric acid affect blood sugar thinking about it for a year and I ve seen the actions of that young man day by day all pointing to the purpose he stated brother junshi I won t.

Time wang anshi rode into the xuande gate but was reprimanded by the guards at the gate of xuande asking wang anshi to dismount wang anshi ignored it after all he.

Back to her family the northern dynasty was indeed a land of barbarians and the liao lord s actions were actually against the rules of normal human relations then.

His horse threw the reins to the companion and squeezed in through the narrow alley by 416 Blood Sugar himself I don t know after ten steps of the alley it was not so crowded and.

T it a serious person to go shopping in wazi dai pengxing s conclusion was arbitrary hearing mingyuan s laughter he couldn t help blushing a heavy man regards.

Claw out of the ship s side with his bare hands he tried it but the iron claw did not move he calmed down took out a sharp dagger that mingyuan had given him for.

The general school are neat and full of energy a young man in the attire of a school captain climbed high on the mast of the fuchuan where clear instructions were.

Direction the pattern and shape of blue and white porcelain should develop through communication with the barbarians in addition to barbarian sea merchants there.

Gently pulled his hand out of ming yuan s hand ming yuan s horse shang noticed that there was still a large piece of silk wrapped around shi shang s right hand he.

These societies but mingyuan is still a little dissatisfied in his heart why is sanjing xinyi popular in china overnight and every scholar has a set of skills isn Lower Blood Sugar t.

Of downsizing nearly 20 to climb over lugu mountain head now the army is preparing to go down the mountain at the foot of lugu mountain is taozhou until now the.

You want to show your strength you must not rely on a hanchen you must rely Blood Sugar Levels Normal on yourself yelu jun thought so and started to write some annotations in khitan script.

Difference between the people around the queen and the queen herself after all taking away all the queen s personal attendants was tantamount to insulting the queen.

Into next spring when the well digger can Blood Sugar Levels t get water even after digging a dozen or twenty feet then there s really nothing to do thinking of this mingyuan.

Xu seemed to be in the dark the breeze smiled lightly their father and son should have realized this long ago after all in the process of implementing the new law.

Pay special attention to fire prevention and must be placed in a cabin that is isolated from fireworks it is a strong fuel at this time the captain s voice had.

Seriously injured but he still had a breath seeing shi shang hurriedly got down from the cabin he closed his eyes and sighed it s useless to hide the old captain of.

Pattern is finely cut by a sharp carving knife according to li chengzhou an engraving workshop in the outskirts of bianjing that had done the best two color.

Where shizhong and shen kuo were together went a thousand miles into the country and it seemed that they would be able to create a set of logics that chinese people.

Barbarians so how can there be craftsmen who know how to smelt iron the iron scorpion of the xixia dangxiang people the dangxiang iron scorpion Normal Blood Sugar is a group of heavy.

To support the army with just such a sentence the privy envoy wen yanbo grabbed his tail and said 416 Blood Sugar in front of the official s family before starting the construction.

Accompany qin and zong so as to strengthen their momentum and prevent qin zong from being captured in front of the imperial list of guozijian among the two young.

Mingyuan s stop the ball stunt he was eager to try it at this time from the entrance of 416 Blood Sugar yuhu garden two or three teenagers in tee shirts came in all Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar of them looking.

Painful once gao shaoping remembers all his expenses in this su village can be recovered after returning to gao s house the most fashionable word in the capital is.

It for you so it is the emperor himself Blood Sugar Levels Normal who will experience the firearms with his own hands that day how glorious that would be the first in the world a monarch.

Kind of porcelain could have a market in china who would have thought that su shi would shake his head at first sight when he saw it and said vulgar ming yuan he.

Is said that there is also a mystery on this big seal which can be seen clearly with a magnifying glass that has recently appeared on the market li chengzhou thinks.

First after xiao yang left he invited su shi and master zhong to a place where they could speak safely and confessed xiao yang s life experience to the two.

Yanei gave it to xianggong for the purpose of entertaining guests lu huiqing nodded and said to the old servant go on in wang anshi s outer study only lv huiqing.

Jiefu implement the city change law the city change law mingyuan s heart skipped a beat he was xiang wang ye clearly raised his objection to the city change law.

People are worried mingyuan had a headache when he heard this a few days ago in the fifth hall of the water heart he was interrupted by wang gui and he forgot one.

Ducklings were very careful such wonders often appear on the river beaches in the north farmers from various families lead dogs drive chickens and ducks and search.

Map on the water was lent Blood sugar reading 173 to him by mingyuan to test and determine the best site for mulanpi the only model was placed in a maritime teahouse in hangzhou as soon as.

The moment and the body is not so stable xiaoyuan may fall into his arms because of the bumps of course he uses this as an excuse to take people away you can also.

Set of gibecl bedding that was just changed yesterday chong jianzhong was covered in dust and he didn t even take off his shoes so he went straight to the couch ah.

S as if the person in the painting appeared it s like standing in front of the nest mingyuan nodded and lao zhong who was honest and honest finally grinned when he.

Yuan at this moment the two of them were probably a little bit ecstatic in their relationship it was kind of jianzhong who actively pursued 416 Blood Sugar mingyuan was on the.

Was also improperly chosen and the mulan pei that was built was washed away by the tide not long after this mulan pei has already become a big hatred of the local.

Families his eyes widened looking at every ship heading for bianjing city when the ship approached ming yuan s eyes also swept to the two of them he felt a little.

This qianjiang river apart from nanpu port which is suitable for berthing large ships 416 Blood Sugar where else is it suitable for berthing ships and it is relatively secretive.

Usually goes to the sleeping quarters mingyuan has a habit the layout is very similar from jingzhao mansion to bianjing from phoenix mountain in hangzhou and back.

His hand to tong guan and said you replace me and test the effect of this hand gun when he said this wang gui let out 416 Blood Sugar a loud and exaggerated sigh of relief while wu.

Gentlemanit really is lu huiqing slowly explained to wang anshi although the world has criticized him for selling an official and a vassal mingyuan is different he.

Whole display counter in the maritime teahouse popular chinese goods chimes pocket watches glassware silk lacquer porcelain and pottery among them the self ringing.

Just takes the ball to the forward xiao yang is also a chicken thief he knows that some offensive and defensive actions cannot be done so every time he goes to.

Late to agree with brother lao on which type of complex device to produce he said 10 000 yuan buy come send it to zhujiaqiao tile and sell it as a surroundings lao.

Weather 416 Blood Sugar in february was already very warm and when the sun came out he even had a jacket can t wear it anymore so shi shang was wearing only a thin robe with a.

Over shen kuo seemed unaware of the heat of the weather he sat down stared at mingyuan for a long time and suddenly said champaign rice mingyuan was surprised what.

Turned over in front of hezhou city a small hill in the middle of the city swiftly approached the city gate and pointed at it when they got closer liang ping and.

Kiln which is said to be applicable to ding kiln and the liao people and the nobles of goryeo they are also proud of owning a piece of jun kiln and ding kiln.

Never been there personally but I have long admired the name lao zhongshi secretly glanced at dai pengxing and saw that dai pengxing s face was also a little.

Entered the qiang camp they finally told their clan that there was no food in munro point the army of the song people had already halved their food and these women.

Sima guang also emphasized to the young emperor that there has never been a crime in this dynasty for his words not to mention the new generation of newspapers and.

Watched from the sidelines and knew that wang yu was deeply hurt this time he used to have the attitude of sacrificing everything but when he was really sacrificed.

Xizhou a team of soldiers under chong jianzhong was on the way take turns against wang hou s soldiers the competition system used wheel battles chong jianzhong and.

Horse by a master craftsman which means the most auspiciousness and every pocket watch that mingyuan gave to others has a different pattern on the back this is the.

To think of this method what should you do in the 416 Blood Sugar dengjia village deng hongcai who was honest and polite stretched out his hand and scratched it scratching his head.

This also means that wang shao bid farewell to the past few years when he had the final say and entered the turbulent bianjing officialdom xihe road the child.

Country s finances I will increase the song dynasty s tax by 10 million yuan within five years although he did not directly use money to buy officials what he.

Pattern with cai jing cai jing stroked the pattern on the back with his 416 Blood Sugar fingertips and the corners of his lips rose slightly showing a somewhat complacent look as.

Also spread to hangzhou the day before yesterday qin guan s hobby has become discussing military affairs and foreign teachers and he is very interested in.

And said hello to the other officials in the office everyone I ll skip work first statement superintendent ming please rest assured they will definitely do the.

Years ago and we should always be of one mind today chong jianzhong looked up at the moon phase in the sky and more jia made sure he remembered the day correctly as.

Be put 416 Blood Sugar forward wang shao s victory at this moment Blood sugar crash alcohol is nothing more than an old trick of the craftsman fortunately the official zhao xu replied and pushed wen yanbo.

Matter how angry zhao xu is with the yushitai the top priority is to find a way to shut tang ao s mouth at this moment zhao xu s eyes were sharp and he saw a tall.

To win or lose the fast paced intense and intense competition quickly attracted the attention of the hangzhou people and immediately replaced many traditional.

Been in formation 416 Blood Sugar 416 Blood Sugar waiting for them when the sun was about to dawn captain tian qiongtian fought to the last man the robes on his body were soaked with the blood of.

Circulation today which includes copper coins iron coins and jiaozi but does not include gold and silver both gold and silver can be counted as commodities and are.

Away from shi shang yu zhang xu yuan the pirate could feel a kind of liquid flowing rapidly along the thick rope quickly soaking the rope tightly in his hands but.

The haicang ship itself after wu jian and shen kuo went to beijing the improved version continued to be produced by the southern workshop of the weapons supervisor.

There is one more item lu I also want to borrow Diabetes mayo clinic the strength of my worthy brother from the distance issued and delivered children 416 Blood Sugar in various places outside of shu.

Huge wealth at will su 416 Blood Sugar shi lowered his head twiddled his beard and asked again hesitantly yuanzhi what does a certain meanuncle chong yi is now unknownwait wait.

Buffer to prevent the wheels from directly rolling over the ground and reduce the pressure on the ground destruction of asphalt ground today s ordnance supervisor.

Two people are responsible for Blood Sugar Levels Normal simulating the current and wind direction and the 416 Blood Sugar others are responsible for observing seeing zong ze s concentration mingyuan.

Didn t expect that kaifeng mansion would open 416 Blood Sugar guanpu by chance oh no lottery tickets can be sold all by one person mingyuan smiled chen governor this is really not.

End the result of the final exam was not only better than zong ze but even surpassed lu huiqing s younger brother lu shengqing due to the relationship between age.

Gradually .

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discovered that xiao yang was just an ordinary young man and he was a liao the bossy A1c levels to blood sugar attitude and arrogant and domineering character of .

What Level Of Blood Sugar Is Dangerous?

the deputy envoy.

Seeing that he had no objection meaning he nodded in agreement then opened the beautifully looking lacquer box and took out the contents wow su shi was the closest.

Same time it was announced that the kaifeng government would draw high taxes from it unexpectedly this kind of letting go actually made the people of kaifeng calm.

Like shut down What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level you know bianjing peopleeven all over the world song people are all keen on guanpu and some people even go bankrupt for it if there are no.

Time with such anxiety mingyuan he walked lightly walked into his bedroom and raised the glass lampshade and oil lamp that was lit indoors to get closer but he was.

The highest peak that the position can reach the top instead of knowing the person and taking responsibility continue to let him return to the battlefield and shock.

Anshi was like a servant serving his master tang hao spoke incessantly and everyone in the courtroom the names of high ranking officials were named by him and zhao.

Couldn t help but ask in this way how will you inherit the lineage from the ming family and the chong family behind them who will sacrifice for you mingyuan couldn.

In becoming an official in the dynasty I have asked you several times if you want to become an official in the dynasty it turned out to be the case it turned out.

Only a trace on the long embankment a spot in the lakeside pavilion and a mustard in yu zhou and there are two people in the boat only three grains hearing this su.

To fuxue to see the club at What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level this time mingyuan and su shi both knew that there was no drama and no one would stay on such an important game day in the school so su.

Wang hao has said it to this point what else does mingyuan not understand the temple in front of him on the island in the middle of the lake in jinmingchi he had.

To luoyang and wrote to the emperor I heard Normal Blood Sugar that this letter caused a heated discussion in the court and even caused wang xu to write a letter in a hurry to ask.

Versed in water but being good in water doesn t necessarily mean you re good at water warfare cai 416 Blood Sugar jing s haicang ship gave instructions and ordered the boat to.

Make trouble eventually mingyuan had to respond my feelings for your brother have never Does fasting glucose level show low blood sugar changed mingyuan explained while blushing as soon Low Blood Sugar Symptoms as master zhong heard this.

Lot of fires nearby this was the chaos before the city had just been conquered and had not been completely cleaned up half of wang shao s face was illuminated by.

Knife .

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in his hand slashed on his thigh and the blood flowed like a stream his royal highness attacked and then went to the mountains in the northwest Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar to the.

Used for self protection the kind with stronger power will the emperor nod su shi can probably guess why mingyuan asked such a question after all the story of shi.

Lu huiqing had never heard of this kind of tea so she didn t care she just praised a few words and then turned the topic back to them above the transaction just.

Argument in the court a while ago wang shao was going to seize the wusheng fort the merit report also stated that since the establishment of xihe road it has not.

Good and his face was even flushed he looked at mingyuan with a strange smile yuanzhi you must have heard of it mingyuan nodded and asked but what exactly is this.

He would never change his mind mingyuan really wanted to ask duan ru are you praising me or hurting me after a moment of simple etiquette su shi sighed softly now.

Grade highway is built in hebei if the khitan people come wouldn t it be a long drive bright listening to it from afar I asked countless question marks in my heart.

Say something which is absolutely impossible su shi s implication mingyuan classmate please don t be naive the reason why I put great emphasis on writing and.

The atmosphere is temporarily relaxed the wine doctor in wanghu tower was instructed by cai jing to deliver the dishes that had been ordered in advance at a flowing.

Jianzhong had assembled his two cavalry commanders and shouted get on the horse eight hundred the human cavalry with five hundred people carrying a long peculiarly.

And proved that they are actually quite durable during the one month trial training only three were damaged people around mingyuan see that these 30 the damage.

Finance division was established under jiaoziwu and jiaozi was publicly issued in kaifeng house jingdong road and jingxi road a total of 3 000 000 coins are issued.

It is much more difficult to push 416 Blood Sugar it than zongze it is qin guan who has worn his tongue but there are still big households in bianjing who warmly invite jin shilang.

Raise the scroll in his hand and said I am a member of the navigation club the Dr weis blood sugar stabilizer scroll in the hands of this young man mingyuan had seen many times in the maritime.

Greeted old money 80 000 how about it can it be done today come as soon as shi shang heard about 80 000 guan he suddenly became energetic and he quietly gave way.

Mingyuan s heart is inevitably a little smug any shock absorption measures that can be thought of this carriage has used from the rubber tires to the shock.

Of Medi ion that make blood sugar go up the wang family also smiled and said ming langjun Does oatmeal help blood sugar has such a good memory the villain has only seen you once but you are unwilling to forget it having What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level said that.

Of contacts in various maritime merchants gold and silver note shops and banks this time shi shang went to beijing to discuss with mingyuan and now there are banks.

Problem he also added you are right to come to us the other banknote shop of our joint number is opened in hangzhou shi shang was inexplicably excited that other.

With his hands by the way not a dream it was real along with zhong jianzhong there is also the concierge the ming family the concierge pointed at the man with a.

Made outstanding contributions to the opening of the xihe river back to beijing to see them and it was time for them to arrive in beijing today because mingyuan.

With his plan and the western army is not only going over the road this time in addition to the large damage at the time of gushan when they attacked taozhou city.

Neighbor how will it deal with the rapidly rising mongol cavalry in the future with these thoughts in mind mingyuan slowly returned to taiyuan and discussed with.

Not give up once they heard that zong ze was already married they immediately turned their new goal to ming yuan this gentleman .

How Does Exercise Affect Blood Sugar Levels

have you ever been married mingyuan.

Most of them made a crack in their hearts thinking there is such a Are mosquitos attracted to sugar in blood cunning method so can I ask 416 Blood Sugar everyone to join an industry self discipline organization the.

Influence government affairs as soon as the newspaper reader s voice fell people in this noodle soup shop began to talk about it I listened to the meaning of the.

Ones the situation in the academy is different again now the literary society is busy collecting and evaluating folk tales creating poems and new dramas based on.

Eyes are calm his face sinking like water xiao yang obviously remembered their shared experience in shanyang town stared at ming yuan in shock for a long time but.

Clothes what wang zichun actually led the army to climb lugu mountain what brother cunzhong wang jing has gone here for a while apart from the high mountains and.

And felt that the article was written in plain and easy to understand seemingly aggressive three questions but in fact it was an excellent general education article.

A common enemy there which can temporarily wipe out disputes in the xia kingdom and unanimously go abroad it s just that bingchang is getting older now and there.

To make change it is true that some people gradually carried it over and later caught up with the brigade but these were very few the night before Blood Sugar Level they were about.

River beach near the road swaying in the driver turned and pointed to the beach our boss said that there are a lot of locust eggs on the beach that s enough for.

About 10 except for various reasons such as illness death and loss and the rest were returned intact this is the ordinary people of the song dynasty the people.

Corresponding position therefore each choice additional test scholars all need to weigh carefully what impact this bonus will have on their career among the.

Three words in mingyuan s posts to them jie shen lane at nine o clock in the morning the entrance of jieshen alley was already crowded Is 64 too low for blood sugar with people jieshen lane was.

Your majesty who exactly is that style immediately surrendered to the other 416 Blood Sugar party smiled mysteriously and said go on the last name is ming he turned .

What Effect Does Exercise Have On Blood Sugar

to leave passed.

The ship was almost in complete despair and murmured if this shipman can return go unless the jade emperor amitabha avalokitesvara mother mazu bless them together.

Behind his back walked up and down the rest area as if all the criminals were in front of him ming yuan smiled at xiao yang who was sitting across from him thinking.

Look only to find out I feel that in the past few years song people have changed so much xiao yang was even thinking if the song people built such a road all the.

Yuan s eyes and immediately smiled okay brother yu has been taking care of his body for the past two years and now his body bones are better than before much more.

Hurriedly made a sudden realization and said with a smile is the minister negligent there is a connoisseur here in fact how could someone like wang gui be negligent.

Children can do it and the wages are generous and the food is taken care of so several nearby qiang tribes are willing to come you can earn a lot of money in just.

Jian let out a sigh of relief the tense expression also relaxed a little after all firearms were invented not long ago and even the accident rate is still counted.

When she saw chong jian in the middle of the picture although it was dusty but the face was full of beauty the bouquet in his hand flew out involuntarily the sound.


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